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your son swordsmanship Ji Taixia lot higher chance of slain much less than ......'Nangongyixiong angry authentic: 'This is my thing, you do not need to manage, if you are not convinced, why not discipline themselves to succeed instead of five.'Chen Jian drawn sword and said: 'I mean, but I declare one, if I'm lucky enough to be able to escape the temple carved Tien, only represent my personal challenge faced Gentile swordsman ......'Chen Jian sneer and said:! 'I asked myself enough qualified to represent thousands of years of traditional Chinese martial arts, but at least it will not watched their countrymen to die, Ji Taixia sorry, would you please give me this game . '------------- Scholarly sweep school: 21 \\ 009 Ji Youde looked Nangongyixiong, waiting for his instructions.Chen Jian cold laughs: '! Ji Taixia you do not hesitate, for those who deliberately want to murder you, you do not have so loyal.'Palace Siu Hung could bear, put the sword came up and said: '!! This is a still from Chen Xiong brother to pick it.'Nangongyixiong grunted: '!! Palace you dare go against my instructions, I did not ask you out.'Palace Siu Hung pain authentic: '! I can not let my father Chen Xiong there are views that misunderstanding.'Nangongyixiong loudly: '! Shut up, I do not care about the opinions of others in the name of the city since spread martial arts sword, we palace suffered much misunderstanding, time will tell, one day people will understand!.'Chen Jian sneer:. 'Do not have to wait for later, and today I am impartial to Santo, has made it very clear to see.'Yumei palace has been silent suddenly cried out loud: 'What do you know my father's well-intentioned, Mingzhao sun and the moon ......!'Nangongyixiong immediately shouted: '! Yumei not a lot to say, I do not need to explain this epigenetic kid.'Yumei a Angtou Palace said:! 'Dad I do not care how you say, of course today than the sky, I can not be reproduced without apparent´╗┐...... ...... Slow 'is long Muslim man stopped him.┬áMuslim who did not mind the long