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a slight Italian pride: 'Independence Day Du wind do not think that makes you a more valuable thing that can not be squandered much power, I Liu Ji day to cherish the people, to protect the land, they are a piece of clothing or jewelry. This exercise is better than all right. ' Du cold wind tunnel: 'You're a good man.' Liu Ji heard this day resumed askew quirky look, tone actually eased a lot: 'I think you might have guessed, the way you see here, and Radial Xian Qi inside look at Huangji to be a different scene. ' Du wind indifference and said: 'So let me look!' His eyes closed, invisible from the body weeks filled infuriating, and Pirates of the shadow line is somewhat similar to the concentration of this array infuriating extremely thin, Du wind to the five senses of the body, it is by means of this array infuriating spread out quietly, slowly penetrate into Liu butterfly earth day among Huangji infuriating. BEO listen! Gas is not obscured scene, they can not all share the number of weeks in the body in Du wind to the eyes, including Liu day that mysterious butterfly Huangji Xian Qi. Species seem easy move, Du wind is in the adventure, and systemic circle Radial gas compared to gas passing into the five senses Du wind power capacity of less than one percent per se, whether it is Huangji cents There are no special rules in the air, or by listening Radial found days as presence, DU has the potential to revolutionize the windFive senses sever, can not be restored to normal. Fortunately, this situation did not appear, the emergence of a tree in the wind Du sight. And the tree of life Xian Qi Liu days Kyi Huangji almost exactly the same, continue to form a variety of fruit trees, and from fruit hatched countless different forms of life. When the breeze from the tree leaves will also sway, the foundation is not strong leaves will fall under the action of the wind, turning the soil into mud, everything just as the natural landscape of nature in general. But Du Feng a look, they found the problem. Wong put at ease and sighed. Exalted sits windy here, wish each other the ability to re-high strength, I am afraid it can not find here. 'Exalted magic strength, I do not know how this could have been detected treasure?' The speaker is Iga hills, his eyes reveal a trace of flattery. The wide side of the Koga frowned. Exalted winds shook his head and said:. 'I Notwithstanding window dressing skills, but where the enemy then amps founder, founder amps can not crack this treasure ban, which learned the truth, let alone me, but also showed how these treasures The importance of That Land comprehension probably know some tracks from my five elements Dunshu, therefore able to find my hibiscus come. Koga, since he was looking for, then let him find it! You can make a ninja school Garden disciples disbanded while it wants to. He wanted to kill as it let homicide Listen clubs which have tragedy befall Divine comprehension, if people kill more, facing the future big tragedy, surely he will not dare killed a long time, naturally, went away. ' 'Master said is absolutely right and I admire so on.' Koga wide of the heard rejoicing, have bowed. Exalted faint windsNodded, waved a few people dare not neglect, but also towards the Master line winds to the ceremony, so just leave out. Gale Exalted be few people left, turn palette taken out, opened it, there stood a fleet of six-party Yuxi Guanghua flow, golden wrapping, honorable and outstanding; at its side, but quietly stood five dark beads, whole body suffused with dark light, very marvelous. 'Oriental magic, magical treasures.' Gale Exalted shriveled mouth to spit out a few words in Chinese. 'Just what kind of which contains the secret of it!' 'You want to know, until I tell you.' Suddenly a cool and bright voice over, as if in the ears of the same. 'Who?' Gale Exalted face became pale and looked at the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets, the hand has not the slightest stagnation, the palette rapid cover all together, going into the under floor tiles. 'Divine Monk?' Gale misunderstandings happen, why mention brother! 'He went on to a giant finger and said:' two, three Shishu This is my successor, named Ma Meitetsu force, hope and his two close to each other close. 'Baoshu De Li and Bai Lichao while hand and said:' My pleasure. 'Chao nine days probably iron horse power and confirms the martial arts Baili Chao said things in the back, then to see the brothers also dispel the original intent, so it seems a little less happy, although he also Baili Chao Bao Shude and perfunctory, but face not on nature, this situation look in the eyes of the Chao nine days, for fear of another minor, Mangxiang Baoshu De: 'The two do not need to be in the same below into Huzhou? ' said: 'really not Xiangman next and so does not make public, this time Qinzei, purely as a friend to help, otherwise it will not happen misunderstanding with you, as a thief into the city charge things, it can not be two workers cursed, and we often Aoyama, green Flows, till we meet again the. 'Li and Ma Chao nine iron hand over power:. 'That being the case, it would leave a' busy with both hands it.After the breakup, Baoshu De Mangjiang soaring on her own, to said: 'Although the woman is not a good thing, but it has nothing to do with this case, we do not have to look for, and the city, seeing the situation, two thousand reward we have given the ' said:.' Second, the prefect of Miss Mo undoubtedly hidden in a thousand mountains where we do these things, 'Bao Shude go straight into the outside of the village, haha ​​laughed:'? That depends on the government magistrate's friends, if he To us he was looking for his daughter, hey, of course negotiable Romania, returned overseas Chinese bridge, road return, he can say it includes within it a thousand two ' laughed:'? Adelaide, we just ate the future ? How this line 'Baoshu De haha ​​laughed:' This line is called what name ' said:'? If you want listed, that even 'private Detective', we do not eat Zhao Ting Feng Lu, want to play with case on dry, how comfortable ' said:'! Primus door, his ribs gave Primus train as incense chariot Kowloon material that king. good waist, saints do Kowloon tendons travel thing, the other monks have also capture the Dragon as a means of thing, so there will be eight Western Denon, etc. Huanglong do this today, can be considered to make up sin. ' 'That master is save or not save you ah!' Dragon shook his arm Zhen Fang, Jiaoheng Road. 'Save, but I did not save, you save.' Zhen Fang shook his head and said:. 'This is a real pity Huanglong, though you two uncles into sects, but it is not like you two uncles only God Channel France did not learn much, that is, even the ordinary magic did not learn it. If not befriend and Yu Ding live, lest their own lives too longPeople clean up. 'The reality on the ground as if to hear the Dragon Fang Chen's speech as a tear fell down. 'You take him to the East China Sea it!' Zhen Fang sighed, and said: 'Shanhaiguan has been lost, although Temujin industry transfer country Yuxi lost, but in the end the killings Wu family too heavy, early end, I feel at ease earlier . be Kowloon appears, immediately led the Maronite Tongtianhe go. 'Dragon heard not neglect, quickly took Huanglong went live away towards the East China Sea. Eight palace, mysterious Grand Master, who taught illustrates two cents into his knees. Not move. Shanhaiguan lost, Zhou Dynasty great loss of strength, mysterious Grand Master, who where dare presumptuous, hastened to eight Hou intrauterine life. And Taishanglaojun deadpan, Primus Shen surface water. Own thought, if not defeat the Wu family, but can also hold the possibility of Shanhaiguan very large, but did not think, actually on the other side so quickly break the Three Realms impregnable. 'It is no wonder Haier.' Taishanglaojun suddenly said: 'all day Shensha big fuss but witch door supernatural, can gather into Pangu Mami, release Pangu Chaos gods are mine, which is equivalent to the existence of the saints, is Pindao met also very carefully. What's more, although the capture of the Wu