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sipping tea leisurely day, five people, only her most idle, watching Zhao indoor training sweat training. These days, in addition to small amounts of these three time eating and sleeping, all idle spent on strengthening his own, and even sleep, the body will consciously follow the direction of movement of the five elements of earth conscious flow interest rate adjustment. She always does not believe there will be the outcome of cramming, but look at three of the results of the training, but it is pretty good! The body can not digest the knife marrow always in focus high-intensity training is digested slowly, into energy is absorbed by three internal organs. After three energy absorbed into like a drunken state, like alcohol, like knife marrow, stimulating energy will penetrate their body, was strongly stimulated trio suddenly crazy, more intense training they digest more knives marrow. Liu butterfly day secretly nod, this is a good development a virtuous circle. She looked at Du wind, the wind also rest in peace Du practice in two days and nights, he maintained this trance state, who do not know whether he was asleep. Liu butterfly day perfectly sensed in vivo Du wind flowing gas, like the vast galaxy like anything exposed to it, like a drop of water will import the ocean, is housed was not a drop left, it might also describe the use of sea enough, it should be said, like the vast and who do not know where is the end of the universe. Du wind although never opened his eyes, but it has sensed a willow-day butterflies surprise. That is the third order after cocoon brought him a third share of gas, compared with Zhou evil spirits, this arrogance is more broad expanse, seems like the whole universe into one, turned into a big Zhou own . More extensive than in the body as a unit of small Zhou - Zhou day of evil spirits! Du wind just myself, have failed to find the core of the universe where everything hadThis is the core source of Dan location, which can be the core of flickering gas stocks, can not digest this, but she figured she said he has long been a 'Golden Gate' is unmatched in buildings or poison operation, invincible, and then, in time, coupled with the secrets that. martial arts, will be invincible. 'Sun Sen looked shock, busy: 'Yantai Xia ......'Yan Mufei shook his head and said: 'That's really in trouble, 'Golden Gate' both the main door of this plan, I dare say she takes different day this reward after half a shoo easy as Tannangquwu!'Girl nodded and said: 'Yes, Yantai Xia, the main door had said so!'Sun Sen face solemn and anxious, said: 'Yes, Yantai Xia, really want to like this ......'Yanmu Fei said: 'The elderly, ifEarly start stop, the consequences can be imagined. 'Sun Sen said: 'I want this, but this stop ......' said: 'Please take care of the elderly only emerald girl with disabilities to reach their own martial arts justice!'Sun Sen said: 'Could it be intentional Yantai Xia plus a burden on the other shoulder?'Yanmu Fei said: 'The elderly, martial arts safety, my generation is everyone's responsibility, and I do not worry who will bear?'Sun Sen articulate started, paused, and finally nothing.Wang Yan Mufei turn the girl, and said: 'Why is this girl is' Golden Gate, under the insanity? 'The girl said: 'Yantai Xia, where 'Golden Gate' door who had everyone in the entry had been under the insanity defense door so you can have different ambitions Janus-faced man, and I was the first born different ambitions Janus-faced man, so. poison the body of the attack. 'Yanmu Fei said: 'That girl is different ambitions disloyalty ......'Yan Mufei smiling, said: 'Thank you girl, the girl even more admirable!'The girl said: 'It is Yantai Xia praise, as I said, I might as three of their easygoing, also born a soft-hearted, so I was attracted Qihuo for myself.'Yanmu Fei said: 'The girl said, aloof noble, righteous, cardinal, born a Healing Hearts.'The girl said: 'I became more and more afraid.'Sun Sen said: 'This is the truth, the head, you do not think is bad luck for themselves provoke disaster, to be a