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immediately sprang, just  attack to pick up Meng Shentong beat! Meng Shentong turned red and his Young male character, Simon has already exhausted all Makino that class partisans killed, after looking to search for the whereabouts of Simon and Jin Shiyi of Makino, Makino has been found dead in an authentic Simon import of . at Khao Fang Gao Li knew something was wrong, had pleaded Meng Shentong help, Meng Shentong only rival was about to remove his mind immediately haha ​​laughed: 'I killed Simon Makino's men, they have to help you look, lest you suffer the emperor blame. Simon Makino certainly give that kid killed. Well, I'll kill that kid. You can put all the sins are pushed to his body! 'Kou Fang Gao overjoyed, heart and said:' Simon Makino a vector, but got a Meng Shentong help, he will not power struggle with me, ha, ha, it really is a curse as a blessing turn. 'So, hurried forward to lead the way, with the Meng Shentong this group of people, cut off the other side of the tunnel's exit, as it happens Jin Shiyi this group of people, it is also washed out at this time. Mengshen Tong Jin Shiyi pick up the beat, even though it can withstand, but also feel the cold over the body born. To got ninth original weight of the state, even to understand the practice of law, but also has the internal strength to the evil one point, it had at least a decade, although it won the Joe Jin Shiyi North sea in the first half Department of martial arts secrets, fully aware of itsMystery, but not practiced Shura yin evil power. With only his own body care magic resist, the end is a little disadvantage. Meng Shentong then have concluded that he is Jin Shiyi, surprised, happy person with their own skill to also be able to raise slightly better than the other one: who is scared of his ninth Jin Shiyi Yingjie heavy overcast evil Shura Zhang Li Gong, actually look the same. Mind: 'If he is removed at this time, he will have to be a big worry for me.' Just at that moment, Meng Shentong an upper hand, the second measure also non-ordinary fairy can be compared. Zhaogong surprise and said: 'Young, this is not a joke ah brothers do not be afraid that mana you look in a two or three, there is no!.' Then quickly pass to the side, like the fear of being Zao to live according to the same. Angered while Pitt and Joan Xiao Xiao giggled. Even on weekdays too gentle hint of a smile on his face the sky for thousands of years, was detained four siblings in the remake, was enslaved, Zhaogong still good, and his three sisters were surprised to be rushed to the toilet guard, enjoy filthy gas, do not know how many years have not laughed before. Today, off the cage, although later there may be heavy catastrophe, but also a rare look easy. 'Young, it seems our Daoxing enough, want to catch white-taek, who is impossible.' Sky sighed. Each other's strength is too strong, even if he and others have treasures in hand, turn them off in a large array of people, but the other side of the foundation is strong, the OAU Assembly of Immortals illustrates teach the same year. These are the real Yaozu Yaozu Story Story, where an ordinary large Luo Jin Sin can be compared, perhaps only quasi-holy master to repel them. 'So, I waited for him to kill a man, to deter each other, as long as we have each other to block the front nine of the Yellow River to the path ahead, there to be a successful teacher, I am afraid we can only retreat White Pond.' Zao, pointing to a large array of in one place, said: 'The most insidious count Mongolia, there is this person here, I'm afraid I have to give birth to a number of variables and Zhao brothers, two senior sister apprentice who first lifted, the other must be invited to the White Pond sky holding senior sister apprentice. et al. ' 'Injured his fingers, not as off one means. Meter Mongolia treacherous indeed, if in addition to this, I also can feel at ease on defense.' Sky nodded. All of a sudden, big place Hun Kim Doo Guanghua, Tongtianhe, the water surge, river sediment exhaustively was brought up after the action under Hun daughter of the dead leader, and the hearts secretly surprised, think that blood into the sea filthy, how out so beautiful. 'Red Cloud Shishu?' Mating female face changed, but Tongtianjiaozhu cattle devil horse, can be considered secret disciple, also known as Red Cloud was Shishu can. Red Cloud did not have thought to send anyone to actually call her. 'Nether leader is Tianzhu Mountain in. Junior sister apprentice, let's go!' Yang asked stared at a red boy. 'Brother, please first.' Rakshasa woman glanced at the red boy, red boy does not know that should not go, had to mention the Goddess of Mercy authorized to spend life, reported hearing came, incidentally, also make red boy came reunion, Rakshasa This is to send female red boy to leave, but it happens Yang asked to drive over. 'Shi Zhi also can go.' Young women ask to see such a situation Rakshasa, where I do not know each other's thoughts, but the teacher said that this child but since Pioneer Gods, where the other party is willing to slip away, and quickly said. 'So, please brothers leading the way.' Rakshasa woman thought for a moment, think that although leaving a sea of ​​blood for many years, but in the end is a sea of ​​blood by a red boy can be consideredNether leader after the moment should also go some audience, the moment also pulled toward the red boy Tianzhushan drive over. But three or four hour local time, the three went to the foot of Tianzhu Mountain, was surprised to find a young Taoist waiting a long time at the foot of the mountain, not the longevity is who. 'Brother.' Yang asked joy greeted complexion said. 'Master waiting a long time.' Longevity red boy glanced curiously, no one thought a red boy daggers longevity, but it is somewhat impatient look of color. 'Meet the Red Cloud Shishu disciple Mating.' Rakshasa woman into the hall, sitting really see the nether leader Zhen Fang start, not neglect, quickly worship down. 'Well, speak up.' Zhen Fang faint waved. 'Meet the leader.' Rakshasa woman again towards the nether