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Fang. Stone Town House! 'Zhen Fang heart was shocked, the original seat of the immortals every day to build the monument Town House seat controls the entire operation of the Dong Fu, after being masters of Lian Ji, being deposited in the Purple Palace, good at any time of the ground control Dong Fu. Others like Like magic, there will be the presence of the Spirit is only after their own soul and spirit is consistency, can only preliminary control magic, the use of some of the primary features. in front of the chair is called the Town House jade stone is actually not entirely correct , but this is just the immortals of Ao are driving them, in front of this statue is the jade chair is brilliant. A blood sprayed up, suddenly penetrate where an issue on the chair bright jade green, the entire hall glittering shine, under the light, the original hall in a variety of magic are a dark color, like its Like respect, soul of a dynamic, down from an orange chair rely Firmly Yu Lian Ji chair up. 'Stone town house!' 'Ao driving them!' Basilica of the scene, how could fool people, have clamored, his eyes showing a trace of greed. Kun-yuan fairy king and trees demon eyes light up, they would have wanted this great driving them to send and Zhen Fang Ao, but only pity is that searched the Dong Fu but also see any traces of driving them in, but I did not expect Zhen Fang humble deep, actually found a large Ao driving them lies. Immediately looked at each other, both in the Zhen Fang down either side of the station. 'How? Of you are an expert in practice, then how would like to speak of the rule comprehension sector? Since this treasure and fortune destined to live it, live the good fortune go all natural.' Kun Yuan fairy king cold swept the crowdA. Some people see their thoughts are kunyuan fairy king pointed it out, reddish face, Yingsong long road is very angry and said: 'Yes, if the general nature of the treasure is all by chance, but now the existence of the various treasures Dong Fu of land is this. When we say said: 'Yes! He stayed in backchannel, ready when you attack on the shot, mainly for Miss Fu Yuwen, Yu three main fact and expert princess!'Wu Yunshan laughed: 'Thank you for telling us where he is?'Xu wind and said: 'That would not know, but Huang nine degrees with him, if you encounter the first nine degrees yellow lure war, we must be careful of the plot against him!'Wu Yunshan said: 'I know, there is something?' nodded and smiled and said: 'Well, they know the reality, is not difficult to deal with, you quickly hide it we're going to sweep the court Li hole!!!'--------------------------------------------- Old rain floor scanning, sea son, Hyun Crane OCR, old rain floor exclusive serial: 31 \\ 053 Xu wind awaiting departure, Wu Yunshan Hu stopped him and asked: 'We must enter an authentic stone house to find themWord, she was late to inquire into. At the same time because it was ten thousand hands had destroyed the family is Meng Shentong, the accomplice is to search the collections of books Li family, so Lisheng Nan himself or herself and her daughter also reluctant to probe his trail, for fear that arouse his suspicions alerted Meng Shentong. Think of this accomplice at this time also appear, and more than Meng Shentong Henla, but it seems he had put two people are caught! Lisheng Nan personally out of the way in time, only to hear uttered Ning Meng Shentong laughing, dancing stature, from people like eagle flying overhead, with that red-faced old man rushing. That red-faced old man shouted: 'How do people come to you a partner, sword leave me?!' At the same time he spoke, the pain bayan Zen Master has thrown a rosary, one hundred and eight beads broke up, much like in the air, planted a bead net, Meng Shentong stature hooded. Meng Shentong haha ​​laughed: 'The last thing the old monk furniture also shake out!' A hole in the air, behind the Shenting and sash of the more cavitation also gave a rosary hit, although there is no big brick, but also compelled fell to earth, do not laugh out loud laugh half sailing in a sea of ​​endless. There is no trace of the ship invisible specter is murder, even if the wind Du kill ghosts, they will also be buried in an ocean. Even used to see the strange scene kinship boy, also trembling: 'The ancient ...... ancient weapons hidden in where?' Du wind indifference and said: 'Just at your feet.' Du wind shadow as a rock-like nails in the emptiness, the displays have been used precisely once in the green city in the ancient martial law! - [] Ordinary ancient weapons Limbo Limbo, only to comply with the trajectory of the air flow, float trip. But [Independence Day] Du wind, and he is the world's most powerful gas field, not only can fly freely in the air, also successfully hold up three companions. Turbine blades continue roared, but still can not afford to bring a clothes Du wind. Du wind hull seems to be due to the strength of terror and fear, sent a roar like devils. Du wind himself: 'some meaning.' His sights on the steel wheel,Each part of the ship began to dislocation movement, turned into a sharp knives and iron pipes, issued Guixiao like sound. Strong airflow throughout the entire hull crazy running around the track, it is a four-star ancient weapons in order to have the gas, its strength and chewy still a hundred percent [soldiers] Deng above. Du looked cold wind surging ship, things start to get a little interesting. Two decades, the world really changed too much in the role of radiation and Xian Qi, some twenty years ago and can not imagine dreaming of ancient weapons appeared. Kinship juvenile already become more pale complexion and white, like trembling and said: '? Ancient Warrior exactly where to hide.' Du wind lightly: 'You do not see the ship itself is ancient weapons?.' It's driving force, nature is almost always the 'gas'! In addition to the four winds on board DU has no living, including the other three, including Liu fat are stunned, unable to understand how a ship will be the presence of ancient weapons. After World nuclear explosion,