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your brother Willy ' Bashan will look doomed plane, his mind seemed to answer, nodded and said:.' Little brother, you guess Yes, but I'm with high Laoer things, two best not to interfere, 'Bashan Interface:.'! Among the large crowd, why disturb your guanjia, when making male came, we all look good. 'Xuanwu legislation to sublime said: 'Lao Gao, we went to go outside.' 'Senju Ghosts' sublime sneered: '! I fear you when you fail, go' behind the audience suddenly someone stepped channel: 'You two are not allowed leave, and then follow them when the old lady go 'sound like from all sides issued, but do not know people there, Xuanwu of dry, loudly:.'? Who is such a great tone out of the whole being counted, 'the entire backyard people feel strange everyone's eyes search around, I did not know who to speak out in the end.Xuanwu then just export, day and suddenly flying a little shadow! Followed by 'cracking' sound, actually inserted in the side of the Rainbow flags on the slate.Obviously there are a lot of viewers around the martial arts arena, we saw, also issued horror shouting: '! Seven Fiends' It's a little flags now, Bu Wei shocked Xuanwu and sublime, is the 'old man hidden Yumen 'Were generation and' yunling Hawker 'left the group also show intense feelings.Although Xuanwu people arrogant, but very Shigeyoshi little beggar, though he heard the tone is different, but how he does not believe it. Sublime is different, he knows there is little beggar behind Warren.Coming out of the city when two. 'Cloud neutron see Babel rude not to pursue their own hearts happy. And after listening to Babel's remarks Caiming why he and others want to stay in Tianzhu Mountain. Although time is short, but obviously their own Daoxing and improve the feel of magic. 'You're not there to wait on you Shishu, how to I here?' Tongtianjiaozhu asked. , Neutron cloud rushed Kuangyin handwritten taken out, delivery and Tongtianjiaozhu: 'The disciples of orders from Red Cloud Shishu help resist land pressure Taoist Sung Wong did not expect generous, not only to repair the blood of my family treasure, will not close itself to the transmission and I'll wait. I'm very impressed. I have decided to send you a treasure. 'Then waved his right hand, a glaucoma falls Zhen Fang before, but it is a Fangyu Pei, Kowloon coiled back engraved with' If I visit 'to the word a layer of green Meng Meng to glory shines throughout the hall. Zhen Fang eyes reveal a trace of ecstasy, Dragon Air, another dragon gas. The fourth member of the Ming royal treasure, wearing jade emperor is indeed royal treasure. 'This piece of jade, but 400 years ago, when traveling to the Far East, from a nobleman who bought Chus ground. Oh, look at this one looks like, only you have to know as I visit, I'm afraid this time considered a treasure of the good. And I felt a surge of energy from it, dignified and not light moving, as you regal east, but awe-inspiring event, although I would love to boot out these forces for their own use , but unfortunately, I know this force is like in general, no matter what method I use can not be cited for its own purposes, but also faint and my strength relative to g. The past six months, you helped me a lot, they can gather leaves FIGHTING moon Guanghua, so use this to thank the. It seems like you really like this piece royal treasure. So I feel at ease. 'Rod Rilla smiled. '! Ah' Zhen Fang nodded and said: 'Upon my honor His Royal Highness, this piece of jade for me, oh, no, it is very important for everyone if you could experience this mysterious force after His Royal Highness Prince jade. Please also tell me, I will very fair price and exchange Prince. ' Rhodes Rilla nodded, oriental magic is very magical abilities who oriental very powerful, no matter what from the other side there are a very good thing, for this mysterious force, although very powerful, but but not for their own use, but for them it is a beautiful work of art.This might as well send with each other, to be human, and perhaps also to be more valuable than art things. Zhen Fang which was full of three hundred years. Which is now only of adult social class demon looks like, in ancient times, is a powerful force in the pursuit of the demon class, at most, to maintain an appearance, which basically did not give up, do not like the modern society, are integrated into the most Yaozu human society, adults have to change shape, more importantly, human Souls as long, in practice the kind of speed demon Que Shibi much faster. 'You know how this trick is called Oolong into the sea?' A clear voice suddenly came over. 'Where ah!' Obviously extraordinary relationship with Zao peppers, do not know his sister or his sister. Water Lingling big eyes looked nervous towards the stage. 'You lied to me! 'Pepper see Zao village still pressing large wooden play, although the big village wood wooden knife in the hands of dance through a rain storm, but the sweat on his forehead is clearly visible. '! Hey,' Zhen Fang suddenly mouth revealing a mysterious smile, said: 'I did not expect a bit mean pirates Fuso pervasive ah.!' Chen small pepper square ignore their own, do not know the mouth saying something, the moment of disdain and said: 'IPromise innate magic crape myrtle family but then Huashan Lao Shenxian Chen Chuan Chuan. But when the world number one martial arts, my brother has been practicing Tao fourth floor, facing the small pirates is not Shoudaoqinlai thing. ' Zhen Fang suddenly quipped: 'I do not know they got the first layers Woman?' 'I ... we Zhao centuries excel only my brother. Oh, how I told you this.' Suddenly, he told the startled little pepper, a little hand to his Yingtaoxiaokou cover tightly. 'Villain, you ... you can not tell people ah!' Obviously, this innate magic Promise Myrtle Zhao Zao only one who excel in Zhao is a secret. The peppers naive straightforward character, and no effort, so inadvertently said out. However, this time Zhen Fang did not mind remember these. 'Peppers, your brother in danger.' Zhen Fang said, his face solemn. 'What, you lied to me.' Peppers sudden