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ŅThe party has a US Zhuge know howl 'Little Zhuge'! 'That ghost said: 'I know!'Zhuge Fang said: 'Inherit bizarre, my mind is more learned than Zhuge Wuhou, you want me to believe you are ghosts?'That ghost said: 'Believe it or not, it does not matter.'Zhuge Fang laughed: 'Yes, to figure out who you are, so you drop a have not come out is the most critical lord, you know too much, know too many things, often will recruit disaster. unless he can remain silent! 'That ghost said: 'Zhuge side, you want to kill me?'Zhuge Fang laughed: 'You are clever ghost!'That ghost said: 'Zhuge side, what you learn is not bad, chest Luo also regarded as knowledgeable, you know, the ghost is Nothingness, seen, touched.'Zhuge Fang laughed: 'You're not a ghost, a person, then that is another matter!'That ghost said: 'I words in front, if you dare offend me, you will die even worse!'Zhuge side and said: 'Sir, enough nonsense, you are innocent people who disguised FORCES?'That ghost said: 'I am FORCES!'Zhuge side as not to hear, then asked: '? FORCES friends, or FORCES offspring.'That ghost said: 'Zhuge side, I was FORCES!'Zhuge side of a nod, said: '! Well, even if you are right FORCES, the wife will tell you that the old lady had with Maoshan Taoist magic learned a few years, can take a ghost Vampire Killers'That ghost snapped: 'Zhuge side, you're dead to the imminent, diehard dare!'Please Ge Yin Xiao Fang Hey cry, and said: 'Sir, borrow it, we who live and see if you are a ghost who died, the wife is to take the ghost of Zhong Kui, if you were, the wife is your DEATH hell!.'Raising his hand palm strike unto Dangxiong ghost! 'Nine Yinxiu Shi' regarded in the martial arts world-class characters, Zhuge side only depends on what they have learned 'Nine Yinxiu Shi ', of course, his skill is not bad!This is very forceful beat Zhang Li sharp, straight underlying strength of an Gang Feng ghost Dangxiong collision, momentum is quite amazing!That ghost sad smile cry: 'Zhuge side, you are self-seeking swift death!'He did not move, please GE Fang be wiped out, two years later, he actually dare to blatantly come to me, even the wind and the genius Independence Day Du he dared to deal with the world Nothing in all the things that he could not go to deal with! '¬†States east coast, the bustling metropolis of New York.¬†Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor stands still harbor aloft the torch of freedom ifÔĽŅFloating on the sea who guide the direction and guide them to come freely over the United States. Distance with a long tail boats drag off, it is a pedestrian Du wind.¬†Liu butterfly day looking up at the Statue of Liberty, slightly shook his head and said:. 'Statue of Liberty, the human world on behalf of the noble symbol of freedom, and only in this country for hundreds of years even after a nuclear explosion can quickly recover.'¬†Zhao has changed Luan installed spat: 'You might say that the United States forces of oppression of others, forcing others to add their own to get the so-called freedom, which is called the noble symbol of freedom all the money it spent to rebuild yourself?? on the capital, only medical expenses of the Red Cross headquarters in arrears have tens of millions. '¬†Liu butterfly day dismissive authentic: 'There are only qualified to talk about the power of freedom, no power, but also expect anything freely?'¬†Zhao Luan not had time to retort, Du wind hold down her shoulders, lightly:. 'Well, it is upon a world of ancient weapons and the Association of creed, we will end the extradition'¬†Liu days Butterfly scowled and said: 'Do not you have to say and we have different phase for the plan?'¬†Du wind motorboat engine off, and watched it move toward the shore in the role of Hyperion next begins, indifference and said:. 'Our way is the same, have the power to control everything.'¬†'What are you ......'¬†Liu butterfly day grunted: 'I want to hear the best in the world have the power of ancient weapons of understanding.'¬†Liu butterfly day stay, chew on this sentence thoughtfully, you want to refute Du wind but do not know how to first Yang, who is also the Czech Republic, such as birds, tracking towards the empty vertical play, play and fly toward the cymbals. square think so many years, actually dodge enemy extremely Zhen, Fang Jue bad, listen to 'Ding Dingding' three-ring, followed by another 'Dangdang when' three ring, I saw a figure flying under the sun. A closer look at air Jin Ying-day light, looked flying, flying cymbals that six surface shader knocked on three sides, eat, even better the next three sides, Qian Peng eat on the path of a vertical trend, are in the air hammer Shui and carrot, full knocked all the way, have Xie Fei fell to the ground. Look at the enemy, was behind Qiba Zhang distance.¬† Henji, no tolerance mouth, Qian Peng jumped, went to the front, turn means shouted:! 'One another for many years, recently heard people say that you are thirteen cymbals known to bicyclic invincible, but so had already experienced the cymbals I then that the sun and moon to experience your bicyclic. ' Jinu Cross, found nothing to answer, pendulum bicyclic, went on to kill ferocious. Qian Peng shouts and cry, jump to meet the enemy, killed a couple of neck. Foot called the hour, not a close call.¬†Then in a better kind of multi-masked and Heimo Le. Tong Xing and so killed. Because the Iraqi prime providers have the public mind, in addition to Mr. Zhao city gang assassin slipped outside to see the machine, the next I knew Daodang ability bad, still desperate approached, refused to flee back. Martial arts a helpless, the fittest, not the slightest reluctance, several masked men also are famous Ying Xia, breaks against, how can an opponent? Needless to for a long time, except for Iraq Business and Xiongseng out, leaving a field hand named Tiecha swallows righteous slaughter. Lin Song called a dead child's face, still locked in a stalemate with the two Xiaoxia, I was exhausted casualties. Masked people, with sweet, Zhu Wenyan, Yanshang De, Korean approximately four has to stop, come together Kang, stood watching. Tu Yi, the original said: 'Yes, many cloud home population, although we are not afraid, but a fight, and those who will inevitably disturb, running around barking, I used Magic will of his family were in a coma, you catch those three old guys, can interrogate them quietly. 'They act separately Needless moment, Jin Shiyi they found that incense Court, trace tile back, close the roof, inward spy. The three men although martial arts master, but Jin Shiyi dodge excellence, how can I let them hear the slightest sound. Court yard and saw a total of four people, the three old guys sitting at a table near the window, facing the pond in front of each soak up an alliance tea, lotus pond, lotus fragrance, gorgeous scenery. Jin Shiyi dark laughed: 'This surname cloud really know how to enjoy the old guy, quite elegance of it.' In the cloud that now stood beside the man, seems to be his housekeeper, just come in soon, intrinsic said: 'This Multi-runner was sent to help the county magistrate, accounts have been collected, the county master with LST please donate a little money. 'The butler is his apprentice, good management accounts, overnight report to him. Cloud now groan mouth tea, light, said: 'This should be, it will donate five hundred and twenty you take tomorrow, asking them to use my name, to be distributed to the poor hands, you give me monitor, do not let them embezzlement. . the 'Liu Erchun haha ‚Äč‚Äčlaughed:' Cloud brother really good long benefactor five hundred twenty one held the money shot is generous, generous 'Wan should be said:.'.! I said cloud brother would be a man is true. county magistrate gave him a reminder accounts, poor households can not blame him. He pulled out a hair so ago, there are many people should be grateful to him. Liu Brother, I think you should also learn to him. 'Cloud now haha ‚Äč‚Äčlaughed: 'Give what you said, I rather like the fame, the hypocrites.' Wan should be busy: 'my brother do not suspicious, I just admire this approach Dude, I heard that quite a number of self-proclaimed chivalrous