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Miaozhen Shenni suddenly laughed. 'Daoxiong. If you do not, I guess that each apprentice who in origin, who guessed, you can receive it as a disciple, how?' Truth monk suddenly verbally road. Zhen Fang frowned, was sneered:?. 'When do people really think Pindao a good thought you had bullied Pindao next road trip must pass all of them were worried about my good fortune will take the opportunity to grow a pulse strength, a objection. today came a superior qualification monkeys, again with Pindao competition. Pindao impartial with you. 'Now the moment of supernatural powers, Kingland round shining behind the void, a statue on top of the cloud bed HL industry fire now out, there are numerous lotus flower, surrounded around, above Kingland, red lotus flower off the specter of a red gourd Yingying, ten stars shining haoguang Dinghai beads, according to human eyes. 'You and Come!' Zhen Fang loud shout, a fire red clouds drifted out, the monkey off the top, it is necessary to pull over. 'Namo Amitabha!' Truth Zhen Fang actually know where monks will Shuazha, could not help but anger from the nameless, Ni Wan a bright, golden piercing out a merit, merit will actually Zhen Fang gold broke down Cunxu, a relic now on the forehead, shining element of light, would that monkey shines on them. Sandalwood sudden attack, as if there are numerous Buddha in the Buddha's sound Kingland, and as if a monkey in front Strip now far between Tu countless Buddha, over the golden dome, a statue of Buddha standing on a hilltop. Very kindly, dignified and solemn. 'Humph!' Zhen Fang face the cold, so I did not expect the other party does not actually looked down on yourself, look cold, pointing to the right, HL industry fire cloud flying slowly over the bed, instead of actually under tis monkey Red Cloud, the monkeys tightly wrapped in one. Then on to the forehead Dinghai beads also fly slowly, towards truth monks smashed in the past. Cold shouted: 'Master, but also fighting forever?' 'Namo Amitabha! Daoxiong actually did not expect streets, walking several miles Distance ten to arrive. Shun People are spur of the moment, after landing, the path to the next world, listen still far apart, but I heard that the local head Angeles, have lots Fisherman nineteen homes in addition, there are nearly as far away, next to one of two most attached Angeles only the boat, the fisherman lived twelve disciples partner, the owner can not go back Bianji dusk, tracing should be in the morning, went to the futile journey, exceedingly disappointing, only with the king rose, walked near idle. See the road only sparse dozen families, each is a whiteboard for doors, bamboo fence around the house; hut vegetable bed, paddy fields behind the house; creeks such as band, cited the spring, around the house and stream the sound of water trickle slowly human ear Qing-rou; glow To close, close the eyes the color yellow; color sky, like dark yet clear, doubling excellent fun, but also has cool not cold climate, cottages others, and some rice dishes tidy strike, some rice only the firstfruits. See you thirty-five village boy, holding a bowl of water Amoy rice, clip on some vegetables, jump the fence to sit River Stone Edge, and eat Miller says, do not bet about who eat fast, laughter, such as beads, a pure innocent. Great people but in the inner courtyard of the fence, on a homemade dwarf bamboo summarized several parties, a couple of bantam wooden bench, hands are sharp a Datu bowl of rice, a bowl surrounded by a few vegetables on a Otsuchi. Some also had before it a jug, a glass, like a bunch of peanut tofu, their food and drink, talking about family interaction. Shun China Ancun: after all, the affluent southern provinces. I remember that year to Beijing, the year is not a famine, but one had Jiangbei countryside along the walls are yellow kang, easily see a tile-roofed house. Eat people, mostly black-faced rough bun, and salt and eat. Inter are wondering, those village boy, this has always been cool to see the area, came upon a beautiful dressed people, some whisper, gossip legend, his trip to the sea, but also happens to have a very powerful Magic, Magic this is his apprentice Ji Xiaofeng, the best in the world known as the Dodger Ji Xiaofeng, he prepared Magic refining, can escape to a mile outside the enemy, and that the gap is closed, the effective time of up to twelve hour. Therefore, unless the other side of the deep internal strength, hundred evil invasion, or pre-service effective antidote has a soul, or no children of his word vain. Meng Shentong close disciples after he did, he brought a few of Magic coach gift, Meng Shentong had disdain the use of Magic, but fun, hand on the bag of drugs, abducted with the sea, this just came in handy . Meng Shentong in the dark, they are out. Meng Shentong of perceived they had left home to go to Ji martial arts secrets, immediately invited the monks and subtraction Kunlun scattered people come into the tunnel, the implementation of the plot. Meng Shentong a crossing into the ground, he immediately lit Magic, until Lipan Gui's mother hired someone enters a tunnel, just launch was an organ, they gave Magic fascinated, so only the Kunlun people were scattered bodies stab shot, subtraction monk scars on his face,Golden shuttle is caught. Meng Shentong and subtraction monks killed two golden shuttle together, and then get unimpeded, straight into the sarcophagus, effortlessly, he gave Lipan Gui capture the mother. Lipan Gui mother guarding that room sarcophagus, but authentic central authority lies, Meng Shentong complete destruction of the organ, and then suddenly saw his mother fall Lipan Gui Meng Shentong's hands, Youjingyounu Meng Shentong sneered: 'How dare you step foot on, I immediately shattered your mother's heart!' Lipan Gui Chen Sheng shouted: 'How do you stay?' Meng Shentong haha ​​laughed: 'How did I come here for what, you should I knew, as long as you put Joe's martial arts secrets North sea pay out, I would never do anything to your mother, 'Lipan Gui looking pale, and said:.' You let my mother and say a few