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life of a person..' Yang Ying looking armor of God, that God is indeed the most desired lifestyle armor. God in heaven from a different era, soldiers of God will fly from the Han Dynasty, King from the early Han Dynasty, Mountain God and Valkyrie from modern, from the prehistoric beast God, the origins of the armor of God is very special, he is from the future. That is only a future heaven from God. I do not know when it was born of heaven, there is a point in time completely stopped in heaven overlooking the world, to see a complete history of the whole, in theory, can predict all past and future, can each historical moment, will evolve Numerous bifurcation point, if those who see the infinite bifurcation of time, only to see his own soul blurred, ashes. This phenomenon continued until prehistoric date, there are two people from the world finally soar Once upon a time, that is the oldest congregation of God, God and Heaven beast, beast power of God, but the intelligence has not developed fully, finally mastered the heaven is Heaven, God became his beast strong arm. Heaven did the first thing that would obliterate all parallel history, leaving only the history of their own when soaring, as the only timeline. Timeline is a gray future, in theory, there should not be someone from soaring. But there may be rocketing out of a congregation of God, he is from the era of the destruction of the universe, highly developed mechanical civilization will eventually blasted a cosmic black hole, and all have been swallowed up everything black hole, in addition to a base drove frantically fleeing robots, the will to live it to the final blend and base, the base of the fly faster than the speed of light, time reversal, has been flying to heaven. King first, soldiers of God second, third fly. Unnamed armor of God, because no one ever see the armor of God out of the pass-through. It comes from all the ashes of age, habitsThere harsh environment, his only fear, only fear. Heaven gives it a sense of fear, and finally