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could not believe dream. listen to you talk weird, I like to know the origins of the surname you'd even name who? I have lost people, Mo reproduce other eye 'hidden king said:.' My name is Xiao, no name, people call me old Xiao Di escape is one of the northern Tianshan Trio, Peter Pan's nephew you defeated in his hands. , with the Who, is not considered a shame that you answer my words 'The man hesitated for a moment and said:.'. In the night comes already heard surnamed Xiao said, I can not remember howWu Yunshan laughed: 'I never guess work out of thin air!'The law said: 'So Miss is evidence holds up?'The face of a dynamic method, and finally exclaimed: 'Ye burned, poor cassock automatic request from constraints, the first temple disciples to help you move out, then moved in firewood!'Wu Yunshan laughed: 'Nature is the best master willing to help, and we begin to act!'Farben silent silent, helping everyone to get involved, to withdraw eleven disciples went to the house, and also called Dianwai those disciples did not help captive hands! Firewood in the woodshed moved to heap around, they moved dozens of baskets vegetable oil, sprinkle on firewood ready to increase the fire, Wu Yunshan torch to be fired! Yu Shi Yuan this way: 'Yun Shan, was too much to do it!'Wu Yunshan laughed: 'Do not worry, not burn it!'The method being studied under the command of the firewood rack is good to see her about the ignition, busy shouted: '! Miss Wu Wait, spacious brothers left slough yet to move out.'Wu Yunshan: 'The law was originally Yuan master's remains cremated, why move out?'Farben paused before: 'The body is cremated monks, but after some grand ceremony must not be so hasty cremation before!'Wu Yunshan said: 'a dead one hundred, and is clean, then why should Lusuo it?'The law said: 'This is heaven Buddhism ceremony, not rusty!'Wu Yunshan said: 'You will soon disbanded around to go, go with a corpse is not easy, as it held a ceremony on the spot where the cremation of it!'Farben thought about and said: '! Ye, please to crack down on the snare of the ! 'Tianchi His Holiness said: 'We did not expect outside help, but in view of the Palace of martial arts Duron amazing, if you let us know, will only lead to bigger brother Yu Shanie if not reveal the amazing god, the next is still not. This will take you to harm you killed the innocent. 'Xuenv said: 'Wait a minute to say those words must now remove this obstacle to the Tianchi up as the two of us up to try again.!The role of technology, viewers feel like the body's exposure to the two fighting in the same one. When a fist hitting the opponent's face, the audience seemed to be outside the screen to enjoy the thrill of the opponents of such abuse, to call the blood boiling. Deng also unknowingly stopped and watched with rapt attention, patted him on the shoulder Du wind Deng did wake up, explains: 'The world of ancient martial Association once a year to athletic competition, by sub-president of the Association over the ancient weapons, led the men best place teams composed of four members each other athletics. After general, according to different ranking of victory, the responsible area will be reassigned front rank, and will be assigned to the economic boom, the large population areas of the city to go . ' Du wind Enliaoyisheng, lightly: 'What is your best result?' Deng smile shook his head and said:. 'To Tripoli camp such a small place, is not eligible to participate, and that there is not suitable for the following six-star level competitive arena ancient weapons, killed at any time may be missed.' Du cold wind tunnel: 'I'm really missed it?' When it comes to ranking the victory interest allocated to fighting it can not just go beyond that, under such circumstances, no matter how despicable means someone will use. However, the World Association of ancient martial not stupid, nor wanted to make their own elite interests cannibalism in order to compete and exhausted, the arena is certainly lurking top players, a critical moment in secret bound shot blocked. Du wind saliva , Zhang Li has been diminished. Jin Shiyi moments like these machines, eccentric cast agility conferred by the door division, a handsome bucket, pulls out several feet away, Zhang Li Meng Shentong prolapse shrouded range. Meng Shentong furious and shouted: 'Dude, what you want to rogue okay, see you escape to get where they are going??' Toe point, lightning-fast Arrows, closely followed the footsteps of Jin Shiyi, like shadow with the shape. We must look to him to catch up, to find that there are three people oncoming, including a young girl's voice cried: '! Aunt, the old guy is Meng Shentong' original Shaolin Wing Chung received a year's IP Messenger, know Feng Lin, Gu Zhihua, who had come to town weir division, not from SongshanRoad to ten miles. Li Qinmei a desire to see Gu Zhihua, and secondly, she is also afraid of the accident, he pleaded with her to meet Ying Feng, Ying Feng also wanted early and sister together, simply took Zhong an exhibition with her the night came. Ying Feng Meng Shentong not know to catch the person is Jin Shiyi, only said what a decent subglottic disciples, was Meng Shentong about the hostility, they immediately pulled out his sword, transport people with the sword, into a silver Rainbow to Meng Shentong Jici! Woman Yilan Zhu Ying Feng is a senior disciple of Tianshan Pai, martial arts than his sister, high strength, and it is also comparable husband Tang Xiaolan, the sword and striking, like thunder disease hair, a Li Meng Shentong heart could not help, then life and Shazhu will castration, only to hear La bang, passing Jianguang, Meng Shentong hair has been slashed by a network! Meng Shentong is certainly a cold heart, Ying Feng can not help but surprise, she used the sword but the sword Tianshan most sophisticated 'big Sumeru sword style.' Thought that at least we can leave a scar in Meng Shentong who did not realize that it is just a network slashing its hair, which was being hurriedly to catch Jin Shiyi Meng Shentong, gripping it so hard to figure sometimes. Just at