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beggar, a peak gate, even the vertical belt to jump gallop. steep trails never the slightest slip, fell immediately under ballast rock powder, scared those pilgrims and visitors a new mountain, multigenerational he holds in a cold sweat, have exclaimed: '!! Beware of small groom hurry to get out, do not bumped' Heimo Le not care for him, while the front Wufeng College, now standing looked to shanting path, a beggar came up suddenly laughed: 'Tate groom but to find that arm off of it? he was in college during the first pavilion dinner, I brought you go. a little later he was gone. ' Heimo Le know is that people sent to the heart more indignant, do not answer, they make lead to. After the peak, see the back wall not far from the academy a hillside slope with a pavilion, pavilion sitting on bar three beggars, are joking. Saw the arrival of the former beggar, a laugh shouting: '!! Tate groom go to the pavilion to eat a cup of it' guide that will self beggar walked. Hei Mole saw that the arm is not included beggar, want to cross-examine three beggar, immediately went on the walk, not yet come, they smell the sweet scent of an clear. A look into the kiosk outside the pavilion bar has a new brick built by piling small kitchen, put on a jar of wine pavilion bar, underground litter piled firewood, burning too brightly. Stew on the stove with a large casserole, fragrance issued since then. That three beggar, the first letter of the speaker shouted Heimo Le bigger one the oldest old, about forty or fifty years. There are two beggar all students have a very strange: a gifted with a duck face, nose Qi points, half red and half white, half red buoys slightly, like a canker air too long ago, at first glance a very young age, body amount is quite small, a small head but both flat and concave, thick eyebrows and wide nose and upper lip liner lift, the more significant look ugly; a lanky stature, barefoot wearing a pair of sandals Tengpi form, although the clothes worn, extremely clean, especially slender fingers, like all white and said: 'Thank you enlighten me, which I would expect to vote, she bribed the ......'Ren looked a Luosan Ye, said: 'Luosan Ye, I am afraid I have to respect, and this is my good intentions, you wash it aims to Luosan Ye accusations.'Luosan Ye cried: 'Ren, you ......'HUO Di Tan Compass turn Luosan Ye Wang said: 'Luo brother has refused to say why.'Ren smiled: 'convoy out of this thing, is nothing glorious, as a guard at the helm Luosan Ye, how can nod to admit.'Tan Compass shocked smile, turned Luosan Ye said: 'So, you are choosing the wrong brother Luo, under strict law, you really want to trace, I have traced from you since.'Ren shook his head and said: 'Tan old run errands, and just listen to the old Tan said not always live up to the vertical, handling so many years, all people are convinced, injustice has a head, bonds are the Lord, who is a bad thing in respect of whom, is not it? 'Compass Tan smiled and said:. 'Luo brother sin will always be the cover of' Ren said: 'These men Luosan Ye brothers are with the car for many years, and over the years, followed by wind and rain together Luosan Ye beat the sun, fire and water, as one people. just like a person, just like their elders Luosan Ye, they are like Luosan Ye sons, Luosan Ye personally would rather kill himself he would not let him fall guanjia hands, this is human nature. 'Compass Tan smiled and said: 'In view of the fact that he, Tanmou how to do?'Mr Yam said: 'Two roads are feasible, or old Tan personally apprehend him, or let him dispose Luosan Ye himself, in fact, has been seized Tan old principal, why not to oblige the accomplice by Luosan Ye disposal Such Luosan Ye who with his men will appreciate Tan older brother. 'Tan Compass Jingmang do flash, chuckle'Even if I make this the fact that he says tongue witty charm Lotus move the heart, Luo brother Please, do not dispose of that rare case of disposal, also brother of the Luo.' did not think things would turn out this way, it is the fact that he is completely in what for him was eluted, Nvwaniangniang. Tongtianjiaozhu sneered: 'Goddess of Mercy does this amulet Currently, when closed Dong Fu, Jing Huang Ting chanting, perhaps escaped amulet, I waited saint disciples are in the robbery, and if Wuchao living in bliss. naturally has nothing to do with the matter, but since the matter under the Red, had been tainted with cause and effect, so it must be on the stage were born of the Gods. 'Hmmm, then who is saving people everywhere Rufo Men, Hem, then is what people with nailhead seven arrows book Zhaogong kill, even with the clouds that cut the dead teach the most likely to become quasi-holy cut disciples on the Gods, leading not into magic, life does not know when to have the opportunity to become a quasi ST. Land pressure die, Babel hearts Nanxiao hatred. Babel teachPrimus and now once again stood on the same side, insisting kill land pressure. 'Young, you are in charge of Heaven to a lifeline, which you speak.' Taishanglaojun glanced Zhen Fang faint. Goggles exposed nameless glory. Zhen Fang looked hesitated, knowing Taishanglaojun in force myself to stand up. Providence knives, who did not damn, damn who do not. Zhen Fang swept demon large array of Zhong Yao glance, sighed:. 'Heard two brothers invincible supernatural powers, but for a long time not seen the' Primus looked surprised a moment, suddenly laughed and said: 'Now that want to see the Young Red Cloud, today for the brother to incompetence.' Pangu streamers said, lifting his hands would go on strike. Suddenly a golden stand in front, but carefully looked surprised to find Ching Lin Po-color flag, Primus furious, awaiting speak, I saw a film escorts Taoist golden hands, several hundred red gas are falling into the hands of such Large manufacturers demon sheep, White Pond et al. 'Lifeline under Heaven, Red Cloud Young monk to be keep.' Then, without a word to be silent, while the soil behind the empress and quasi-mentioned Taoist quickly stand around, Primus furious hands Ruyi pending strike to air plan to have a red light, it