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busy: 'Hey, Liye Where are you going, he two in the inn.' Just listen Kewei Li said: 'You're right, the off outsiders are brutal and rude, I do not get into trouble, do not buy it.' Soon, he was turning, and turning into another street. Ji Chong afford a nod, said: 'Yes, do not buy him, everyone They do not buy a horse, I looked at groups of horses they cook the food ......' Inn this business is the way some people have someone to go toward feeding the north and south, east and west twilight meet, there is always a but also advanced. Look, not long after, 'Dragon Inn' where you have business calls. It was a middle-aged guests, medium build, wearing very stylish, very exquisite, satin gown, jacket floral black jacket, lips still sported Liangpie mustache. Clothing style, but also pay attention to, followed behind a pick luggage, but also great style, but who looks very good, a mediocre face, covered both rich taste, the way he shook, strutted into the 'Dragon Inn ', a door, a back hand back, it looks like the children of high-ranking officials to Beijing, where, about a look, exclaimed:' What someone, come one. ' Good things, how nobody, meet up early, cold smile and said: '? This you are going to stay.' Mustache off two stare, said: 'Good question, do not stay here to do, to have never ending?' Fankui did not care about him, just that the sound has a mustache off immediately and said: 'I want two rooms, two days my belongings coming, I live one, set one, the first to take this to the future together count! ' A palming, handed out a thumb-sized beads. Lavish mustache off to another home in the inn was incredible, but the South China Sea Fankui people living in Guo door, what have not seen? He only slight chuckle: 'No, this first collection with you, you must keep my never ending set is...... ' Raising his hand back and shake, said: 'to the individual, with the Lord go back ......' Over a man, let inside bend stoop. Mustache off bluntly, palming the beads incorporated into the sleeve, the head of