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stood a young Taoist, dressed in pale blue robes, robes on the starLittle bit, the whole body sparkle Purple dense, forming a purple band around, very mysterious. And it contains a faint hint of being behind the majesty of Heaven. 'Shishu seen.' Nanjixianweng, who rushed, joyful hearts, quickly closing the magic, worship Road. We do not know when it arrived Zhen Fang, but also know that this magical wand to Shishu, surely there is a way to restrain this strange evil cloud. 'Shishu seen.' Dubbo Tathagata came with Lotus Lantern Taoist square Chen, nor a ceremony to die, anyway, had been in the peach all right gift at the moment once again did not make any difference. Unfortunately, they are like eating flies generally uncomfortable. That Zhen Fang came too is the time, if the moment had come, the sky never say those words, the person can not explain two to teach the future as their is nothing wrong with two people standing on the sidelines. Unfortunately, the sky being said, while he has not had time happens two hands, which is done under a real idea of ​​standing on the sidelines of the two, who taught frustrations illustrates two probably will be on the face of the future. If Zhen Fang late moment, even if his own two quite open this strange supernatural powers, but as long as the two shot himself after, people will sell illustrates two teach two one face. Unfortunately, ah, this is too Zhen Fang out of time, can not be a coincidence clever way. 'Shishu, is the time you come too.' Enlightening Taoist face filled with a smile, the heart is furious. Why, he is also listening to people within Zixiaogong Road, who heard that Red Cloud is Zixiaogong inside, because the other side is about to sanctification, so he would have a low last generation, called for the Shishu. At the moment, I have a sick you, you are not to be too clever it? I think you would have spent a long time in the side, that is, those of us watching the hapless fools, his last . Do not you be a man? I just lit a fire in their hearts, to attending ...... 'ShushiPeople get lost, Paul is not angry, evil ways different technique to change the plenary strong opponents played engagement. For this reason make Fan, Zou Bian three, and enemies wish more for some time, are advised to win at the same time, the avoidance of other minor order to obtain access to people, successful, victory, and also the entire division to retire . And an opponent with the enemy, Wang Gui actually much worse, heart, gas, they just took him happy. In fact, Wang Gui has too skilled to teach skills, not very weak, but made good hand hidden weapon, not Yongshou, just not as good as it is significantly more than Fan, Ying fierce pride to jump on weekdays, wine and women Amoy true, how can the opponents? He and Cui bulk, like the first than the fist, after more than Weaponry hidden weapon, all fall under the wind, the better to eat bitterness, down a dizzy. Cui bulk dexterity than he has to, knowing absolutely no way out and then crushed, Conscience Hezhu wanted to admit defeat. No significant as early as seen through his shameless Fan Ximing, the way is very tight, forcing even breathlessly does not turn out how vertical laps to go: being asthma sweat, do anything, open Hezhu Ho Man Suddenly, the heart is fortunate to have a dark side of life. Unexpectedly, significant heart delicate Van ruthless, ready to prepare to kill with, an enemy party Hezhu, glance do not start, the other only one defeat, Li is slipping, while the air force in vain, they take him dodge rush, less sound and should the occasion , doubled Guaiyan soon grinning, fierce way with heavy Dangxiong arrested. Wang Gui see fierce and urgent, strong blow to earn a 'friend' Fan palms have spent significant effort under pressure, swift as the wind potential. Wang Gui Lian then I do not have the time to speak, the chest seems extremely heavy pressure from the fierce gravity, gas block awakened closed, two Sun Xue Venus fly, two black, no time soon also export, was seven holes bleeding, Yang landed on . Iron hand people are dead, of course, to give up, she would also like how?'Little beggar: 'The main fact received no?'Yunhe also took out a road show 'martial arts have helped, and will be connected to the main fact, there are factions, have taught a lot of head and leader, and there are different from the way most people, you see, my This is tantamount to ordinary guests, but also to 'close the first visit' it. 'Bashan: 'The RedIt hurt a soul. But even if they can not use, give subglottic disciples, is an offensive weapon of the finest. 'Murder Gunslinger ah, killing Gunslinger seems is to transform some of you.' Zhen Fang silk Haobulicai various fluctuations in space, it is the feeling of deities here are different, have come to check it out, More importantly, I am afraid that the parties to the saints also have come. 'Now!' Zhen Fang emerged behind a party to, Hunhundundun, very mysterious, but do not know what their origins are. I saw Zhen Fang Guanghua hands shot a gray, wrapped them will kill Gunslinger, saw surface Guanghua flow, occult, after a while, and now it is a two-edged air, whole body dark, covered in misty, no breath, and no one thought that Zhebing sword is actually innate murderous killing Gunslinger change came. Zhen Fang just want to close this treasure, he heard a voice rolling in the West, said: '? Young, this treasure with my affinity for the West, or pay Pindao custody and how' I saw the West emerged round golden, about lofty radius , gold among the people have a height of about six feet, hands holding a colorful branches, not to mention Western quasi Taoist is who. 'Haha, quasi-mentioned brothers, I wonder if you can not face red?' Zhen Fang laugh. Did not think he had an opening, to say the other's identity, but it is behind the two shocked Kun-yuan fairy king, although the two have long felt different Zhen Fang identity had not actually thought of each other suddenly saint as a senior, that is to say with out own kind is a saint. They never thought of that year with his call for his saw; later we have encountered many sad .! things mutually consoled each other but can not think of you now believe in the words of an outsider, ' startled hesitated and asked:' What outsiders 'from Jin Shiyi province immediately referred to' outsiders 'but Lisheng Nan, heart suddenly feel? Sweet little meaning, but still taut face and said: 'What? You put your wife outsiders also as an outsider what I really think you are a heartless generation?!' It is: This is intimate with bird life, so why but since Yi Cai? From the tone of the connection down, seems to help Lisheng Nan speak, but it is her own unconsciously, the feeling of resentment outpouring out! Jin Shiyi urgent: 'Who says that she is my wife?' said: 'She said to myself, as well as fake it I do not believe there will be a woman of the world, willing to disregard shame, impersonate someone else to do your own? husband! She said she was on a desert island and you are married, officiate, is his brother, there is this do you want? 'Jin Shiyi look awkward. Had nodded and said: 'Yes, there is such a thing!' Gu Zhihua looking pale, sleeves toss, they have to leave, but the body just like numbness in general, speak to spin next day, feeling weak, Jin Shiyi aPulled her, sighed and said: 'You do not know that there is also the matter, it's just that time of expediency, and this is fake, fake fake couples you understand it, you!!? do not understand I tell you the truth of it, you know who she is she is Joe North sea when the disciple offspring Li anti-day ' startled hesitated and said:'??! this and you do a couple of things, what is coherent ? 'At this time, although she is still downright sad, but see Jin Shiyi anxious in this way, feel the hearts of some bear, speech color is slightly eased. Jin Shiyi Li wins first knew from another, has been on a desert island and comes to do just a couple of weeks of leave, say half an hour, the same shall be cause and effect, made clear, and finally said: 'I was to She told me grace, so it promised to help her revenge, to