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' 'Boom!' A loud noise, as if the mountain collapsed in general, a rich world of Reiki overwhelming spewing out. Quinella Chengchi witch God can not help suck, his face showing a trace of longing for color. 'Who dares to me Shushan trouble?' With a number of actinic light cyan Jinqiao Road sight now, but a few young priests dressed in navy blue robes, holding a sword standing on top of the Golden Bridge, sweeping Ying Zheng et al a look of arrogance. Shushan long been acknowledged leaders in the right way is to perform, even in Qingyang lost the last bit of the chief. But only long pride and pride from the heart where there is so easy to disappear without a trace. Moreover, studies of Ying Zheng big witch power, already reached the realm is not exposed skin deep, and so is the Lonely Road in order to see some of the actual situation. But this time will be looking down Shushan concern among the Lonely Road crossing the robbery, where will ignore Ying Zheng, who also just send some unusual ones too Guardian Shushan. 'Shushan is arrogant accustomed to, and actually sent it to me and other such things.' Ying Zheng's how to see in the role that Jinqiao Road, Wan Road side sigh own good, but the mind is the defense of the negligence of Shushan. Such an important moment, this means actually OK. Astrotech dust array dismissed because it is good to be grown up fairy body tragedy. Shen under enormous pressure at a good time to break through the gap between the space. But in order to explore the unknown Jinqiao Welcome to the enemy not only exposed his goals, but if the enemy took Jinqiao, I am afraid even to launch two appearances dust array is impossible to resist the enemy's attack. 'It seems today that Shushan off.' Everywhere nothing left eyes flash, flash stature, the next moment it appeared on the Jinqiao, two priests not react. A blood-red light flashed and now. Jinqiao blowout on the blood, such as, a sudden it stained the entire Jinqiao. Ying Zheng Jinqiao sweeping glance on the bodies. Frowned no frown, from. Zu Zhou kept sharp-eyed, first seen exactly seven finger Thief Geying, an arrested landing would reach out to the enemy, I thought: This is how worthy, who played him? Because the enemy has already played against, since then the inconvenience, stood, smiled bypass roads: 'This thief, how worthy veteran to run?' scolded: 'This thief Ying flowers, as in Shandong trail and weasels, bowed to the ground will fart smoke, I do not know how much harm the good woman! My friend has a duty to die by his hands. presbyopia Ying thief thief so please help out, he had outlived his heart flowers shameless, is not afraid to give you a disgrace. I had just been to see this Among Thieves stage ghost eyebrow Sixth Sense, he has been trying to catch early death, but the time has not yet temporarily prolonging moment capacity to survive, the results may not let him. I did not realize he saw Redknapp good looking girl, gave birth to a thief to read , came rushing to court death. I knew he was not worthy, and my hands, but I this is for business people Strider, decent women to a great harm, can not be regarded contest, there are even coherent? I finished saying it would take him pathetic life ! ' Zu Zhou heard deposit, discovered seven refers Thief Geying revenge for the newspaper from a friend. Both make enemies and incense, poison hidden weapon, these next three are the most insidious thief Ying unintentional, such as non-Geying fully aware of the origins thief suddenly succeed, although her fencing too true mass, refining has Taoist qigong. Strain wit, enemies such as hair fans smoke gas, though the enemy should be able to breath, not necessarily will faint, in the end I do not know what a little slow negligence, was riding on his promise. But both sides implicit one, not designate a kick, Pingkong approached succeed, ability, fame all over the thief, the public enemy, etc. must not satisfied. Unsolicited two Da Lei, mostly first one to get involved, the more hit back deeper hatred, all sides red-eye, the word can borrow