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man's shoulder, Jiaohu: 'Third Uncle fast wake someone to find you, and so there are a lot of TIME!.' Then the little man stood up and sat up, haha ​​laughed: 'Hello, hello!' reproachful eyes, angry and said: 'snack food I'm all ready to do, to call my mother told me what a good point, 'little old man smiled and said:.'?.? to say hello again bad do you want to say it is not good to do. 'A Ting Jiao Chen said:' Three A ! t in self-old elder, always so nasty 'little man laughed:' I'll hate, do not mess with Miss angry, I take a good 'A Ting drum with small cheek blush Yujia more no answer. Chen Ye Gong Li dare jack on the side, such as the two finished, just leaned before deep Shiyi Li, shouted a voice: 'Three veteran, junior Chen industry obeyed come here, waiting for a long time.' Little old man who are generally seen Jingsi ranging finished, immediately went to Tsai went. Chen Ye know him eccentric, with a finger at the mother, respectful to sit down. Since a mother riding side, A Ting then hiZi went to the house, brought out a salty boiled flesh longevity, a tofu, a wind of meat, a wind chicken, ginger and vinegar four discs, four bowls of soup, a large cage burn steaming dumplings, with they go with the open ocean pork fried spinach noodles out of a big tub, self-sit the party to eat. Chen Ye see her radiant Qingli, should hi should be angry, and looked more graceful, did not make the children of the state, and sat opposite, are not bound by them, a mother to see him head down, and eat slowly, meaning quite reserved, laughing said: 'both to my house, we eat a lot of young outsiders, do not mention it was delicious dumplings want to burn on the back of this, because this brother Xiang Li point wine with meals to eat, so brought out together... You make yourself at home, as well, 'Chen industry also feel everything delicious dishes point, they think of food when hungry polar occasion Ancun: This must be the origin of her daughter, coy disturbed to see the anti-eat light. Look at the furniture, casual Yingjie, but resorted to still be hanging heavy ninth Zhang Li said Wu tannoy red-hot palms, precisely to Meng Shentong not touch him, Meng Shentong hand touch his vain, power can not try to play this way, but the bird is equal to pick him tannoy Pikong Zhang force only, While still feel the pressure odd big, poor breathing, but it is anyway. Instead, Meng Shentong scruples, he could not catch up to hard to hide EastSimon looked at the leeward. Meng Shentong how bad eyesight, after a while, he was aware of the heat emitted by palms, unlike true yang qi within the family, but also guessed his hand wrapped around a very thin layer of metal. However, he has not been aware of the secret Tiancan Si gloves, while how to deal with him to this fiery 'strange palm', they still want a good end of the most appropriate way, it is still the only defensive attack. There is a little strange is that if a red-hot iron, a long time, will cool down, his strange double palm, and Meng Shentong fighting for more than thirty strokes, is still alive! Meng Shentong discern between good and evil factions long, mind: 'Although we can not use this Laoer Chunyang gas assault, the real skill is also not weak, if I just use the Shura hidden evil power to deal with him, do not touch him body, had at least an hour before they can make it in the palms of cooling. 'The original black tannoy will gather palm Chunyang gas fueled thermal, gas Pikong Wang Meng Shentong issued by Yin and his evil cancellation , though still slightly account wins, but between the urgent, still can not make his palms cool. Meng Shentong want to martial arts masterpiece, convince major sects Wu Xuezong division, I thought if Ukraine tannoy to wrap an hour, nor honor to win, the moment frowned on the heart, pretend to fear he slaps heat the air, back again and again. Wu Yun tannoy palm knife, a chain attack, Meng Shentong palm step with cabin, suddenly emerged based on the instability of the way, Ukraine tannoy rejoicing, a move 'horizontal cloud off peak', palm pixia,  'It seems, then Shushan seniors or juniors to leave tips.' Trees demon sighed. 'It is natural.' Zhen Fang laughed. The gentle face like a little emotional at all. For this calculation yourself in the vast Middle-earth, so that their exile Shushan. Zhen Fang do not know hate, hate it or not, but for them, I am afraid it is difficult to get two Zhen Fang contain Divine Dragon AirAfter you have worked hard. 'Girls ask overjoyed words, asked:' Dad, you really can not go home Da Shige it? 'The old man suddenly hum said:' He is magic shadow of your uncles, and I saw him get angry, you're going to tell you to go to Mo, I send you here to have enough of your own to stop. 'In this double-odd young and old daughter had left less than a minute, actually in roadside forest came out two people, but two old monk, one is old monk robe, a hair bundle is full of old road crown True.'Fellow, that old donor turned out to 'five foolish' in a wake ah! As he had just said to her daughter that a word seems to have greatly changed the martial arts, I am afraid it!' Taoist somber, showing very concern: 'Master, red evil magic five rare public appearance in the martial arts, that actually Langyashan under siege 'noble four holy' Wu Mei, this is the biggest secret of the martial arts, maybe five magic martial arts arena nor aim sweeps we can see. 'For several days, Taoist stare into Gaoyou Lake only to find five confused already gone, only just saw the girl continued southbound, but not longer Taoist stare down, because he wanted to cross to get to Anhui, Hubei.Fortunately, she was naturally candid, not afraid of people, it seems shy and do not know how, but she never and others talk.The girl asked: 'I heard that there is a far from Maoshan peak Chu Chuang, stores seen?' The bartender laughed: 'Lift Chu Chuang members, where around Maoshan number, it can be said that everyone knows, because he's a big old ! good man ah 'girl nodded and said:' Thank you store guidelines, then I walk strike tomorrow, you may choose between never ending