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Lu Ya and Valkyrie appeared in Once upon a bridge, he did not participate in the fighting, but coldly watching. This scene, like most of the legends of the immortal battle scenes, then this scenario what happened? His hand on the rack in the neck Yang zero, cold tunnel: 'Before, if all bright star in thirteen robbery, killed last Tiangang Xing, what the outcome, Heaven will come naturally disappear?' God's body armor issued numerous light, the entire operation upon a time and every time he was fever, he finally stopped panting: 'The count does not come out, I do not know.' Young zero bite: 'must try.' She grabbed the hand of the Treasure of the Sierra Shang Fang Jian Guang, a cross in his own neck, the world no one can kill Liu days and reincarnation, in addition to her he could kill himself. Guang sleeping on the ground suddenly woke up, seize the hilt, hissed: 'Son husband!' In the crazy world of the King killed by lightning jianpi beheaded stopped, stunned Inter on this, the tree of life has been strapped to his body, he frantically shouted: '! Concubine' And the King will fly to mind is then shared the screen, and that away from them in the sad woman. It do not know where Liu drilled out, howling: '! Stop zero-day princess, if kill, it is better to kill me.' Even God has stopped his soldiers opened the art of war, cried: '!! Stop sister' Young zero hands trembled, and she did not mind the impression that these people, these people are able to hear the words of the implication of friendship, Du wind was cold tunnel: '! Kill yourself, the end of the tragedy.' Figure flash, Yang Ying Du wind appeared in front, hold tightly Yang zero hilt, two lines of Tears said:. 'Wind, destiny can not be violated, we have failed over' Du wind first as general disregard Yang Ying, Shang Fang Sweetness his sudden snatch snatched the sword, shouted: '! You could not do it, then I'll kill you.' Guang howling sound, I do not know where he comes from powerJumped up, beat up playing in the wind Du chest, suddenly shake