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he did not lie to me the reason! 'Meng Shentong know where Gu Zhihua day because it's senior sister apprentice forced to either disclose the secret of her life outside of the front, followed again immediately expelled from her school doors Mangshan wall. In that case the under extreme excitement, and that she considered the detailed contents? And she orders of the master Testament, should Shaoyang magic to senior sister apprentice, if at that time do not pay, go by the wall outside, I'm afraid there is no chance to see more senior sister apprentice . Then she heard Meng Shentong questioning if only secretly regret, regret their experience shallow rivers and lakes, as well as the leakage of the secret door to outsiders know, but she secretly wonder:. 'Why not now be my Ji Xiaofeng secret out of it itself saysDoes he really know? He not only knows what I said to the senior sister apprentice, then why would not know I was Meng Shentong daughter? 'Only to hear Ji Xiaofeng continued:' Master, if you do not believe, my disciples, as well as hard evidence. Gu Zhihua will Lusi root written three Shaoyang magic handed Cao Kinji, this three secrets, my disciples had stolen hand. 'Meng Shentong eyebrows pricked, said:' Show me. Well, I would look Lv Siniang really have that and other supernatural powers? 'Gu Zhihua secretly crying, I thought these three magic, although the loss of Shaoyang Cao Kinji's hands, but if not himself leaked the secret door division, under the watchful eyes over to Cao Kinji, why would she Senju Thief hands stolen source disaster recovery begins, all his fault remorse Meng Shentong mind will be that three 'Shaoyang magic' read initially issued only to hear his constant sneer, Senju Thief heart Road?.: 'Could Lv Siniang exaggerated, this three Shaoyang magic actually of no use, so Meng Shentong despise it? Hey, a process, I also worthwhile to steal the homes of their lives. 'After a while, Meng Shentong no sneer, his face look more and more to see heavy, but Ji Xiaofeng is relieved of. The department.Seeing Fazheng of , Wei Han Ying Jiaoye redder, and made Jiaochen: 'What made you look you Zeiyan Shining stunned ah ......?'Yan Mufei go quickly awakened soul, given to God, embarrassed smile, did not speak.He does not say something, feel Wei Han Ying has more in mind, she must be a little god, straightened look, but also revealed her false modesty: 'Do this for me, it was too late, has been delayed for many years, and now is not the year the British Han Wei Wei Han Ying of. Tell me, when will you go? 'Yan Mufei mind immediately thrown while sadly, a sense of wistful, said:. 'Waiting for you to go after.'Wei Han Ying said: 'Without further ado, I'll go!'Yanmu Fei said: '...... I have to leave immediately!'Wei Han Ying articulate started a bit, but then she was silent.A long while, she said quietly: 'You go!'Yanmu Fei said: 'No, you go first, so you go after my walk!'Wei Han Anglo head deep injection, including micro rebuke authentic: 'Do not forget, you and I are considered middle-aged, and even went wayward children like it?'Yanmu Fei said: 'With years of age growth, and not be lost innocence.'Han Wei Ying Hong dimple edge thrown a trembling smile, said:. '? Well let you speak, I go, when and where you and I meet again.'Yan Mufei silent for a moment and said: 'Whether you tour is not able to successfully find Jianwen with Ji Gang, were waiting for me in the Red Cliff.I do a completed, immediately rush to meet! 'Wei Han Ying said: 'not to leave?'Yan Mufei one nodded: 'Yes, there or be square!'Wei Han Ying said: 'Well, I go.'Changshenerqi, such as Limbo Feixianguan down shot out.She who has been out of the copper bird Taiwan, the vast night sky, came the humble gentle words: 'You take care of yourself, Come, Do not let me worriedHope. 'Yan Mufei Hunxiao shocked, he did not answer, just stood copper bird table, lonely figure, lonely heart, watching the passing of the guard Han Ying, long, long time.-------------------------------------------------- a trillion OCR old rain joint House and Xiaoxiang seven arrows book it, since I'll wait Heaven can be borrowed power, control hint rule my Shishu Daoxing Red Cloud, numerous supernatural. . How can it be a little nailhead seven arrows book can be framed. ' Large accounts, the mysterious Grand Master, who though before a big fuss, mouth to guarantee Kuangyin unharmed, but his heart was uneasy, after all, seems like miserable year Zhaogong also appeared in front of the same. But in the big business, but found himself and other people's minds is really no end. 'Brother must not worry, but Zhao Shishu Young Disciples, Shishu how could let his disciples suffered murderous sects, presumably already arranged.' Neutron cloud touches lightly, Who he is full of confidence in each other, Chen yet. Grand Master mysterious little silent nod, soul does not know to where. Clapper suddenly rang out, the immortal heart surprised, but it is the hour arrived. Each moment Kuangyin couch looking toward the past. 'Heaven knife, not you die that I die. Kuangyin, you must not blame me, blame can only blame the Heaven too!' Lu pressed his face grim, mulberry finally take a bow in hand, to catch a peach arrows, take bow to shoot out. CONSERVATORY big camp, Kuangyin sudden roar above the couch, had closed the left eye, the boss suddenly wide open, but it is a look of disbelief looks like. Mysterious Grand Master, who rushed surprise, have stepped forward to see what happens, but in the gold camp, land pressure were taken up two peach arrows were shot in the right eye and chest Scarecrow. CONSERVATORY big camp, ZhaoKuangyin has twice the screams, scream right eye open, but it is two screams couch ground up, cold sweat streaming cry, and his face was very comfortable. Everyone was shocked, have looked Kuangyin, Virgin astonished when no color, that all Immortality:. '? Gentlemen Daoxiong Could land pressure to nailhead seven arrows book is not a failure of the' other Immortals also face the strange color. Nailhead seven arrows book is how vicious the year, but cut Zhaogong teach