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who have, there are envious of, disillusioned acrimony lot of people. Small fox elated, Du wind was showing a hint of strange look and said: 'You do not feel anything wrong with it?' Only a small fox palms feel hot, there will think there is something wrong. Desperately shaking his head: 'No, no.' Standing not far away and Li Han Xu observed to watch for, in the eyes of both emerged satisfied look, Xu Yuan strange a laugh:. 'We're moving on, one will see the awards live' She kissed on the cheek Du wind, ran into the side of the high-speed sports car. Yang also want to say goodbye to zero and even intimacy had no chance, it was Luo Feile mercilessly pulled up. Zhao Luan Tan Xu and Deng wind bowed to Du, also turned their back into the car, leaving Yang Lie Luo Feile not willing to take a look. Du relentlessly look at the wind, his eyes light has been reluctant to expose the ruthlessRecede. Du wind indifference and said: 'What are you waiting for, nine stars following ancient weapons must not be present otherwise unable to help themselves..' Yang Lie bite the bullet. Mouzhong flashed a hint of terrible coldness turned and said: 'I just Du wind power temporarily weaker than you just, Japan, longer..' Dan Bandao cold all around, except for the wind behind Du Noon Lieyang be stretched to the shadow, but can not see any shadows exist. Du wind was not surprised, calmly authentic: 'Now you are nine stars of ancient weapons, and not, say you are ancient weapons may not be appropriate.' Invisible Man whispered: 'Independence Day said that as long as there are stars in the heart of ancient weapons, is the ancient warrior.' Du wind's face appeared strange to face, lightly:. 'Yes, we go.' He alone through empty Strip, not far from the tall mysterious strange arena, in the upcoming battle for the ultimate winner of the award to the ring ceremony, this arena that treat the bite to heavier atmosphere of terror a. To the arena before the big screen have all been demolished, the audience is not only unable to enter the beautiful waters, the same paradise. Just surrounded by mountain cliffs, from a cave inside the folder Bifeng out, very secretive. Tigers have several domesticated only outsiders decided not to go into it, people can not see them. You must know, of course, know the origins, how down and asked me miles? 'Hei Mole before he gave chase tigers because way back from Huangshan, grips it with two small siblings thing to say. Clear edge and said: 'I mean, you have to know them names given origin, this is only one method of Wu Shishu there has always been whether it is to where the majority always alone riding a crane lone outsider is never take over, according to. I guess, she promised to do, and master all the way, even I am also a single go, or I do together with you. She had just three go first though perhaps you might go the same way of life, it is not necessarily brought with you to Huangshan , mostly when you have seen my master later reconsidered ready, while on the road. She has been with Master counterparts, but the other three magic power to send you up. No matter who arrives first, she and her master is not less than the time to come forward. If you fly to another single rune to go, anyway, do not have much time can be rushed, nor tarry a moment in this way, you can not go around the gorge Bingshu row that? ' Jiang Ming man, deep within the smart suits, robbery percent since reunited with mother, that have their own real life experience unspeakable pain, they would leave the heart, ready to listen to the truth concept of visits, has been a day. Due to see this and other best friends even Heimo Le Shangju secrecy, we can see a significant relationship, knowledge of the cut to read more. Come on the road, you see Heimo Le Tong Xing and dark wink, keenly answer, can not help but be suspicious. Everyone expected that the four core hole is mostly related to ourselves. Smell clean edge to know the origins of four square from the heart happy, joyous event is known without speaking, exceedingly disappointed