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evil power up to three palm Yingjie, to the The fourth charge, there is no certainty of defense, to the fifth metacarpal is bound to suffer serious injuries to his status as only the ability to fight and die, must not bow to concede to Meng Shentong, and therefore the second metacarpal in his Yingjie Meng Shentong the time, he gave his life skill are transported to Palm, he worked hard xiu sixty years too pure qigong, is no trivial matter, Meng Shentong Danjue each other's palms give birth to an extremely strong attraction between the eager, even to get rid of Meng Shentong not open a cold heart, but light, said: 'The Master too serious, is a master compelled to ask you Mengmou sake!' martial arts called ask them to 'fulfill' is the meaning of life delivered to the other party, but Meng Mitac two words but irony, meaning that he wants golden master compelled to life juxtaposition, so in the end only the weak and strong deposit death, if he loses, die without resentment, if he wins, nor Rao golden master's life. Factions of martial arts masters smell remark, are tempted to heart earthquake, I saw white smoke hot air on the golden master's head, Meng Shentong face gradually changed from green to purple, from purple to black, it was his The have to play to the power of the strongest signs! Pain Zen Master, Sim hidden farming, Don was out after days of waiting, white gas golden master's head more and more concentrated, that is to say he Chunyang of gas in the body, and even more and consume more, see this case, gold Masters has been exposed as real is defeated, the original too pure gold qigong masters have been picked up in the world, although unparalleled proportions, and if so only to fight the internal forces, Meng Shentong than its rivals, but Meng Shentong Shura power is the most vicious Xiepai effort, through the ages, in addition to two hundred years ago, a man out Joe North sea, there is no second person got ninth heavy, overcast evil gas stream of golden master invade the body, the golden master about Nothing, we eat this bowl of rice, who also had less blood on it, do not delay, big sister, Father in Floral Hall waiting for it.'Now how again ...... 'Cui Hu said: 'Things have changed, Father had to change his mind.' did not speak, staring coming back for a long time before: '? So, did my thing after the'Cui Hu said: 'It was probably right, but Father let big sister to go with me to the drawing room.'Feng Niuer a micro nodded and said: 'Well, Da Shige here, and so I go for pieces of clothes ......'Kerf coming back, said: 'Big sister, do not delay, not so much effort, all of us, but also for what clothes.Father temper big sister you know best, and if so he so anxious, made a fire children, I can not afford to be magnanimous ...... 'Following the meal and said:' surnamed Fu stand up to down. 'Behind him two black brawny promised soon, together toward the small building.Feng Niuer did not move, did not speak again, just take one pair Fengmu firmly fixed on coming back, she knew something was wrong.Coming back and then let her go upstairs, is clearly anti-she told Futian Hao 'collusion', she began to think about a countermeasure.Coming back to make her look very uncomfortable pair of eyes did not dare contact with Phoenix day, he just looked at the building entrance.Feng Niuer face a cold, said: 'I do not know, go with them, that time will know.''Monkey face' a migraine coming back, and that two black brawny Futian Hao hobble away, the FU´╗┐ said: 'I have a way to get called streamers beat!' Baoshu De suddenly alas channel: '? You know with the mind, and quickly said, what approach' said: 'I am a man approached fighting games on the sidelines, they both know me, and I will head, face covered, nor that they recognize, took the opportunity to blame the guy that ax ' said:.'! This is not, it will damage Gong fame 'small beggar: 'The two do not help, and anyone who is looking up on the hands, boss, do you think this way?' said: 'Do you call the second child to play Gong?' little beggar said: 'Kung Long is a cultivated