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up Pindao. What do you think? 'He seemed to eat given the Zhen Fang general, slightly mocking said. 'You're also able to represent the Roc Gouzei Pindao to end with the causal.' Zhen Fang momentum whole body changed, and vast Miao, their breath as if the surrounding air and blend with each other, although the naked eye can see, but did not know God felt slightly startled mind of Jesus, although other heart jing repair is not yet restored, but recovered memories of Red Cloud ancestors but have passengers in the year when Zixiaogong prehistoric momentum. 'Gentlemen Daoxiong today Daoxiong afraid I can not with you side by side in combat. Fortunately, though these guys a little means, but in the end can not be compared with you Daoxiong Jesus naturally Pindao to meet these henchman to stay with you Daoxiong the . off these people, in the world of you Daoxiong causality has, and I'll wait for the future to meet again in Once upon a. 'Dan Xiao Zhen Fang look toward the side to Xi Yi, who nodded. Xi Yi, who has already been to the words of Jesus to the stunned. Although Jesus appeared so everyone was surprised, but Zhen Fang to origin was more surprising, though I do not know how the origins of Red Cloud ancestors, but also know that Zhen Fang's past life is probably not a simple figure. 'Daoxiong?' Xiyi live a sweep of Jesus, his face showing a hint of worry. Zhang, asked, no wind, who also worried about looking Zhen Fang. 'Immeasurable revere.' Zhen Fang hands hibiscus readily stick a draw, the sky suddenly emerged a strange gap, the swarthy, seem to have no idea leads to water and fire wind between booming out where faint, but No trace of Reiki full of them,The weight of an enormous pressure on everyone face flushed, as if unable to breathe in general. Jesus looked readily draw the gap Zhen Fang, his face but not the slightest discoloration of the hands of the cross also gently waved, also emerged a gap, the physique of a move, suddenly fall into the cracks, Zhen Fang sweep the human world one, sighed, Ni see clearly, suddenly said:.' Your Majesty, although it was Emperor of phase. However, it was His Majesty the Emperor of a person with who they are not. Heaven balance. Survival of the fittest, natural selection can not just one person. His Majesty the Emperor of the person you want to place. Future very worried, or to make early plans for good. ' Zhao Kuang Yi laughed: 'That you do not know this Taoist, when I first met Guaren home teacher, the teacher had told Guaren and Guaren brother, I have two words will thrive, but given day San Juan. my teacher magical wand, God Machine Miaosuan, Hath miscalculated the truth. ' That Taoist face a move. Suddenly sneered: 'Your teacher and I really know God can be known is Miaosuan machine, but unfortunately he has not chosen to include you among Sovereigns you naturally faint, nor the amount of tolerance of mind, experience.. Frustration will recover. If you say that when he selected is not false, but this time the Huaihe River flood, but you got cold feet and fled, driving you home nephew, his Disciples go Kameyama, how he will select you. Let you and your nephew to come, but it is to examine it, you two who want to select a reliable person only. ' 'You presumptuous, dare provoke my relationship with my family teacher.' Zhao Yi Kuang furious, pointing Taoist cursed. After that Taoist face became pale, a trace of angry, quite a while, Fang laughed: 'Since I was born, you'd first dare me is, if Weekdays, no matter whether you are already into the gray look. you do not know the true identity of poor moral plane, spare your being. Since you do not believe your teacher has abandoned Pindao let you see a distinct. 'Said a finger Zhao Kuang Ni Wan Yi, I saw a white light punch onwards, into a white Jiao, about baizhang length is smoke, flying in the clouds travel, end of supple, see Zhao Kuang Yi excited. Taoist opposite is laughed: 'But a beluga Jiao it, what is worth so excited to know that although white Kau also have a dragon, but in the end not a dragon, until the