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tentacles of control, but the head and limbs are all wrapped in a motorcycle knights. Her limbs tightly wrapped up several key parts of the motorcycle knights, the key is made, the other eight star Xian Qi fully play out. Her fingernails, teeth, severely embedded in each other's skin and flesh, and the pain tears DC enemy is completely helpless. Gracie Jiu-Jitsu skills in, there was a trick to get practice is called impossible tricks. That trick shot angle was completely contrary to human physiological structure, even the best have to Indian yoga master and jujitsu masters, can not get his body upside down to be able to cast out the trick too realm. Gracie Jiu-Jitsu community elites agreed on the set, to make Yongzhe Zhao, the only way is to bend his body, the price is death. In exchange for the cost of the death of a display opportunities, which naturally is not a wise choice. Today, under the body completely fragmented state, Zhao Luan finally hire this out. Gracie Jiu-Jitsu skills eventually esoteric. Deadlock tie! Knights motorcycleHelmets fall to the ground, revealing a beautiful and troubled face. Deadlock tie everything back to limit the other movements, but Xian Qi still in her body automatically form defensive wall, level difference is too great a difference, Zhao Luan unable to penetrate each other's body will air only struggled with tooth and nail biting, let the other screams in pain. Motorcycle Rider companions all rushed to tear Zhao Luan, but also how pull pull is not open. Zhao Luan consciousness gradually began to blur, the action is getting fierce. The human body is the world's most sophisticated instruments. When not pry into the subtleties of this aircraft instrument indiscriminate demolition if the instrument will be shattered beyond repair, but a glimpse into the mysteries of human medicine, you can break down his body and then skillfully assembled, Zhao is the clever use luan it only cut with a scalpel to open his own. This split state does not last long, otherwise there is