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where cultivation practice actually so deep marvelous, do not worry about what the future accidents. Mentioning! Now called the good fortune of the law, but also with me The name of good fortune were consistent, good luck Avenue called it! really good luck. 'Zhen Fang smiling. Deji moment strokes over time once said: 'You parents will take the ranking once you Deji, in Chinese, means happiness and longevity mean just your apprentice ceremony for the division, it is very important to add you. good-natured, when I inherited Avenue, from today, you will be my close disciples, thanks Road for longevity. Will you be? ' Deji times once clever Ling-hui, spiritual blessing to heart, quickly worship and said:. '. Longevity Meet the Master Teacher mercy' Zhen Fang nodded and said: 'To live teacher Road fortune, inherited from the chaos, the Creator Avenue, therefore good fortune were built gate, you follow in the future as a teacher learning Dafa good fortune, save that person's chance of survival, for the benefit of the Three Realms.' Deji times once, oh, now called the longevity of. Should be down quickly. Zhen Fang Fu up, said:. 'I went to see you and with you that Ram aunt, her childhood to care for you, today you will have to repay her cause and effect, or in the future you hard into Immortality' 'Yes, Master.' Longevity quickly took toward Zhen Fang went not far from a yurt. '! Ram aunt, aunt Ram' longevity happily exclaimed: 'I worship a master of.' 'Arnie, this is my new master of worship.' Longevity cheerful sleeves pulled Ram said. 'Zhen Fang overconfident, volunteered, so Sister laughed.' Zhen Fang see her looking benignant, though simple dress, but look soft, but apparently the greater good of the family. 'The teacher said, where the words, our family was poor, and Germany afford to go to the secondary school, can not afford to read the book, it is sorry his dead parents, ah!' Ram scrutinize Zhen Fang a, though poorly dressed, as if fleeing people the same, but ruddy face, eyes, such as isoelectric point immortal Queen Mother no diamond, how dare embrace porcelain live it? Without a certain strength, how can she guide fairies, and how to become the supreme Emperor and existence of the Three Realms is it the same? And on the other hand it is the other side of magic too powerful reason. That the Queen Mother hairpin head all day, but when the marriage with the Emperor, the Taoist gave himself down treasures, not only comparable to the innate treasure, even more important is the hairpin in mystery, but it is able to issue chaos Jian Qi. Pangu streamers have become chaotic treasure, partly because it can suppress air transport, while on the other hand it is its powerful, Pangu what to epoch, is to chaos Jian Qi, which is among the hairpin, he was hung Jun Taoist seal a chaos Jian Qi, making the Queen Mother power surge, but also all of a sudden come to draw a Galaxy, blocking their daughter and son. 'Good powerful magic.' Total work calmly looked at the wound on his arm, his face did not show the pain, as if hurt is not the same as his arm. Wu family warlike human nature, there is also the pain of what a normal thing, if not, it touches other people feel curious. 'When.' Bell rang again, and was surprised to find the current wave of gold soaring mountains, melodious bell but eagerly, as if urging the crowd quickly to compete in general. He wants the crowd also turned to the side of Chaos minutes. The eyes also reveal a trace of hot color. Have been executed in the hands of magic, as long as someone is clearly first hands, began to snatch a shot. Unfortunately. In the field are not fools, this time ahead shot, although it might be possible to obtain chaotic minutes, but the shot is also subject to various people, this time, I am afraid that only the saintsIn the hands of such a tall, come and go. If other people. Whatever his defensive magic, etc., can not be spared outstanding cents teamed blow. For a time, only to hear the bell mountain stream wave melodious, but could not see anyone act, each tightly pegged