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comrades in arms, continue to have disappeared in the space of golden light, scoring above the highest heaven, but this time but no one cares, just know that slashing the military spirit around. Buddha sound filled, sandalwood grounds, with the support of the crowd, the people of the equal opportunity to all this, do not knowHow much of the military spirit, give them sent to the government, but we have done a Ksitigarbha Buddha Dharma monk soldiers. 'Immeasurable revere.' Zhen Fang just felt compassion eye eyebrows rose among the raw pain, could not help but cry shouted, surprised to find a milky white light shot out from between the eyebrows, shining the entire space. An atmosphere of compassion countless military spirit enveloped them, those evil soul of the military, although heavy, murderous sky, at the moment it is the color harmony of the exposed surface, despite the sun real fire in the air and landed Zixiao thunder god who will have their own strike crushing, soul into an enormous surge of energy flow between the eyebrows would inject into. Zhen Fang heart was shocked to know that compassion eye with increasing Daoxing and evolution. What kind of general Daoxing what kind of compassion eye, if at this time but this massive flow of pure energy into them, I'm afraid it will make less compassionate eye on make up. Pending mercy eyes closed, his head above the red gourd suddenly a move, flying a haoguang come, stand in merit gold among cents shiny, shining the entire space. Although all the monks sharp eyes, but can not see that haoguang of some kind, have surprised. And Zhen Fang fly out of some kind, but know exactly Dinghai beads. 'Immeasurable good fortune!' Zhen Fang Fu Ling mind to, could not help but cheer loudly, suddenly aware of the role of this Dinghai beads of the soul during circulation. Fruit see the huge flow of energy in the air have Dinghai beads injected into the ground, even with the fight being broken space army, two army soul Tan Lang also have fall into it, the masterpiece haoguang Live sentence' Your Excellency, and I'm sorry for you worth, I had to also look forgive me!'He was forced to move in the past!That 'Buddhism three' in the remaining one, quietly rushed over from the side! let him flutter near a , the body of a ramp, kick, now riding on his chest. He Kuangpen a blood, make broken sternum, stepped back and slammed to the ground.Pange said: 'Yantai Xia also cruel.' said: 'I do not want to Shanie, more hurt innocent people, but I never let evil first-class performance of ten nursing homes you see the hard numbers, the second man, save nursing homes has not come clear. They saw a surprise, and immediately went to escape, signifying DUANMU square weekdays man! ' said: 'Yantai Xia, I differ with them!'Yanmu Fei said: 'Do you have to party for DUANMURubble. I see no further words, Felicity also quietly hold my hand, I looked at the Xi'an accompany this millennium did not stand down the city. I can not revive you, I ...... The station, on up to two hours, passing by those who are surprised to find that his eyes from the road, in this rain, a slender figure did not move, let the rain slapping his body. He was a bit of a scary black hair hung down loose, cover half the face Jolly, who was also wearing a black narrow version above has trivial decoration everywhere in the waist side and also cut down put into cloth strips It's very artistic avant-garde windbreaker. And beside him was a blonde Yung Yan Xiuli, slung his arm gently and looked at him, her submissive look askew, a heart that is completely on him, get any cooler. Behind him was wearing a T-shirt two big winter a pair of cowboy bodyguard brawny appearance in Europe, on their arms that strong muscles around the frightening mixed climbing. And next to it is another pair of beautiful people tired together, whispering, not when secretly sent waves of laughter. Six-member delegation, so in the rain wash a free bath, but make everyone surprise, though indeed those rain fell on their hands, but when they entered the side of the