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Tang Xiaolan has seen strange powers, also is expected to Ukraine tannoy and pine Taoist not her opponent, but they think they actually lost so fast, so miserable! If you want to know if the world ranking martial arts figures, black tannoy never outside the top ten, when he and Meng Shentong fight, fight the Shushi Zhao tenor has lost, and is now coupled with the first Christians golden master Ching Chung Taoist, supposedly to support longer, but unexpectedly just a few strokes, he gave short written description Lisheng Nan seat pass, and such a result, Tang Xiaolan Wu Xuezong though it is the world's first division, is also unexpected! After the fact, the skill has not Meng Shentong times higher than the year, but she learned the martial arts secrets Joe North sea, the various factions of the stunt mountain town, is a pretty good idea, although the skill saw black tannoy high, but too old, her agility footwork are not flexible enough so to lightning technique, a show of hands will break his defense. However, her internal forces Zhenduan Wu Ching Taoist sword, but it is by no means true tricks skills, Tang Xiaolan see that: now , single on the internal strength made scold, has never under Meng Shentong year. The presence of Emei and the chamber door Jiong sent people rushed out to save, only to hear a loud cry tannoy Ukraine, overturned fall. The original is so angry fainted. Tang Xiaolan said: [Li girl good skills, or by me experience it. Friends for my friendship, I no thanks! 'Britain and the brightest minds to push though angry, but not as a martial arts from asking, and secondly Tang Xiaolan is true to say, therefore no one dare to quiet everyone attentively, ready to see how to deal with Lisheng Nan Tang Xiaolan Tang Xiaolan said:.' Girl away come off, how than France? Please draw a road girl child. 'Lisheng Nan:' The former head of Tang and Meng Shentong contest, is three games will be played; now I Case-based, Sichuan two games with the big head of life and death! 'Speaking of the last three words:' fast