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existence something, packing winds Du live every inch of spare body, infuriating and bones, weighing over instantly becomes supremely Du wind power and the ancient martial art also can not play a minute. Time black hole has been torn almost generals cigarette rolling hot lips and whispered:. 'Good strong little girl.' Ghosts Ziya said: 'We want to sell it?' Xu Yuan Leng Heng said: 'In little more than play will not extradite style ......' Not finished, his head would suffer a moment, Luo Feile curse: 'What is the style of our triad, the three of you quickly give me ah?!' See Du wind butterfly surrounded by LEI, she had tears about to flow out of the anxious, the King of Ghosts grunt said: '! Fame destroyed Yeah, well, on it.' In many piles Leiguang butterfly suddenly lit a sharp knife light, although very weak, but like the night endless journey, the guidelines were that point candlelight. General, the King of Ghosts, gun tomb eyes all lit up in the surrounded Leiguang butterfly, only to be converted into other things Leiguang butterfly mine gas, if actually had a revealing light gaps. Only mean one thing, Du wind to have eliminated some of the LEI knife butterfly. Large tracts of residual broken wings turned into dust flying, followed by the dust has turned into nothingness, who hit the Du Leiguang butterfly blade wind constantly dying. That is exactly the opposite Leiguang butterfly nature, can turn into nothingness all that exists - World clean! Li Han microFrown, mouth to the butterfly farm sprayed a mouthful of blood, all of butterfly wings, all appeared bloody markings. Li Han even with the demons disintegration Dafa! Magic Health hastening Dafa, forced Li Han's body and mind are as much as nine years ago moved. Li Han body in this state, should not have any ancient martial temporary increase combat effectiveness, but she was out demons by the disintegration of Dafa, whatever you want to overthrow Du wind. Her little mouth open again. Want a second mouth spray of blood, suddenly leaned over