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these. 'Immortals mind a move, as if to be enlightened in general, and the town is Motoko nodded, apparently also in favor of Zhen Fang words. 'Xiandi now though Daoxing great progress, but it is doing some things over.' Among the Chamber of Secrets, the town Motoko suddenly sighed: 'Now on the surface, you have it both ways, but in fact it is not forward, backward too not. Pangu three clear although Xiandi befriend, but eventually want a war with Xiandi. At that time, the West All Saints, who will be swarmed by virtue of YinBrother and the brother duo is probably unstoppable offensive holy congregation. ' Zhen Fang looked a town Motoko, empty eyes, the heart is a deep sigh, and his brother, although the town Motoko intersect, but which also has a lot of meaning is no alternative. Two long causal connected, without distinction. Motoko town today said it also wanted to protect themselves. Present sighed: 'brother just saw the saints, but Pindao but saw another brother sits Pindao let another brother to the government is to know, before the year has not been synthesized Hongjun Taoist Heaven, I waited not out of. When, under which there is a realm of saints. Minghuan Exalted. year Hongjun Taoist named Master Hongjun, and Hongjun Master peers and many people, such as the Master of heaven and earth, and so on, these people are now Where? 'Then close their eyes and sit, silent, without a word. Town Motoko face became pale, though he has heard of these prehistoric secrets behind, but never seriously thought about it, say it again today from Zhen Fang's mouth, and apparently has a different kind of meaning. Master of the universe, and so-called year and Hongjun Taoist expert with the same generation of these have disappeared in the earth in those days among the Luo as is because of the chaos. 'Xiandi, Luo?' Town Motoko face became pale, could not help a hint of panic. Town Motoko mind a slight movement, nodded his head, and now he will know Zhen Fang intention. Although he is just a surprise, but it did not show has never heard of this thing, but now it seems, is probably hard to find the treasure in the Three Realms, and borrowed a trace of magic. Actually can easily be a quasi-saint sent thousands of miles away. Imagine, if the other side is the enemy. Between this wave, I'm afraid you can kill each other. Realize that in front of the little Shishu probably not a simple landlord, but not outside the good old rumors of prehistoric. Zhen Fang at the moment willingly listen not to mention door. Primus Lengheng, awaiting speak, Laojun waved, said: 'You Shishu palm chance of survival under heaven, if not listen to Zhang Mei, the natural life is his number, you are a senior, said that you thing, why do we care so much. ' The following mysterious Grand Master of pain on his face showing a trace of color, let it go Laojun commandment, and it is said that Zhen Fang to inferring naturally want to take the opportunity to test Shushan faction, if listened to, natural or Shushan Shushan,Then be too pure a pulse, if not listen, act as cannon fodder naturally considered. Zhang Mei Laojun Although known disciples, but since the immortal, essentially mysterious Grand Master generation vivid pathway, feelings more profound. Chaotic days, the four saints sitting on a cloud bed, Houtu kindness, Goddess gentle, compassionate escorts, quasi-mentioned kind, Fourth St. in front of a cloud, but clearly show a continent, the bizarre, everything, yet a hint of evil spirits aspect in the world, or Reiki rushes in the mountains, dotted with mountains and rivers or valuables, or towering icebergs, or Emerald Castle, etc., are all great rivers and mountains. This continent is the North all Luzhou appearance. 'Although the big mountains and rivers, all in a sand being.' Escorts Taoist sighed: 'two empress has sanctified, gas meteorite when stretching Lich tribes, the North all but a godsend as Luzhou, when for two Goddess of all. 'escorts Taoist really is great perseverance, great wisdom, so all Luzhou North Although not yet developed, but one