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Arctic wonderland Kun Yuan Fang Chen et al., Do not know the unborn Ao driving them have been many people secretly marked label. Within this time kunyuan Asgard, very lively, because Kun-yuan less then about to worship Lord purple Dingdingyouming good fortune in the comprehension real sects. 'Into my door, be sure to respect for teachers, fraternity with the door, the door division will be allowed to practice Dafa rumor, not free to bully people. Where into my door, Heaven must be upper body, lower shun the people, in the heart Tao.' Fang Chen looking peaceful, seriously told that while the exchange with a hint of meaning, but since into their own sects, have their own careful tuning. Whether he is forced or voluntary accept the apprentice. 'Seen the Master.' Then his face purple cold, apparently the other side of this Master Chen was very inconsistent. But no matter what, birthright has been set, the large hall to congratulate the sound is heard. Apprentice looked grinning in front of Chen, Xian Qi misty back garden, purple cold, standing in front of Zhen Fang, but does not speak, and looked cold, has not seen a trace of expression on his face. 'That's what practice is the key to master?' Purple natural surface, although extremely calm, his heart was rough, did not expect to actually master so much cheaper, great 'hook Chen bible' Do not say that. There is one thing more than 'Polaris bibleMore powerful practice Dharma. 'Polaris bible,' What is the origin, he often heard weekdays kunyuan fairy king mentioned. Why these heterogeneous battle of good and evil in the last, standing right way side. Is not the right way because there is a complete practice Dharma. Relying on inheritance to Yaozu, where the number of full practice Dharma. But he had no idea that one day, actually there are so many good practice Dharma make their choice. However, his face did not show any surprise of color, or cold and asked one. 'Why?' But then listen kunyuan purple fairy king said that his master is cheaper in less than a beautiful flower, is not Bai whom. 'But just a little minor injuries.' Zhen Fang shook his head, although there is no direct confrontation and Romania, but he did not know the other's opponent today. However, the seal is still among the other, with a little knowledge of God, will be able to wounded himself, if not themselves pregnant Heaven, I am afraid it is not as simple as the wounded, perhaps he would have been off into the hearts of Pangu, do his food up. But Rao is asHere, evil blood gas, diffuse into their own soul, and probably need to make great efforts to clean their expulsion. 'You ask Yang Young army gathered in the sky and not into the banks, soldiers casualties too, you can embark on the last one was, some of the soldiers rescued, so it can be considered a good thing, but also live you follow an apprenticeship Pindao . 'Zhen Fang took a basket of flowers to the right hand, he took a whip, handed in the past, said:' This is called the basket basket tied cents, whip whip Huanzuo medicine can help you find one, 'Bai heard dare. neglect, quickly took over, bowed three times, square back out. Zhen Fang Bai be gone, sighed deeply, immersed himself in the study and understanding among Avenue, on the head, three lights flashing, a glaucoma being. Chaos melodious bell, enveloped in an atmosphere somewhat esoteric around Zhen Fang, Zhou stars hanging down and down, constantly fall into glaucoma. Disappearance was not a trace, but a little carnage between the eyebrows, but it is indeed, as if ready to disappear the same. Not to mention being Tianzhushan expel Zhen Fang Luo for their injuries, far in Shanhaiguan Temujin army is high-spirited, swinging between exclusion Fang Qiu, the hearts of the Yangtze River has long been preparing horses. Shanhaiguan to the walls. Wide as the child Shen surface water, did not see their thoughts. Over the years, wide as the child has finally realized his vision to become the first person to explain to teach self Primus sects. But as a first strike illustrates teach violent cough. Numerous dust flying from Ray discs to the siege, the choke into the trachea Li Han. Li Han hand, the finger food together. Thorn in their sides of neck suddenly a hole in the dirt spilled blood, dirt in his mouth Daoqi ferocious, if it infiltrated the internal organs. No matter how powerful the Ancient Warrior will be torn to pieces. Lei Du wind butterfly again besieged airtight. Even a speck of dust can not fly. Li Han small hand flip. Almost all the while waving Leiguang butterfly wings, shaped like a bomb high temperatures into the LEI butterfly center. This move might be far less Leiguang butterfly. Li Han is a trick to use the most skilled. Raytheon skills handed down, can manipulate the weather to Trick palm, creating a high-temperature steam in the LEI Lei butterfly land siege. Du wind to line eyes flashed coldness, his long-awaited flaws here. Li Han to be discharged on the ground knife dust flying up again, forming the shape of a wrist before Li Han aware over the wrist has been resting on Li Han left hand bend a bit. Raytheon is the top small Li Han ancient weapons, to reverse all Tianshan plum hand, under the remote control of the state, making her moves only slightly solidified Yisha only. Just between this instant, a dense mass of Leiguang butterfly encirclement, revealing numerous scattered light, vague can see Du wind waving the knife to his own. He was still a world free of dust, thunder, and wind Du's body turned into ash. General Ghosts gun tomb footsteps all froze, maybe ten million kinds of methods to determine the winner, Mrs wind chose the most extreme kind. Die. Independence Day and Raytheon, for at that moment full of ash. Luo Feile face tears, cried and shouted: 'Military, vampires, fast ...... ' Daoguang flash, all the metal ions and bloody grudge is truncated. General Yiliaoyisheng said: 'Independence Day is holding us back.' Layers of Leiguang butterfly chase with gray Rushing, then stir in one and dust, chaos among the continuous generation of you?'Jinyu Qiong shook his head and said: 'No, someone else with my joints!'Wei Han Ying said: 'Who is this?'Jinyu Qiong said: 'The sister that know him, 'Yinxiu Shi 'DUANMU party! 'Han Wei Ying Yi Zheng Gang, has shock voice said:. 'It was him, he was still alive ...... I did wrong material'Jinyu Qiong Yaran said: 'how do you tell him ......' said: 'DUANMU party think tank is the first year of the four Dynasty, Dynasty when the gun fight hero floor, burnt Lingyange, is this idea out of four think tanks, I asked him for a long time could not find him.'Jinyu Qiong said: 'So ......'Ningmu Yanmu Fei said: 'Yuqiong, I heard all gone to Yunnan side, as if not ......'Jinyu Qiong said: 'It was just Hoang Son, actually told me that he talks joints, and only him that 'nine Yinxiu Shi' see me only with words, but also have to move in order to please me!'Yanmu Fei said: 'He may have told you, where is he now?'Jinyu Qiong shook his head and said: 'No, he was with a group of re-gift, it was just clear me out of Yongle effect, things are after another reward, and before leaving, he said: I arrived Plains, since someone told me fittings' said: 'Who told you it is fitting?'Jinyu Qiong said: 'There are around twice, once you know, it was in Luoyang, Todaiji with the Guard's command to make the land is rendered, as well as bit Zhu Di princess pick head, the first time in Chang'an, there is a five hills Wushu ...... ' said: 'I understand, they are helped to deal with that Ma brothers, so it seems that this will be martial arts think tank concerned with the four.'Jinyu Qiong said: 'They are located in the popular Zhu Di's secret organ!'Yanmu Fei said: 'Yes, Zhu Di civil authorities set up a lot of secrets, dark check folk movement, watching for changes in the martial arts, for him to eradicate alien, this 'five hills Wushu' is just that a lot of secret agencies, also has been We know of one, the other not as we know, there are a few still do not know. 'Wei Han Ying said suddenly: 'Sister, since 'North Mang' afterwards, your