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extreme terror, the opponent is in the network of the birth of super-intelligent life forms - Zongda . Rules were formulated in the world up, all the infuriating and ancient martial art can be used as usual, but above the top of infuriating and ancient martial art, it is up to the development of the rules of the game were. With the special rules of the game, combined with infuriating and the ancient martial art, were up to the world to the ancient warrior who can not imagine a place for fighting. Zongda eventually extradited or downed Doom members, Zongda also became a member of the doomsday final extradition will help Yang Cheng-tao and Joan - Luo Feile perfected soaring base computer system. Luo Feile exhaled breath, worried authentic: 'But Zongda world is virtual, then I can provide support for you outside the network, now ......' At the time the case reachedTianchi contact Venerable Master Miller cast glances, immediately shut, no reason to tell meters.However, we have noticed, Yuan Yu Shi, who knew Miller Exalted not ready to say that there must be a reason not well known, naturally inconvenient questioning.Xuenv mouth quickly asked: '! Tianchi ...... Why are you hesitant to have anything to do not finish?'Miller ran slander Master laughed: 'It was a private reason!'Xuenv laughed: 'You little mischief, I do not know it looked bald old daughter was charged against Duron first favorite concubine, old bald child afraid family scandal ......!'Miller Master anxious blushed and said: 'This must be your Tianchi talkative, others will not know!!'Tianchi Venerable urgent: 'Bugger, I absolutely did not let a fart, most of my mouth tight, into the more out of less, snow lady, you are anybody actually?'Xuenv laughed: 'Old Baldy, you do not wronged Tianchi, he is the living dead, the secret in his stomach, than the frozen snow still tight, I was listening to Duron said!'Master Miller angrily: 'The old Duron actually told you these things?'Xuenv proudly said: 'There are a few men can keep a secret in front of my borrow dish with plain tone sent to Cambodia to stay knife intimidation. The victim was a wealthy gentry, did not see the hurt, the loss of no more than gold and silver, also dared quiet, three have reported the wind does not listen, square self pride, will now burn Mawangmiao remember way back downtown, intended to hanging around. Only to the town, we see two kids usher the country, the trio pulled Pichu, said last two buskers yesterday ordered from either ask Timah, the money the two often go shopping in town, presumably also come. Gave the children money, such as life encounter, on behalf of the messenger: Jinhua Beishan already waiting for him in a few days, why not dare to keep the appointment? Chen industry persuaded not into material known strong dragon hard fighting snakes, listen to each other tone, clearly aware of the origins of the money at home, some people dare to home, will be something uncommon. Master hath said parties famous person on weekdays, and did not live in Jinhua Kitayama. Patron bad if only some expert help, but also a little better. The case of an anonymous expert, does not display when the entertainer's skills, according to the money, the two horses last year that such acts, doomed never to go, mind carefully assessed. Sure enough, get up early the next day, the three operators also store clerk summoned accounts, and the road between the north hill. Only one opening, the clerk would answer:. 'Everything has will store all accounts had guests with even something as yet, just talk, immediately ready, but they dare not receive benefits bill' heard three very strange, Chien blurted asked: 'Who? is' Chen industry listens, material reasons, fear of the wrong thing Chien Yi Xiao, busy jack asked: 'What time to this?' The clerk seems to have not understood the three occupants, smile replied: 'How would unsolicited San Xianggong notes will come, but a word to say good night, three of?. San Xianggong search from, how not quite know it? ' MA Kun had expected the enemy deliberately