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s not me.'Yan Mufei strong embarrassed smile and said: 'This girl ...... ......'Wei Han Ying said: 'You ever do is call her?'Yan Mufei blushed and looked uneasy Jinyu Qiong authentic: 'girl,Please stay. 'Wei Han Ying said: 'Stay left for you to do what makes girl maids??'Yan Mufei busy: 'No, no, how dare I, I mean, is that ......'Face a positive, resolutely said:. 'Yuqiong, me a sincere and invite you to stay with the culvert to be a companion to the British'Han Wei Ying laughed: 'Although some subtle, but fortunately it is not difficult to understand the big sister, with on my face, please nod, as the daughter of a promise it!'Jinyu Qiong suddenly looked, sounded and looked at Red Cloud said: '? Do not you hate me mad at me.'Yan Mufei busy hanging eyes, said: 'Yuqiong, how would ......'Wei Han Ying said: '! Yes that how the heart which, whoever gas hate so a US Kinds, who is the world's first and so hard-hearted people endure!'Yan Mufei blushed also Jiaoye Health flushed, dropped the first cicada, whispered and said:. 'That, that I have been blessed.'Yan Mufei busy: 'No, Yuqiong is my ......''! Look at this young couple,' Han Wei Ying aside laughed: 'What you scramble Yeah, count me blessed good!'This sentence, and red two faces! After a brief silence, Wei Han Ying added: 'Well, great things have been set up, in the future we three are three individuals of one mind, and have to sit down, let's talk about something else!'So he sat down all three!Seated, Wei Han Ying looked said: '? Sister, I hear Mu Fei said, you do things for Zhu Di, was originally conditional'Jinyu Qiong nodded and said: 'Yes, sister, I was confused ......'Wei Han Ying kerf, said: 'Sister, I do not mean the responsibility you confused, I make it clear, in order to discuss countermeasures, and my sister, and that-what conditions?' said: 'Zhu Di promise me, if I could find too much sun, remove Mu Fei, things are after, with a book secrets with gifts, and the Central Plains martial arts gave me!'Wei Han Ying said: 'Zhu Di personally promise to crutch.' The so-called must remember, Zhen Fang know that only kill those Yamata no Orochi made possible by this nimbus. Hands red hibiscus crutches emerged ten million figure, as Yudabajiao like appearance toward Yamata no Orochi smashing up with waves from the wind, numerous light, brought up in the air to countless red marks, forming a beautiful pattern. Together attack up. 'Ow!' Yamata no Orochi, after all, have a soul of prehistoric heterogeneous nature knows Zhen Fang hands but their own land nemesis hibiscus wood, sixteen eyes flashed a hint of panic, long roar, also refused to side ants, and Xuepentaikou Zhang boss. Stereotyped stench head wind turned over, the wind blowing, downwind of the SDF members have pinched tight throat, his face purple. Have in the end, his mouth foaming, less than two seconds, then the whole body into sepsis and died, apparently Xingfeng kind of thing but toxic. Zhen Fang look for a tight, fierce loud shout. Shot on the left hand a purple Guanghua, a thunderbolt fell down from nine. A skull in the middle of the middle eight, eight on the split manifold hugely snakeheads, purple flashing brilliance, where distinguish truck. Zhen Fang seeing, secretly surprise. Fuso meters into the hands of the length of the rod, a red light in the middle of a thickness sized rightmost smugglers, the 'bang'. Like big, like the watermelon. Red, white, purple, green, along with a variety of colors are now out, have dropped to the ground, under a shower of blood for a while. Around now with a telescope to watch the crowd, square cut a head eight Chen Qi, haveCover your left hand to his lips and said: 'Since you are not allowed to call me!' Then they smiled, then said: 'When no one else in front of us, you call me 'Red', fool, you have to remember ah ! ' nodded, Hu said:' This is the sword in the end what is the use, 'the girl said:'? say you do not know, I hope that it will not fall into the wrong hands, or else there will be a lot of good people suffer . 'Baili Chao shook his head:' They can Compass eyes of a condensate, said: 'Boss, saying 'Do not look at Buddha Monk face' they did to you, it's like this old head hit me, you know why they let so?'Thin eyebrows man surnamed Hao Yang said: 'In short, you are now out of the door of the public.'Compass Tan nodded and said: 'Not bad, you still are a sensible, boss, I mean six children with Zhao friendship, only limited use of each other, in order to draw on his forces on the ground just to make him Zhili, of course, he So make me have his purpose, which is most realistic, only one did not use value, immediately would be difficult to maintain, which is just in front of me why they call you the truth lies, boss, you told me so many years, You have to lead the second youngest in the future, which you should have learned. 'The thin man surnamed Hao said: 'Father, I know all these months.'Tan Micro Compass nodded and said: 'You know it is the best, you know not to do this in public Dong Daozi stupid, you listen to me with three, the finest way to kill, non-stick hand bloody, it alsoTu Moon laughed and said: 'This is not a surrender, exchange!' yuan stunned then said: 'What can exchange swap??'Tu Moon smiled and said: '! Take your Qiong Yao and Owen's life, in exchange for our ride away.' Yuan laughed: 'This exchange down yet fair, but did not threaten my life happened!'Tu Moon said: 'If you dare to lay down weapons and fight me, you're in danger!'Yu Shi Yuan said: 'I do not doubt this, you have to beat any money I laugh, which shows that you do have two, but I do not put down the weapon, you can not do anything!'Tu Moon laughed: 'Yes! If you bully Cheng Yong, we had to accept their fate, but you as a bunch of dignified Lord, always embarrassed to go back on breach of trust!'Yu Shi Yuan laughed: 'I did not promise you how to say it was reneged breach of trust?'Tu Qi Red Moon See and even more dangerous situation, first shouted: '!! Dad, or throwing weapons right now died too wronged.'Tuwan Fu really throwing weapons, Qi red long I have not even dropped a.