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practice magic cocoon. Because of this ancient martial art in the ancient martial techniques, is the only star to '?' Techniques. Need more infuriating seven stars before practice. To refine to the culmination of a period of time after which you must practice their own infuriating all pass away, destroying bone tendons, placing themselves in a situation without food anhydrous closed up, only 5 percent of refining Tough hope no New horses infuriating. Even Independence Day Du wind, it was hoped by virtue of their extraordinary talent and strength trained infuriating, never thought to self-destruction of the foundation and infuriating to others, the result was 20 years ago, suffered an accident Taken years. Tian Jie Du wind destroyed the foundation of all the infuriating, but also gave him a chance. Practicing magic is no need to break the cocoon of gas. In 20 years of being claustrophobic, cocoon magic method always operate in vivo Du wind kept flowing. Du wind virtue of their extraordinary talent and will, finally refining his first rays of the new body infuriating. Unfortunately, there is infuriating Dufeng Ming Ming induction into existence, but still unable to capture and apply infuriating trail. When the moment was trapped Xian Qi round, the wind suddenly had DUSilk new insights. Dead young man, a butterfly. Du wind suddenly thrust body relax, feel Xian Qi Du wind resistance from the flesh has all but disappeared, can not wait to influx Du wind body. But for a moment, the wind Du body becomes a miserable Bise. Xian Qi Du wind quickly manipulated body stood up, feeling very tough physical pair, compared to the bird by its control of the trouble I do not know how much stronger. The strange thing is the body did not see any pubic meridians, Xian Qi also did not care, anyway, Xian Qi cultivation, unlike the ancient weapons that need nurturing infuriating pubic sea air, the kidneys. It continues to explore in vivo Du wind, suddenly, the wind Du distributed to them in the body there are numerous