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not mean.' also said: 'Miss Owen, you do not misunderstand, I ask the spiritual power to Princess, Yu Xiang Gong is not for the underlying reason why the two of you in that fight in the future, I will not participate, and ye dispute is A real winner, I believe you will not use this effort. 'Qiong Yao Yuwen sneered:. 'Not necessarily, I want to reach the goal, unscrupulous'Wu Yunshan a chuckle: 'After things began to say, now we have to deal with the common enemy, we never stop keep an emotional issue, from the chaos lineup.'Yu Shi Yuan also ease the air and said: 'that is a few days ago at the White Dragon heap, multi-hand rescue Miss Cheng Yuwen, Shumou no thanks, that is really thanks to ......'Qiong Yao Yuwen faint authentic: 'Nothing, listen green shadow threatened to say that you did not ......' yuan Stern said: 'Although Miss Wu Baoyu Shumou mostly from not poisoned, but the door was full of beggars into the V, Miss saved them heavier than saved Shumou kindness ......'I Jinxia: 'The main fact is the most care under his watch our security Wei hundred thousand times heavier than their own, and thus help in all, it won the heartfelt support!.'Wen Qiong Yao's face slightly changed words and said: '? That is to say I was too harsh on people under, otherwise how could deserted, everyone wants to betray me yet.' Yuan said: 'if not to say, you put too much of the target, the world martial arts are incorporated under the rule, naturally difficult to call everyone convincing.'Qiong Yao Yuwen with smiles: 'The number of beggars finally up, no less than the sum of the major sects much worse.' Yuan said: 'beggars just a martial art, the whole school has only one purpose, you have a sum of many sects, many different purposes, naturally not everyone is called a united Germany, which has nothing to do with the size of the number ......'She injured. 'Item hung these words, one is to express their credit, two master tortured this woman came here, he knows the master is very sensitive to other people able to restrain his . and laugh at him not to expose himself as a paper tiger miles.Yunhe striking exhibition shocked, shouted: '?? good!' He helped the side, the side that helped, but anxious and asked:? 'Your brother is embracing it, in the end what's calamity fast, fast, fast help They take lying down.I Pangu Pangu left vein is authentic, but also how the door three clear. Shine is trapped himself in which way, I Wu family can enjoy all Luzhou North, and also not in conflict with the Goddess sister. Hey! Sister Goddess it? Not only is she is the quasi-mentioned Taoist Taoist escorts are mouth fell open in mid-air, only one dressed in pale blue robes, aches and little stars, a holding Shui. Holding a mirror, pedal fire industry HL, head chaotic minutes, not Zhen Fang is who. While searching through the void, but did not find the slightest trace Nvwaniangniang. Moment, escorts Taoist brown complexion, the color of sadness on his face once again increased, as if had a serious illness; quasi-mentioned Taoist skinned red. A look of disbelief looks like, the boss eyes wide open, like to eat people in general, riveted midair Zhen Fang, countless years of Taoism never wavered, but can not wait for the moment approached, Qibao wonderful tree with severely brush on a being, mood suddenly from paradise to earth like Fuchu. Lost incomparable, hands trembling Qibao wonderful tree again and again, Rays random chatter, aches Buddha very confusing, so we can see what a prospective saint mention restless; Houtu Goddess looking great changes, a worried look at a large array of one hundred million Wan Yaozu, eye color, revealing a trace of compassion. 'Young Good look like.' Tongtianjiaozhu laughed. Three brothers did not because they were trapped into obscurity Houtu Goddess ashamed beads between words. But it is so Zhen Fang goodwill surge. Taishanglaojun nodded praise hint of color, Primus was not the anger from the prestige, although some face lighted up, but more of a curiosity, or a fear. Zhen Fang naturally understand the meaning of a can not recover the skill, if they are found to be the enemy, and that is really unbearable to imagine the consequences. Listen to the sound of rustling cable elements, it seems that they're climbing up, Lin Feng could not help but be a cold heart, why do they have to climb up? May want to push, if not the enemy broke, it certainly is that they found traces of the enemy. Feng Lin had to give up the idea of ​​tracking her, rushed to the temple Xuannv, but unexpectedly discovered a more spacious odd thing, because she was too anxious and less clear identity enforcement, as soon went into a just stepped foot, once there Liangbing sword refers to its chest, it was turquoise Wudang Taoist and Guo Jia Mo, Feng Lin skills far above them, of course, not to be injured, but suddenly out unexpectedly, also barely give them tip stab, when she was three inches away from the body in tip before Huixiu tip in their significant. They are found to Feng Lin, of course, immediately stopped his hand, one of Lin Feng, Wudang about nine disciples have stood the house, sword stand, cloth became Jian Zhen Jiu Gong, another that injured three people, seems to have recovered, each holding weapons, the center coordinate. Lin Feng and try out the turquoise and Guo Jia Mo Taoist skill, has been restored at least five percent. It also is not surprising, but the strange thing is there is a ray of light in the air fragrance, it is the aroma of the Tianshan snow lotus, Lin Feng much it? 'Feng Lin said:' No way! Ah you different sects me, and I live several more years than you Longitudinal you do not uncommunicative, senior long-known people from the older short brown ruffian disease. 'To know Lin Feng although nearly sixty years, but it still looks like the promised forty people, but also like a wayward teenager when general, most do not likeShe said old. Turquoise Taoist startled Yizheng, Samsam said: 'So, we have revived the secretly but someone else up.' Lin Feng said: Turquoise Road humanity: 'Shortly after dark, we hear outside sounds