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but to the other side really a beat, I'm afraid have to get at least a thousand strokes over!´╗┐Meng Shentong resulting lower half evil martial secrets, is the emphasis on practical aspects, there are a variety of vicious Xiepai effort, Meng Shentong saw competition in the internal forces is not easy to win, immediately withdraw palm strokes change, ready to use endless all kinds of vicious effort to test each other the actual situation, will lead the effort to try to restrain the other side, while a variety of martial arts in the trial when the issue is still occasionally beat Zhang Li with heavy ninth, because Kim Se Although left to withstand the weight of the Shura ninth hidden evil power, but every pick beat, but always want to eat a little loss. Jin Shiyi cope Meng Shentong of though slightly disadvantage. But the good news so that the ninth Meng Shentong heavy Yi also true for the depletion force, never beat beat pressing issue, and Jin Shiyi can also support the firm. Jin Shiyi war Meng Shentong candle power, others not inserted into his hand. But the two sides were already on the banks of the Imperial River next melee unfold! Cole is the most important force Gao Shan Ye Cao Kinji school head, her group of prisoners in the highest status, but also intends to personally interrogate the emperor who absolutely can not allow her to escape. He glanced at a go, see Cao Kinji is a man carrying seems to have been injured, joyful hearts, they no longer care for other prisoners, the difference to the man sprang. Kou Fang Gao as Ouchi mains, making sure there are amazing interrogate the martial arts, Makino Simon captured this group of people, mostly in the second-leg of each upright color, where the block is maintained, but fortunately his only goal in Cao Kinji. No time to hurt, but this is the way, there are two disciples of Mountain Pine, a Qingcheng disciples, because blocking his path, he fell to the monument with a large hand falls. Suddenly, Kou Fang Gao has tracked the man behind the man, carrying a man Cao