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Fuxi gossip refinement, the Fox family's wise old fox. Nine fox demon seemed to see their loved ones, all of a sudden flutter in the old fox legs cried incessantly. Nine old fox demon fox will know why something is crying, glanced division Cong, Xiao Ma said:. 'When bad degree robbery, have at this time of the robbery.' Cong division smile:. 'Degree robbery nor I can control, not to mention today is not the original Yaozu Yaozu of' Old Fox nodded, patting the back nine demon fox, laughing: 'Your Majesty let you come today, is to arrange my posterior to the Fox family.' Of course he knew, and now the division Cong although on the surface is still a demon His Majesty the family, but a year later, he would degree robbery. That certainly is a thing of the past, and no longer the blessing of the Fox family. Nine fox demon heard rejoicing, quickly stepped forward to worship together. Cong teacher waved an golden nine demon fox demon force prop up, smiled and said:. 'You talk to them, this is your family wise fox was thought out.' Nine fox demon cry for laughs, holding the old fox arm, smiled and said: 'Really?' Pair Jiaohan appearance, where a family of long appearance, prompting laughter in the hall two witch a good half the day came to a halt. Suddenly division Cong deep sigh and said:. '.. Between heaven and eternal protagonist remark really did not leave lingering Terran air transport, not my Lich two communities can be compared' old fox is also the side sigh endless. Fox made nine demon secretly wonder. Looking at the face of the demon fox nine questions Cong teacher sighed: 'Just what the hall, I have known since Shan chosen this path, I have nothing to say but you are born weak Fox family, although. filial of the believers, but for hundreds of years, most have been security dutifulMaster Miller as one said: 'It seems that only the two of us to go one up!'Xuenv laughed: 'I speak not afraid of two angry, two martial arts is not necessarily better than Miss Tsering, he can accept the old Duron's a hit, Chongen sage, ten Chau islands Seno, north of the Arctic mysterious spirit, central yellow very yellow Kok Sin, this is a five-party five older. There are five fighting god, three clear on eight holes, four Emperor Tai angel and other public, in eight holes Jade, nine base, Haiyue gods; the next eight holes nether leader, note fairy world, the size of each house of each temple deity, etc., have to drive over, several fairies have welcomed inside. 'Sister, are there any people yet to come?' Minimally Weaver whispered. Red princess glanced at the hands of the jade pieces, saw that book a few names, could not help but read: 'There are Western Buddha on Lotus Lantern Buddha, Maitreya, pharmacists glass Buddha, Guanyin Venerable, bucket over the Buddha, the mysterious Grand Master, Grand Master Lingbao, no when the Virgin Mary, the town Motoko marching. Hey, south Demon revere? how never heard before? 'are heard all the princess nodded, all time ago served as a welcome, but I never heard a single person. 'Sister, if will be able to see just fine.' Su Yi princess suddenly said. 'Unequal, and I waited to go pick peaches, they must not miss the hour.' Red princess glanced at the people revere the Demon called the South, suddenly said: 'Since he came together with those of the mighty, certainly not mortal, I have not seen before and so, presumably, etc. I ignorant these people to the power of the moment will naturally participate in the event to the Jade Pool, our sister went to pick peaches bear. 'the rest of the sisters heard all nodded. Under the previous rules, these big people are finally able to it, there was no need to meet his sister's. Pan Taoyuan each moment in time toward the past. Joan incense-filled, colorful Ruiai. Yaotai shop color knot, Treasure House dense bulk. Feng Zhu Luan Xiang misty shape, Golden Jade calyx shadow drifting. A row of nine Danxia Feng, Eight purple rainbow pier. 5Gilt tables, thousands of flowers jasper basin. Next to Yao Chi, pavilions patchwork, resplendent; above the Jade Bliss Daoxiong, how do you see.' Zhang Mei looking for a real joy, but still in one boy asked around a lot. This boy is the Qingcheng carefree bliss boy Jing empty cave of. This guy is a genius and exquisite, see Zhang Mei look so real, I do not know where the hearts of his heart had agreed. Contemporary light laugh: 'Zhang Mei Daoxiong Daoxing far above Pindao natural to listen to Zhang Mei Daoxiong commanded.' Zhang Mei, although resolute, but at the moment can not help a hot heart. A big opportunity ah! He has reason to believe that after this war, will again carry the majority of Shushan, spirited moment, awaiting orders stood up, and suddenly the sound of the air burst Lengheng fleet gossip dressed in a purple ribbon Taoist immortal clothing, holding whisk, between eyebrows Purple rising, his face showing a trace of the cold, not the mysterious Grand Master is who, heart was shocked, awaiting out audience. Know where the hall two Jianguang flash, the mysterious North KoreaGrand Master cut over, Zhang Mei looked, but it is Miaoyifuren subglottic disciples, Genki brothers were easy to bring up the rear, could not help but secretly crying, heart cursed this daring duo is flattering have to look at what the other person is right ! Grand Master mysterious dark hearts of anger, without looking at the two, went cold shouted: '! Zhang Mei, hello big prestige ah' until the mysterious Grand Master of the mysterious cave are a genius to know why Zhen Fang said he did not chance the original is the head should be in Shushan, the hearts of the anger on the dark, did not think to Shushan, actually one dares towards his release feijian mind is furious. 'Brother, subglottic disciples not like, but please brothers indulgences.' Faced with Grand Master Xuan, Zhang Mei not neglect to know the mysterious Grand Master not only taught his disciples subglottic first, but Zhang Mei's Tuition Brother, can be said to have today, Zhang Mei, mysterious Grand Master is a key figure. The mysterious Grand Master came Zhang Mei Qi trace of nostalgia on his face, waved and said:. 'Consistent twinkling heart pneumatic knife stream, unfortunately, you have not seen a clean break or else you will reach a higher realm of' Kamiya comb body bones were silent rang across this strange metal manipulator does not rely on strength to win, but the way to ancient weapons to break her sword meaning. Sword handle from her third hit, and in the ocean after the split into the metal, blade spread numerous bone chips, just like a dream fireworks bloom in general. Katori Shinto-day pass authentic ancient stream fencing - disintegration! The fourth sword handle H to insert a central vortex. Like fireworks bloom again like disintegration, increased strength doubled. Kamiya silent bone comb hidden under the mask's eyes gazed general, this is not handed tactics in the world, Katori Shinto stunt branch forest stream flows abnormal dreams - dreams marvelous sword. Lengle Leng generals, no flow in his dream world, there is no dream sword such a move. But he was driven mad swirl of rotation, and soon, even the power of the sword is also the dream of the metal vortex swallowed. Du wind stay to blast Roughs, itself part of the study and understanding of the Katori Shinto stream fencing in which all Bianzhao, can not escape the blast Roughs within expectations, even with out of the hands of the generals, the power is still considerable . Kamiya silent comb while Liang Bingjian pulled out, bent metal into the sea. As long as the generals are willing and ready to put her into a seal in an agate miles bug, but the generals did not mobilize forces, he wanted to read the ten sword, the world has created a dream sword this earth moves, since Liangbing Sword of the mode of operation of view, should be traditionally Musashi two knives flow, but he wanted to see what the next four sword handle also issued. Dangdang twice, Gen. Liang Bingjian hit him Duanzhe. There are four handles. Bump, sword stabbed from behind the generals, the generals did not even find out