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all over ......?'Yan Mufei smiled and said: 'I did not think ......'Azurite kerf said: 'You two are truly first Fenduo go?'Yanmu Fei said: 'I'm afraid just hit Lingshi pound the table with Kung-old.'Azurite laughed, he said:. 'If you inquire about an hour still no clues, I would like to see put up.'Yang Yan Mufei eyebrows and said: 'ho language, but a little too heavy words.'Azurite shocked a chuckle: 'Really, I'm sure.'Yanmu Fei said: 'It is best, however, to arouse his suspicions, but be careful!'Azurite and said: 'Rest assured, catch snakes are good at begging HanakoIf the snake slipped, only I was asking you please! Please tell me where you two and so on? ': 'The place where I can sit down and do not want to go, can not long stand here, I told the girls to walk around guard in this area, your understanding is not difficult to find both of us.'Azurite and said: 'I obeyed, so settle up!'A bend, and turned to go into a crowd that.Wei Han Ying exclaimed: 'This child is good too pleasant, will be able to take the mantle of mine to fly!'Yanmu Fei said: 'You underestimate him, I venture to assert excel ......'Han Wei Ying blushed, frowning, said: 'Let's go look somewhere else to go!!'Yan Mufei pulled away.His two, just after this Confucius Temple, Qinhuai strait strolling, scenes, a King King, let frown, Wei Han Ying hot blush.But no way, neither can not walk away.Soon, half an hour later.Wei Han Ying Yan Mufei looked and said: 'Mu fly, you see azurite find him?'Yan Mufei shook his head and said: 'Hard to say, according to many sensitive 'Qiongjia Bang' eyes and ears in this inch of land should be easy to find a person, but he did not know there lived according to such a person to see, half will children may not be able to find it Xiaodan Hong. 'Wei Han Ying frown, said: 'This is well hidden Xiaodan Hong clever.'Yanmu Fei said: 'To put it is that even the 'Qiongjia Bang' did not know he was hiding here, its clever evident.'Said, said, again half an hour later.Azurite really on time, at this time, he walked over Mufei intend to look at the situation grass, because the grass Zhen Ji Gang has appeared, so I came out HealthCare, they instigated the horse attached to each county Chi Wudang go under.When he left HealthCare, west of the morning sun, the horse slowly Xu Zhen Chi into the grass.Grass Town is a small town, but because it is hanging in between Shaanxi and Hubei to be rushed, but also because of the Wudang mountain pass, so bustling and lively.Row upon row inn, tavern tea everywhere, pedestrians exchanges such as carp, described as the busy, steady stream.Yan Mufei a ride like dust, rein Xu Chi, first entered the grass Zhen, from the mouth of a China town house, walked out of a distinctive dress Guard, to the horse before a bar, respectful bow at the body, said: 'Excuse me, but strict adult?'Ma Yan rein control, said: 'Yes, it is serious person, you see what to teach?''I do not deserve.' That name Guard said:. 'Command to make at that cursed adult homes in waiting, ask an adult for a shift jade'Yan Mufei 'Oh!' To cry, looked over the door ajar door houses one: 'Miss command to make you want to see me?'Yan Mufei thought a moment, Lian dismounted, Guard that were too hurried to pull the reins, then headed households Yan Mufei homes to go to.Pushed open the door, the door stood another Guard, he saw entered a bend, said:. 'Adults, please come with me.'Turned to the inside line. behind him, over a narrow gate, taking a narrow aisle, enter the two doors inside. Looked up, here is a small courtyard, opposite the main room, flanked by two rooms, the main room door yard, standing four sidearms Guard master single-handedly.Guard that were to lead the way into a courtyard, the speaker immediately said: '! Yan adults to'Huasheng side down, curtain Yixian, walked out of the court room Guard command to land is rendered, he will hand over all the way to accompany a laugh:'Yantai Xia Lu Wang Ming rendered in the body, there is a lot of action inconvenience, not pro-Ying Yantai Xia in the town of mouth, Shangqi Yantai Xia of the people How could sit down these demons harm the earth, not as good as you and I work together to kill resulting saver, and let live, think? 'Then it will take the sword in hand, as long as a nod Zhen Fang, we must cut demon slayer. Zhen Fang swept nine fox demon eye, suddenly Jishou said: 'This woman is not divided forehead, apparently without the persons who, as yin, over Ni Wan, although Yaoqi, but no evil spirits, apparently less killings. of these people, Kongfei evil ones. Pindao Lianqi but people can have such merit, regardless of good and evil is, on the only good and evil. Although she is a demon, but it is not the evil demon, God has the virtue, the world among all creatures exists, must have their reasons. Saints had a saying Boulevard 1950s and Evolution forty-nine, there are one, one for good luck, one for life. Since she is not in evil ways, I and other people when Lianqi Sunchon line, otherwise the map by killing Kongfei good ah! 'Fang Chen's words, neither haughty nor humble, to put it in a reasonable situation, only one purpose, and that is in front of people, I you can not kill. English Song Zhen Fang Road BU know where to eat, soft and hard to eat. Just his remarks just want to find yourself down the stairs only. Zhen Fang had come to kill, but Zhen Fang merit so great, I am afraid that his master did not dare hands, so much merit, he killed the British loose, I'm afraid to say Mo tragedy, and fix a man-made tragedy he had not. Therefore, to kill monsters, deepen our relations with each other. As for the monster in the end is good or evil, is not he considered, and would like usual monsters killed, not a few, There are dozens of. For him, the monster is a monster, what is good and bad points where needed. Zhen Fang know where theory is only good and evil, regardless of good and evil person. Panasonic made a very let Britain hand is not, do not start no. 'Hey, good luck really is a real moral high Takayuki generation, no wonder that the laity can enjoy today be seen all Pindao