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Gang busy: 'Little Lord, Ji Gang should be willing to pieces, fresh Li Bo can hate hate.'Young said: 'Do not say that, I heard you say so, I found myself uncomfortable.'Ji Gang did not speak again.Wang Yan Mufei turn young people, said: 'how did you find Wudang come?'Yan Mufei put through from beginning to end that again.Listened to young people busy, said: 'Regardless of came, her elderly in ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'She HealthCare, dangerous situation, I did not let her come to Wudang.'Young excited authentic: 'How many years have not seen her grandson also remember the old men in the house, she stopped often hold me ...... alas!'Yi Tan shook his head, then said: 'This is a flash for many years, and for me a man, tired with you ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'Your Majesty can not say, I told her good friend with grace by the Emperor, although insufficient brains Tu newspaper, not to mention when´╗┐When in the palace, I personally promise auxiliary juvenile master. 'Young said: 'I say it, you do not have this obligation, even with Zhu this world, but also that your original.'Yanmu Fei said: 'Your Majesty, these words are tantamount to a felony.'Young said: 'uncle, then what I know my grandfather said to me, but alas often said, to bring his grandfather, if it is His Holiness, I am afraid that in the palace of premature death...'Yan Mufei stunned and said: 'Your Majesty words ......'Young said: 'You do not know, di-tert-owned heavily in Beijing, when taking into account the weak grandchildren grandfather, for fear of Di-tert was riding, on his deathbed gave his grandson a kit, Threatened timely vetted later Di-tert troops. emperor to abdicate, palace fire, grandson open kit, see a Sengyi mitral heart immediately understand his old grandson to escape disguised to Buddhism temporary habitat for this body ...... 'Huo Yan Mufei said: 'Too Zugao Zhi, who are difficult and, wonder of His Majesty the first place went to Kaifeng with Temple!'Young said: 'Yes, it is because of this reason.'Yi Tan shook his head, then said:. 'Say,