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have to lay, Jin Shiyi sneered:' Do you think the storm is over yet? I jumped out of the sea not drown you these five individuals Yeah, ha, sea fish are waiting for you to do it dessert. 'Subtraction Tingzaikongzhong monk Buddhist monk's staff, not to lay, Meng Shentong hollow sound, do do bad opened the subtraction monk, said:' Now this time, still remember the hatred of what to do in the past? Let everyone in the same boat, the same boat! Jin Shiyi you give us the helm, I'll let you stay on board. 'Jin Shiyi sneered:' The boat has always been to me, I do not receive your kind. 'Meng Shentong said:' collar worth mentioning, no matter whether collar, short, we have relied on each other. 'Jin Shiyi thought:' I do not have to rely on you. 'Only if the boat moving from Wu to, but it really is against him, Lisheng Nan cried:' World Heritage, not on them when! That old devil over the sea shark still terrible. 'Meng Shentong haha ​​laughed:' Li girl, you still have to do my revenge? 'Lisheng Nan said:' Unless you kill me now, otherwise the enemy always reported in future! 'Meng Shentong laughed:' Well, it is left to the future, count it. In this boat the day we put aside the old hate each other! 'Jin Shiyi Habing laughed:' Meng Shentong, you pour it very straightforward words, well, Junziyiyan, horse whip, that's it. Subtraction monk, you keep the bow, Katsuo, we go to find water to drink inside. 'Subtraction filled with anger monk, but he was also scared of this storm Peter, and it has to compromise with Mengshen Tong Jin Shiyi, he dare not follow, Jin Shiyi had to obey orders to stay in the bow of the gatekeeper. Meng Shentong Jin Shiyi led into the cabin, haha ​​laughed: 'Your friend is coming. 'I saw the three compartment devil lying disorder, all of them white face blue lips, surrounded by filth vomit a lot. It turned out that all three devil come from Tibet, before that, the fundamental Even at the end of the sea are seen, how can withstand this storm? So everyone is like a serious illness. Those three