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mouth wanton activities! Young zero surprise, petite body suddenly been hinged into the jagged 'meat grinder' at home. Kindred teenager about to go up a hand, Du wind sullen and said: 'Do not hands-on.' Then stormed into the sky and said:. 'If she did not even that basic skills needed to train, then there is no meaning to live.' Ancient Warrior basic practice exercises, there is one called 'Plum.' Lineup with a sharp knife, shank buried in the ground, the blade 3 feet 3 inches above the ground, the distance between the front and rear of the knife and the knife is 3 feet, about 1 foot 5 inches, must be allowed to use the gas to protect the body, in blade on Rush. Because the gas can not be used to protect the legs, to walk the gap appears to be cut crack hamstring this disability countless ancient weapons, most of the people in the later replace with stakes, stakes practice effects, and nature is not shining sword on the same day language. Giggle giggle in the shark's mouth disease came loud, apparently Yang shark tooth zero is constantly on the tip Rush, and a gun rack on top of the grid with the reduction of teeth. Finally, bump, springs from a shark's head burst blood, Yang jumped from zero shark head gap, the whirring gasped. She's very solid basic skills, did not make the injured foot. But in addition to foot, her upper and lower body are blown shark teeth from the pressure of the hook, almost no skin is intact. Blood drips constantly exudes specific scent Sharon fruit, apparently in a crazy sport, nutrition Sharon fruit is perfectly ingested into her heart. Shark's skull fracture, dead upside down, white belly toward the sky. Young tiger sharks who jump from zero, the wind came unsteadily to DU. Kinship teenagers and Liu fat immediately pounced up, a start cutting shark meat, a start sucking blood stained the sea. Du wind praise nod beast is the beast, even if there is the star power of ancient weapons is also equivalent to fear. Drill into the beast's body, and then by the most vulnerable brain cases Chuang Wang, the two of you should know the 'Huyan Xu Jin Shiyi one looked, Jin Shiyi smiles:' Huyan generals and northern Hebei Ling Shi Tu people just magic seniors to come along with me entry not long time, but also not enough on Peiqia identity, with only serve in the next stage, I'd know Huyan generals, generals do not know me, I'm afraid Huyan it? 'Jin Shiyi early travel extensively, will pass world famous, well-known martial arts factions, remember anecdotes martial arts is also up, so one could hear the name Huyan guts, we know his origins door division, just pretty and slaughter age, friendship is quite good, listen to the common phenomenon of Jin Shiyi with 'Meet' word, then guess Huyan Asahi must go on and master, but certainly not tried Liusan Chun Kung Fu. This guess guess really behind. Asahi Huyan favorite flattery, said: 'Yes, I remember, that juvenile tea disciples, not just what you do, Kazakhstan, flash decade, you look so tall it?.' Jin Shiyi laughed within herself, saying : 'You're really good memory after you are gone, I am the master of martial artists to praise you..' Huyan Xu said: 'What I practiced in front of him single-handedly Tiezhang rubble of effort, but unfortunately different from each other home number? late too old Monte pointing 'Jin Shiyi said:.'. I said master butcher house Jingang Zhang is the world's most Tough Zhang Li, martial arts training away from home, and today they are going to count to two mentoring of that regarded as two of the players, let them sort of ...... 'Huyan Asahi grin, Jack said:' winning, winning, 'I did not realize the next Jin Shiyi said:'! my master said, I'm afraid that only our Mianzhang ., we can restrain his King Zhang Li, 'excitedly discoloration Huyan Xu, said:' Ling Shi's Mianzhang skill, you must have passed the 'Jin Shiyi said:.' I would not say forced, but unfortunately each other at home number of different, or else'd like to invite the general advice Huyan exhibitions. home teacher used to say,Soft can overcome, we all got to the mast ship, cabin, deck, one at a place apart. Du wind slaps a, a white gas lines with a thunderous roar, piercing away. That impressivelyAncient Chinese animal - Dragon! Young zero could not utter a cry: 'beating dragon 18 palms!' Du wind and did not turn to look at her stature sank, just like a meteor-like beneath the steel wheel rushed. In his moment of contact with the ship, the sea-meter radius of a huge dragon face corrugated Yang Qi, then crashing spray of water from the shaking, issued a resounding ship tearing sound weird, together with Du wind sank to the bottom. Du wind swept over the waters of the face, but can not spread further sharp blade over his eyes. Random motion of the sea in the undertow, and gradually the role of gas in the form of a dark blue dragon, the steel wheel tightly tied dragged deeper seabed. Unconsciously, Du broke into the wind and the ship has a thousand-meter-deep waters, strong undersea pressure wheel weight fragmented, Du wind was like nothing, in general, shouted: '! Are rolled out.' From the hole in the steel hull, quietly floated a number of shining phosphorescent objects, strange looking Du wind. Shining phosphorescent specter convergence to an issue mischievous cry and said: 'Du wind, bio-contaminated Xian Qi, is equivalent to the immortal, immortal rude dare you ......' Du a wind eyes, the eyes of the intention to kill steep now and said: 'What! Shit fairy' Powerful currents pressure and buoyancy seems to be no impact on the Du wind, he gently beat up, press the wheel in the side of the ship. Right after this seemingly powerful beat, around the entire ship, the emergence of a group of five similar sharp Alondra huge mist, a vicious claws will ship to deeper waters go by. That's what a few of the ancient martial art has been lost [beating dragon 18 palms], the most power and influence of a type - [Miles] Long excursion. Du wind coldly: 'This is the real attack!' Spare wheel has no audible, it would have just wrecked cruise ship, where the passengers