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the bell donghuang More importantly, this bell but then after the Great God Pan Gu epoch, Pangu ax the three pieces of treasure in one, three treasure you should know it! but your home teacher, who taught saint Taishanglaojun hands Tai Chi, there is a Yuqing Yuanshi daysRespect the hands of Pangu streamers, and the rest is in front of one thing, and chaotic minutes gather offensive one, more importantly, can be used to suppress the gas transport. ' Suddenly a group of distant Jianguang flying, colorful, heterogeneous extremely colorful, but it is there are hundreds of monks have come in the flow wave Mountain, it was just a touch of looked around in the current wave of the crowd around a hill, the summit will have towards The big bell on fury. While seeing Joan Xiao, awaiting display Jinjiao scissors, suddenly pulled around the sky, her eyes flew toward the mountains that many monks looked in the past. Joan Xiao mind a move, but was surprised to find no one around Immortals stop, just cold look at these guys. Suddenly a bright mind, knowing that his sister pulled myself why, if this Lingbao just born, surrounded by empty, perhaps the first to grab the magic, you can have magic, but now it is different. In front of this magic wand to come out of the ordinary, but chaos treasure, treasure this chaos if so it is easy to rein in, it can not be called a natural treasure is chaos, not to mention, even if someone can grab the magic of how, there is no absolute power protect magic, perhaps their lives are no guarantee. These people repair is low, can be spared themselves off these people? The answer of course is no. 'When!' Mountain stream wave suddenly there melodious bell, at the moment no one to listen to this melodious bell, each have been the case in front of the stunned, I saw the bell in the past, a road from a strange golden bell radiated out to the sides on, those who have been hit, and all shook Flesh, a Unit of blood clump sky falling, a sudden wave of mountain streams on the stained, blood flowed into inexplicable feeling the same boat, and sometimes do not know what to say what to say, just a touch and said: 'Really? That you can put away the flute that support it?' Silver notes into numerous small swimming on the lake. Li Han cold authentic: 'fighting weapons will kill, you can put away that support the flute in the state not to kill Don Love it?' Du wind silent, Li Han dialect challenges mean revealed. This is probably since his cocoon, the biggest challenge encountered strange that support the ability to treat the seven-star Ancient Warrior nothing to Du wind current capacity, to rein in the flute in the other side without damage, and indeed was not easy. However, he simply said: 'Yes.' Lightning phosgene together into a dragon rising into the clouds, the lake below. Seems to have only a small palm. Li Han shook his head and said:. 'This is not about war, if you can not, do not reluctantly.' I hear her voice still ran, Du wind had jumped down from the sky and crashed into the lake. Silver lake, suddenly thrown countless brilliantly silver spray. Li Han's vision to be able to clearly see, silver lake after it crashed in Du wind. Those silvery notes like, every grain are grown sharp teeth. Like a piranha-like attack on a bite Du wind. He dragged the lake. Filled with red mist on the lake, the bottom of the silver notes together into a big shark, dragging Du wind fast swimming. Li Han shook his head, thinking Du wind Terry physical silver anyway keep up with the speed of the notes to devour. But then a moment, it will be a bite into bones. In her rescue when considering whether or not to sell, mind differential, underwater fish-shaped shadow. Suddenly it expanded several times. Li Han Yiliaoyisheng, under the water seems there was a big fish, in turn, Silver notes together into large shark swallowed, then quickly sneak in the bottom. The entire road on the lake continues to gush like shells of water, the lake is like a giant whale sneak in general, the power of the water column directly, even over a world, is the nothingness of things into existence. Because of this, even the perfect space-time black hole, is also torn Leiguang butterfly. Du clasping her hands in the air knife, looking solemn. He not only to defeat Leiguang butterfly, but also because this type of life is about to save depleted Li Han, a few days ago when the wind and Xu Yuan Du duel, with each of the three demons with disintegration, is now forced to infuriating injuries pressure into the body to fight the temporary increase combat skills classes can not be used Li Han sounds extremely cold, nothing like that usually indifferent random Li Han: 'apologize to the souls of my father, I will spare you.' Du wind indifference and said: 'Your father did not qualify so I apologized to him.' Li Han cold tunnel: 'I forgot, you represent will end extradition, extradition will grasp this world auspices of the World Organization of justice, it does not consider other people to thank.' More full body cover Leiguang butterflies fly from cracks in, just who comes out of Leiguang butterfly phosphorus powder cover on the knife, let Du wind suddenly feel the hands of a knife can not control, such as supremely important, he quickly closed his eyes muzzle ears, if this phosphor powder into the body, the body as I am afraid to drink the juice into the iron like it to be Checheng pulpy. Butterfly base continues to oppress the Du wind, the wind had forced back the Du. Every step back, Du wind have to pay would be a stable body infuriating figure, to avoid being sucked temporal black hole. Lei Li Han control stop flying butterflies, Nu Sheng said: 'You just need to apologize, my father and your Warrior with three columns, which do not evenPoint qualified nor yet? ' Du cold wind tunnel: 'except he did not.' LEI butterfly and will not cause wounds, gave Du wind made the weight can not afford. LEI butterfly cut Shendao adhesion to immediately becomes heavy, Body infuriating adhesions after Leiguang butterfly. Become completely unable to use the heavy although since the war between good and evil, cold a lot of the relationship, but do not ever think Qingcheng and never between the Kunlun years Today was close up. That breeze road is long face no matter how Lonely, greeted Xi Yi finished after he took Zhen Fang will present all of a sudden the door upright recognize place names over and over, such as Dragon and Tiger live palm to teach Zhang, Chun-yang concept Zhongnanshan days ask a real person,Clouds live, Maoshan no air live, nothing to live, Wutai Mountain in truth, this dust, Mountain Guangji master, master of Guangyuan, Wudang Yuanyang live, Yuan soul live, etc., but this time also Zhen Fang know that Cihhang handsome middle-aged man is Xiaoyaosan. As net vegetarian Miaozhen, Shennong's is long recognized, and other small door a small faction there is more than one hundred, Zhen Fang did not mind it. But it did not because he Daoxing, while neglect disrespectful of the office. That breeze long road but if this Qingyang own other homes like pulling Zhen Fang introduced four groups for repair. Lonely Road side of his face ashen, but also speechless. British-long side road suddenly the channel: 'Time to Sacrifice too big Chitianhua Chingjing moral revere!' Sentence, though sudden, but puts all the monks woke up, also stopped, looking towards the pious Qingyang away. Breeze long road towards thinking if Britain looked loose, and Lonely Road has appreciated nodded toward Yingsong can inadvertently solved the problem Shushan dough, the apprentice is really extraordinary. Sheep Palace about the appearance of hundreds of square meters, the front stands a statue of a white, one executive pole, sitting on top of Hitodo cattle, it is too pure saint Laojun, and in its turn is a resolute appearance, toting sword middle-aged Taoist, presumably is Shushan palm to teach his disciples Zhang Mei Laojun reality of Iraq hi. And under which it is there are hundreds of futon, but under the altar, but also several futon. Zhen Fang glanced awaiting easily find a place to