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The so-called big airports do not have the bustling scene before World War II, the waiting passengers are few, only a day trip to regular flights. Is a tour regular flights, has become a status symbol and the ancient cities of the world super Wu Association in the context of the world of nuclear radiation, each additional trip flight, it means to be random with an air purifier and a Samsung Ancient Warrior class, ordinary city simply can not afford to consume. Helicopter too obvious fix would be shot down by a missile halfway. Luo Feile best way is to put out at large, the cover of darkness, to others as open-wire helicopter cover, Du wind line is mixed with ancient weapons secretly flight Association, this program can be described as mysteriously. 'Identity cards!' Flight check before guards snapped. Liu fat bowing handed him the identity card, with the result that the verification is correct, Luo Feile forgery skills is absolutely unparalleled in the world. Really want to check that four people, has long been using acupuncture horde Du wind thrown warehouse, to wake up at least three days and three nights. Flights slowly lifted off, the plane packed with training graduation, moved to New York was about to accept the deployment of the participants, all are happily discussing their own trained. 'We B camp, all actions can be put on an additional three times the gravity of gravity boots, do what had to pay several times the power. [Thor] Lee said that when cold start, the dress is nothing but two times gravity boots it. ' Du wind frowned when Lee Han was a babbling child, dressed probably have more than three times the force of gravity. 'What B camp operator, we armor battalion, dress is 5 times gravity boots! And the final test, but also to wear gloves five times gravity knife knife just right pixia twelve strength and toughness are completely different ! living textbook clearly written on the head: When [Independence Day] Du wind, only nine hack it! ' 'Powerful, we examine only B CampA few words, and