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own weaknesses exposed to others. But this is the other side of this rookie Chen, did not matter, on the one hand he is a rookie, on the other hand, the Secretary of snow is nothing but a rookie. Moment smiled and said: 'The problem of power law, my exercises into each layer can generate clouds, but in different colors then save your time, only generate clouds, Oh, you did not think the myth of the TV. see more, that the horse must be a monk, multiply clouds are immortal. I have no idea. In fact, I was one of Shrimps Lianqi. slightly powerful point people can looks dead to me. I just pulled a banner nothing. ' 'You have to pull the banner called? The ability to fold the westerly but not small, I heard that River City's leaders, you can kill him, but much stronger than those guys. Our day group,' Secretary Xuejiao laughed. A night off, I'm afraid Secretary Snow small to Daye not like this happy before. 'I heard there are a lion behind it, I am afraid I am not the opponent.' Zhen Fang smile. He has much ability he knows, although said comprehension sector decline, but millions of years of the foundation is in, not to mention not Yaozu comprehension of the column, the tragedy still down, although those little immortality, but Ken big powerful demonDefinite yes. The highest honor that can guide Beastkin was certainly not an easy role. 'What are they afraid?' Secretary Snow girl disdain shook his head and said: '? There we dragon group, how dare these demon class really does not work, you simply forget to join our group Dragon' Secretary Snow eyes juicy looking Zhen Fang . Once the girls fall in love with someone else had to say when full consideration for his wife, there is no reason. Zhen Fang looked at the pair of eyes water Lingling, said heart could not help but move up, just a good long while and said:. 'In fact, it is not all fairies are bad for you, although witch, but it should be less as well Shanie . ' Secretary Snow disdain: 'We are what is wrong with the demon slayer of monsters we say that these some of these odd Bangladesh refused to let go of her, sure enough, but I did not think of is to get her off the French monk to make human. Both monster partnership, which can be more incredible! 'The last time Lisheng Nan rescued , and hurried her cheated, very grateful to her, but also that she hates weird, when she and Speaking of, both guess her origins in minds among Lisheng Nan Meng Shentong Jigan adventure to save from the hands, and the ability of high-strength must be a Woman, behold now met, and she imagined 'heroes' can and inconsistent, not only speak manners, not like a disciple of the door upright, and brow, but also with an evil like faint, quite a accidents. But she immediately thought: 'The dust of the arena to make the game more chivalrous, Jin Shiyi is an example, YanThis woman is not a character Jin Shiyi this stream? 'Gu Zhihua such a thought, she wants to be saved Liqin Mei people, although the smell is not very congenial, they will calm her and said:' It does, Meng Shentong monks and destroy law partnership, which is really how got. Is there any way to rescue Li Qinmei again? 'Lisheng Nan askance at her, suddenly smiled and said:' You do not want to go to Jin Shiyi help it? I say not yet figured out how to cheat to do law? ' startled hesitated and said aloud:' Hey, how do you know? 'She does not know, she just pondered alone, he uttered the name of Jin Shiyi, was overheard went Lisheng Nan laughed and said:.' I have not the ability of the prophets, guess the thoughts of others things. 'Gu Zhihua a red face and said:.' Sister do not joking, I thought about the whereabouts of Jin Shiyi did not help, but even find the words, but also a month before did not answer her, but first asked: 'Do you know Jin Shiyi where ' said:'? heard him say he wanted to go abroad, but time takes about two months later, at which time it can be to wait for him to chatter mountain shangqinggong 'Lisheng Nan looking sank. , then laughed: '?.?? Jin Shiyi says so right on the rivers and lakes legend he is not afraid things for themselves, but for the land to meet their return to heaven, for heaven Princess fighting for the rights of the idea. Liu Ji day often think that he is to the princess of heaven Mody. Princess heaven if they are not in the elite will fight it to the princess of heaven, in other words, he is still in order to own it. Only Guang, it is wholeheartedly for others to pay. But in the end, Li allegiance to the king, the ruler of heaven became incarnate, he places the sons in the war and the political struggle of all dying, parachutist fame, and finally became a grief to dream. Yoo Ji-day hands folded across their chests, she has found a change in the heavens. She suddenly laughed till the desert seems to have followed her laughter shaking, and eventually even laughed coughed up blood. Bite: '! Say robbed a thirteen destroy God congregation, who would destroy Lee, came off the first day I Liu Ji' Heaven. Once upon a time. Earth. Everyone has everyone's field, she also has a trump card in the hands that were up to the world. She helped Guang shot to the body of the sand, and whispered:. 'General Lee, I am sorry to leave without permission soaring seven bases, forgive me adventure' Distant heaven, misty clouds place. His eyes looked sleepy Yang Ying, the day Fiends and Tianshu Star is obviously the wind and Yang Ying Du. Thor star is sad day, the day that the King of Ghosts Yi Xing, the day the British star is Lu Ya, are also among his calculations, but there are two that he had anticipated to be the brightest star was not always bright. Secret star. Tianwei star. In his imagination, the only two people to make these two bright stars, that is, and Liu Guang Ji day, when the soldiers of God pondered a long time, Yang Ying lazily opened his eyes, and then fell into a deep sleep. Soldiers of God indifference authentic: 'Tin Ying princess, what are you waiting.' Yang Ying Touyebutai authentic: 'When my husband.' God Yede soldiers almost speechless, sadly: 'This is really like dayShadow