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' said: 'Heidi, I am more familiar with the desert war, as well as your defensive shortcomings, arming too few people, the Quartet has a gap!'Wu Yunshan said: 'Princess consult about!'Kangsi Han squatting on the ground, drew a sketch, pointed out several places to keep those who have less, and exchange that are favorable stronghold!Wu Yunshan said: 'Princess really is an expert, just tellMouth has gradually expanded, although from the center of the volcano is still very far, but has begun? ? Plasma exudation, came out hot air fills the cave, in which people work in the office like a normal oven. Although these devil opened breathing fire alkyl cloth around the body, including the mouth of the hot weather of the drug again, still feel very uncomfortable, work for a few days, everyone becomes BC head seemed scorched skin a. Initially once every half hour break, then every time a village incense, they have to come out to rest an hour. That work. Satan and thick stone walls to see that a few exceptions, have to pass to overseas, I do not know there are dozens of baizhang? All the hearts of anxiety, privately discuss another three days, and if so also see the end of the sea pour in, would rather die in the cave and Jin Shiyi. Nearly noon hours this day they rest in piece of open space outside the cave. Mortar aqueducts of water to quench their thirst, wait Lisheng Nan end to the lunch. Since being impatient, to find Lisheng Nan look scared, empty hands spoon hasty in running, Jin Shiyi items busy and asked: 'What happened?' said: '!. Outside there is a fork Exotic of' words Utah Finally, only to hear the howling Lin Zhen, Jin Shiyi taken aback, quickly signaled call snakes, he heard this howling mussels have been known to come deep internal strength, far above their own. Friends are unknown enemy, had to beware. Howling getting closer, instant, I saw two figures emerged in the forest, one of Jin Shiyi, surprise, it was none other than the two broke into the Snake Island, actually Meng Shentong and subtraction monk. see the slightest injury, have in addition to several feet fell down, and turned it into fly ash. Zhen Fang confidence calmed down, the hands of the iron bar also with a trace of colorful brilliance, from the air and fell, with a burst of whistling sound, Doutou it smashed down towards the blue letter. That blue letter e dishing out a square two amulet, you know your opponent is not a simple role, has long been well prepared to fight back. But he did not expect was that the weapons used by the other party is not usually used by monks feijian something, but why is a iron bar, with a huge inertia, down from the air. 'Boom,' a loud noise, the blue letter smashing black vomit blood, Kito edged sword smashed into pieces. Take him sickCome to his life, the town tower demon boss Zhang, an enormous attraction suddenly the blue letter received into it, and the town of Bai Yunfei suddenly became demon food. 'Bang!' Bang big ring, a figure hit in the way, the gap in the wall called humanoid Huayu station, then drifted over thirty meters still on the road, stopped down. Zhen Fang only felt in front of their eyes braved countless stars Venus, well quite a while before they disappear. A sharp pain in the ribs Zhen Fang awakened. It turned out that the figure is actually hit in flight Zhen Fang. A blood spray out, Zhen Fang was feeling a bit better. Looking at the fall of body shook light, Zhen Fang reason to believe that, if it is double the amulet, he probably would have shattered, where there are opportunities lying here. 'Sapphire Great General.' Zhen Fang looked at the audience a body Huayu Ipomoea gold robes were middle-aged man, sighed. 'Yes, it is Guaren Wang Jinling turquoise.' Middle-aged man sneered:!, 'You are very good, I think you can kill my pioneer general, has a relationship with you that the body shell, although it is on a good defensive magic , but unfortunately, you have not yet reached the stage of cultivation of God, in case it can not play magic! ' Side Zhen Fang hear this Confidential, that not all the way, exceedingly Haiyi. One would have turned the mountain troops shadow angle disappeared, people will do almost slipped to Yen Trang. Now ordered to prepare the feast, dedicated hospitality, please visit. Francis Chin know that unfamiliar to local circumstances, will be the night when he went to Pucheng, would never have thought to invest elsewhere in the middle, he was happy to empty a space, plus the rising line Mangming bearers. Yan Zhuang fork that far apart, street full of paddy fields, lined in rows Yu Liu. Half round the moon, just hanging between Pingchou Hirono, streamer shines, may reflect those of paddy fields like floating Qi Hui Qing Kuang doubled down the sky. See you on the road or two village farmers, jacket sandals, shoulder charge plowshare, humming a folk ditty Liu hidden beneath the moon slowly go back, straight and drawing similar scenarios. Yao people in the car in the first praise the wonderful, most of the day sitting on the chair, too tired, they shout near Zhang, greeting Yoshio, Xinmin duo riding the good moonlight, walking distance, Shu scattered bones, a little taste of rustic charm handy clear King. Huang and Li want to go for some of the activities of the blood, and the others got down to see Yao Min, Mangming parked car down, walking hand in hand. Seeing Francis Chin, also greeted the crowd dismount, with the following. Yao said Yoshio people listen because they are not vulgar providers, see the duo behind approached refused, knowing they humble self-esteem, they ordered Zhang please too. Huang and Li Pei-Yao Su China official, honest, and he is also interested in the pro-King. People do go all the way, talk talk, they do hit it off. Take a short while, slightly turn, facing the front of thick shade trees, looming light, know will arrive, Yoshio again Adjuncting Ask front of peers, Fangxiang Gu laughing, came to find that horses horse in the forest, such as speeding to. After a busy week by catch Ping, said:. 'Suzerain meet here,' Francis Chin heard that the case it bites again be inattentive in where it will kill two snakes together, cut into mess, when the owner is also sorry ah. Moreover, what was originally kept it from the master, which has long been damned snake, but the master refused to hurt students, our few disciples that it was not any Nai Ho Bale. Able to kill the snake, go to our disgust, nature is good. Therefore, even if the guests out of the error, not any here in accordance with the rules, the master knows, we can not afford to bear, do not a man approached it. ' Heimo Le funny always tricky, if not people, only to meet such a slack ghost, then both chatter - cold there derision, refers to himself not clear, but could not think of what words to refute. Nepalese students with little to speak again, and as always unpopular, not as angry in my heart, can not say. Then Lianjiang, two children have felt the origins of this temple mentoring not ask how, by no means unusual figure. The snake has many years of support each other, must value, how to listen to people just to kill? Donnie say so, clearly that snakes powerful, best non-human enemy's intention whereby visitors disgraced. You really want to kill, the owner must also refused laid down arms. Are anxious to hurry the occasion, why self into trouble, superfluous? Heimo Le hardened enemy, since the ratio of the river, but also to understand the two children. No gossip as they had just inadvertently eating a trap, even stiff with shock, Shichengjihu, unable to close the front. See also other languages ​​provoke disgust, terrifying, heart, gas, and relies on new spirit was Chen Jian, just seen a snake kill bad, people are not easy and, bloom head, also subscribed detailed account of interest, not more detail check the other semantic interface replied: 'Little Master Needless limited our ability to ramble, though not necessarily addition two snakes, it is probably not the cause of the injury either.One - the rules, so good, too. We walked half a day, a little thirsty, ask the owner to lead to the