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one, if it fails, its Daoxing no maturity, and life is only at this level, could not help but all are stunned down. In the end is there's no free lunch. Where there is such a powerful supernatural, enough to change the world, to make their own to repair constantly increasing, and is endless, within a mere hundred years, we cut two people reach prospective holy realm of the dead, it is very difficult, that is Zhen Fang also favored because of Heaven. There was pregnant with their obscurity Purple and good fortune YudieShould be more on the outside walking outside event that you actually are not clear, recently out of the event can be much more attractive. 'The first one asked:' How do you start with the present? I was anxious to know just the thing. 'Third humanity:' There has been Shaolin, Wudang, Kunlun, Emei, five, Qingcheng, Taishan Mountain, the whole truth, ten top ten singles ace Assembly faction held in Taebaek Mountains, is due out 'Chun Shen Palace 'and' evil red teach 'the pressure to prepare, dark, of course, do not have to send the demonstration effect, and thus that cause Kongtong, Luliang, Maoshan, Hengshan, Landrace, Qinghai, desert, Sumeru, plateaus, mountains etc. sent shock, actually has come to a great combination, even in advance of the meeting Sumeru, already selected the top ten master, that the two sides have ten factions, each with ten master training hard, but at present nothing but infighting. 'The first surprise and asked: 'Ten master Kongtong headed for whom?' Third humanity: 'I heard that the elected are not yet coming young people, they have a common call, called 'Sanno ten child ', the individual is the' Kongtong child ',' Lvliang Zi 'names and so there is no more a 'second nodded and said:.' This is for ten headed to the Shaolin school may be, because Shaolin faction led by ten As early as the head will be a good name by factions of the 'second man also suspect:' The boss came to know, what they are given the name 'the first said:'? They named 'home ten students', ie 'Shaolin boredom. Heard, but also to be trying to inquire. No time opening Suddenly, a woman behind the accent scold: 'clear margin junior sister apprentice, what nonsense you want to introduce it to cause trouble??' Are wondering, the Qing edge has went up, laughing replied:.. 'This is not an outsider that the three younger guests young and old, four, black brothers because they had also seen repeatedly questioning me, you want toRoad ins and outs, but not felt love. I think the black hole xianyuan brothers also went to parties not without origin. Flights rows around a little outside the cave, to see whether the owner comfortable. I did not say what else to say, there is not even coherent? ' Say, the mysterious jade has since approached, a cold laugh for three nods for the ceremony, the side edge of the microstrip anger toward clearing capacity, replied: 'You did not really want to say three junior seeking to listen to your words! The two sides met, less time to stir things will come, do? ' I know three young Young curious, pleasant hills in the seclusion of different people, but also teachers and everyone seems to have roots, along with the other two little brothers and sisters have a good skills, sympathetic, which must be a common, inquire about their bottom line . Nothing unusual case, irrelevant to say so we should enjoy, and should lead home to each other became good friend is. No matter as important, within the real hiding something. This young and old, four are Bichou disappearance, keeping a low profile on the occasion, it is also a non-cowardly enemy on the fear of people, just as entrenched enemies, a lot, if they are found traces of trouble will come. Although not afraid of dry matter in the future there are obstacles. I wish the three Young, from today not only actively look for him, not to mention the best since Bing Gap words. Until the time, since teachers will tell everyone, we three Young, also will participate in the matter. Then, go to the evil revenge, Enyuanfenming, would not uplifting? share so clear, but when the descendants of the mixing device, like the reasons, such as refining methods and material terms, it is difficult refining the good magic. But anyway, refined out of the guy does have great power, therefore, someone later acquired Lingbao was divided under the Earth, the three magic level. Green spiritual son duo looked up to in the past, the fleet over a cloud, stood a young man, a hand side pagoda, one hand holding a fire red gourd, Emmanuel flow, apparently on good magic. Not Zhen Fang is who? Pale green spirit child, could not help Jishou said:. 'Daoxiong, my son ignorance offends Daoxiong Daoxiong almighty, when you know I'll wait for the practice of the people, mainly with compassion, forgive and forget also please Daoxiong spare, spared my son, on behalf of the Royal Pindao thanked Daoxiong the. 'Although it is known Zhen Fang but also the equivalent of entraining the late character, but Shang Hao hand magic, but Tengyun line, God knows He in the end he was. Present also refused dough, is the right way to keep their lives. Wang Shan this time also angered people should know to get in, and quickly hand and said: 'King of the Mountain really did not know, offend live, please live with compassion, to give itOne, I Wang large fortune, the future will be as thick newspaper. 'In the end is the family of origin, even if it is for mercy, then, also said neither overbearing nor, more importantly, is soft but hard. Zhen Fang thought for a moment, Wang large fortune is also true, as the first large family, the strength. Although he was a loner, but if provoke a royal, and afterwards also a bunch of trouble. Awaiting say a few words on this end. Suddenly in front of a dynamic, happened to meet the eyes of the king of the mountains that touch of vicious. Yi Tan hearts the moment. Until the front of the third son, but only temporarily served soft, long after this road crossing, in the future do not care about it. 'Green spiritual son, not Pindao killer, just above the forehead in front