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the other side. Tianshu fairy suddenly feeling a kind of body, such as falling through the ice, which bears the eyes to something. Let him from head to toe hair cold. Tianshu fairy instinctively drift after a few steps, the arena came Guiku Li Xiao sound like, and those in groups of Xian Qi Du native body began madly wind approaching. Arena is life and life wall demolished. OTC in blue native body like Xian Qi met with delicious food in general. Du scrambling toward the wind. Xian Qi native slower reaction within the body of the arena, but was trampled down underfoot. Noon to sun through the dome to collapse. Du wind to shine in the body. Du stands proudly wind, the sun could not melt like an iceberg. God seven cut style, and finally cut to the legendary Once upon their gods! Independence Day ceremony chop God seven third type - a clean break. Amid the chaos piercing screams, countless blue flying object fragmentation has not see the original form. Xian Qi native support violent body will also be cut off completely clean break, facing the wind Du Xian Qi native body fullY. stood, Mo Lisha Chen Sheng said: '? What do you mean'Blue Meng sneered: 'You tell him to put down weapons and come back, and now I can rest assured that you can, if he went to the front of the Holy One, and you suddenly ordered the attack ......'Mo Lisha discoloration said: 'how do you think it will come up?'Blue Meng said: 'Because the two of you on the force is no longer respect the words of the Holy One, rebel heart has been born, I can not prepare for this with!' said: 'That can not be, you too jealous of his heart cut, put down your weapons and kill him too convenient, ary relation to our future is huge, I can not risk!'Duron saint laughed: 'Even I do not believe you?'Mo Lisha said coldly: 'life and death, I can not believe no one to check the move, seeking out the saints of the, if not the hearts of his saints, you should believe me!'Duron Holy overcast authentic: 'Mo Lisha, I order you to send him back!'Mo Lisha anti channel: ' gentry changed in other industry banquet, Lake kiosks only one division of the old keepers of the temple incense. occasional visitors, and more exotic since, unlike the previous burn downtown a. These boats are mostly what some patrons to buy medicine. ' Shun heard a couple people, all very delighted, and he kept good, between being said, ship berthing. With those followers each possess their own masters, all go down, each on own ship, one will mean something away, scattered a net. Shun China booth to see people quiet, very delighted. That old Miaozhu visitor out of the village saw the reed ashore, originally acquaintances, too busy to catch that trend paternity. Reed village asked: 'Mr. Han Lao it?' Keepers of the temple and said:. 'Lords came coincidence, Master Xu had just come over twice what I heard Mr. Han also sent a package to go at this tomorrow too.' Reed Shun village people heard this, Mangming Miaozhu Thessalonians catch hold first volume, such as tracking a pedestrian door. Door and saw that the drug case is located in the Lake Pavilion patio doors inside the head, the keepers of the temple by a long table, a bench, sit sunny. 'Mr. Han Lao, which is Sheqin Yu Shunmin from Yongkang come here, smell name came to visit, buy a little handy Yansi medicine, but also look for the fortunate wing.' Han Kang race nor even the rationale for management, Path, Shun China said: 'You and I on this side of the border, in fact, is not easy. Fortunately, this drug early preparation, the first pill after serving since to do so. Virtuous your wife, do not bear her kindness. No matter how busy the way back, but can not done it on their own people do not go. He is in his family, if any injuries, I spare pills, each serving one. Only this drug prices, saying it was given away, but in reality is very large, you would like it out? 'Shun People have preconceptions, to be at first sight, although the word hasThe match, did not care, blurted replied: 'all obeyed.' Race Han Kang said:. 'At this point I do not want you,