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doubling Yaozu forces. What's more, the person who called Ding Hui, apparently demonic human, there are demonic human appear, that there Shushan human mind to control us. Masamichi Health, Magic Yan; Magic out the right way to avoid this is unchangeable truth. '. After six hours more in the fourth. Indian Ocean blue skies, clear sky, such as washing, occasionally visible seabirds flew over, sent waves of weird, 'quack' sound. Among blue sky, to far to the Qing, broken clouds like Xu, soft white light, soft, as if the fairy declared beds. At this point, a white clouds, as if the orphans just like discrete, and as if by sea water vapor generated just as the wind slowly and to, if there is no goal, the crowd in general, clouds move with the wind Wind heart moving between misty, do not know what are the objectives. Suddenly the sound of a cough sounded above the clouds, the fleet over the clouds, a young pale hint of scarlet still remaining on the mouth, apparently seriously injured. The young man looked at the foot of the sound uttered a sigh, said:. 'Fortunately, the sea is still Aberdeen, we Chen really lucky, finally escaped from the jaws of death, oh, no, the wolf population.' So this person is just escape from the DivineThe good fortune to live Zhen Fang. Although he made up his mind to go to Europe and go, but followed behind four tails, always an annoying thing. In desperation, they had to use the wolf's cunning treachery but suspicious character, again using the empty city. Deplete the body of the last vestiges of magic, the clouds turned into a Red Cloud, disguised himself with complex trauma, Mana turnover smug look. Four Garnett finally fooled again, successfully escaped the hunt. But also because the whole body of mana depleted, and he is glorious fainted, Zhen Fang Fortunately, the repair of the power law and the clouds are born close together over the sea, thick clouds, boundless sea, providing for Zhen Fang endless clouds, so just drag Zhen Fang revived. 'Good insurance ah!' Zhen Fang himself this monastery buried underground explosives, fuses connected Eight Ruanta he goes, but really?'Black guy startled by startled, said: 'There you are anybody actually dynamite??'Yanmu Fei said: 'Listen Xiaodan Hong said, but then listened to your words, I understand that it is nonsense Xiaodan Hong, Han Ying, wait a minute!'Turned into the temple, just listen to the monastery where he slammed repeatedly, and shortly Yanmu Fei came out to defend Han Ying said: 'Eight Ruanta I have been ruined, let's go!'Wei Han Ying said: 'Mu Fei,Something ...... 'Yanmu Fei said: 'He is here to stay, let him fend for themselves!'Carrying Xiaodan Hong walked out.Through the backyard, over the front yard, a huge mansion in the village, the night knowing, Jingmei then saw a man!Just out of the gate, street shadow flashed three people, one after the first two, is azurite, with two lusty young Hanako.Azurite a hand appear, and immediately came forward quickly, said: 'Yantai Xia, is for him?'Yanmu Fei laughed: 'azurite, have you a great service.'Azurite saw a Xiaodan Hong, said: 'You are not saying what he was not very young?'Yanmu Fei said: 'a lot of his sin, beauty with wood, so it appears that people still like thirty promise.'Shiqing Cong Ming, is that through, said: 'It was a good full of him, I cut off his ......'Han Wei suddenly remembered that there is in Britain, blushed, busy turned away and said:. 'This guy took it.'Two young Hanako crashed forward, took the Xiaodan Hong.Yan Mufei saw an azurite, said: 'I put him temporarily send in your Fenduo, the left Lingyange future site of worship in the days of the souls of all the Friends, do not hurt him, understand?'Dan Qingyan too do not understand! Busy blushing nodded and said:. 'I know you will do well.'Wang Wei Han Ying Yan Mufei turn said: 'Han Ying, then they had better sit Fenduo go?'Wei Han Ying said: 'Thank you, Ray Fenduo should go to the main.'Azurite and said: 'That's not when, welcomes two to sit.' Turned to lead the way.Yan Mufei busy: 'azurite, Wait, one more thing which can be borrowed from the heavens San Fernando supernatural supernatural powers, such as the above praise Tathagata, you can borrow the Tathagata supernatural, into five Yamashina, the security itself. Repentance karma is able to trace borrowed escorts Taoist deities, although only a trace, but enough of the enemy. Amitabha escorts Taoist soul what a huge hint of the concept of God is sufficient to introduce the illusion of being able to be both, can not have the slightest sense of resistance. 'Rejoice merit.' Fugen Venerable face is a trace of mercy color. Kingland merit pearls shine behind, all of a sudden the sky Golden chaos fall, the ground filled with countless lotus, sandalwood attack, the mixing of the gas filled the entire sky River, the golden light of the Virgin and the spirit which include tooth fairy. They face suddenly a trace sinkOld hand and said: 'The elderly, I know you're old origins, my name Baili Chao.'An elderly voice laughed: 'We can just simply, we do not have to introduce is not it, ha ha ......'Qingyi Ren is no doubt that the emperor, of course, is Xulao old generals, they actually very happy to see you, Qingyi Ren laughed: '! Fool, do not introduce your companion.'Then he heard nine prince will we stand with the past, Baili Chao hee hee laughs:. 'Press arena rules, let nephew slowly introduce'He began to show Yunhe means: 'This is the martial arts called 'Yellow Dragon' exhibition Yunhe, the second is the 'Yangtze River Dragon' wide-Venant, the following is the nephew Yidi Bashan and inclusive!'Qingyi Ren haha ​​laughed: 'The first two are known Chuanbang hero, is the arena trouble after two little trick, OK, is a good man.'Zhang Yi and four at the same place, in unison: '! Uncle good'Qingyi Ren haha ​​laughed: 'Probably you know, well, you go with me to tour the Mountain!'He said nine Mangxiang Prince said:. 'Nine children, you just go to the election with Du horses a good horse, but do not disturb the sitting city hall, and had breakfast on the left.'Nine sound Futai as talisman, more powerful than anything else does not matter Greenwood thieves, misgivings, but also human, it turned Buddist elsewhere, not to mention all. Francis Chin-known martial arts master and Lord of all martial arts, martial will likely be used by the servants, that something or night, you will not be thief to Unrestraint, days start line at night daytime alert, very tired, just sleep a night, also told the crowd just ease sleep, do not worry, everyone asleep immediately. Francis Chin heart problems, the end is always thinking, I slept much since they awoke, micro-Wen sound Yoshio cough spit back room, the ear heard, and everyone was asleep, Lu is the voice of the whole masterpiece. Chuckle this man, who very readily, martial arts are not weak, just so heart coarse, how to eat this rice line? After Zhou Ping Jin much thinner than he, though small busy to find teachers Cheyne, relied on their own modest painstaking hard, has recently been non celecoxib than enough to work independently, the old start doing a bit frustrated some. Are wondering room, back room Zhuance sound over and over again, the estimated Yoshio been awake. Suntech suspicious suddenly remembered the words when Yao civil case, the light crept up. Just look at the bed, on the couch since they woke Zhou Ping, opened his eyes, busy waved him not to move. Off to the back room and saw the positive side Yoshio outwards, to see him come in, feed something to say, I want to sit side. Francis Chin stopped waving toward Taqian sit quiet and asked: 'Are Suntech do not have meaning?' Yoshio said: 'Suntech bloody man, and with the spacious East Weng family friend to good, with his people so Yi Xia, must not sit by and watch it Li, who face the more indifferent, sharp body secretly want more trouble. I am a layman in the martial arts, I do not know his depth, but its reputation, never without luck. He just did and civil and military, Zhiyong deep, no such province Fusion, net worth in this, banditry support behind another, regardless of