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 He picked up a huge tree of life, cut down the middle to Heaven. Unable to forget with, but Yang Ying and he, at the moment is the one, including those who became a power transfer assembly soul, have become one. Independence Day God eighth cut style - they both forget themselves! H slamming, Heaven was a huge hit into two trees down the middle edge, body into countless tiny powder began to disappear. Heaven do not worry, he will sooner or later be able to ignite the desire of power regeneration. Du wind and Yang Ying's body froze, Heaven body Sansui dust played a really burning desire again. The strange thing is that this power does not burn up, but it does not move the state to keep burning. Du Yang Ying wind and did not move, together with Yang, including zero, two people with a knife is completely lost consciousness, falling into oblivion rivers. Yoo Ji-day bite: 'There is a saying: a dream for centuries, they entered this state.' A dream of a century, a millennium forget. Twenty-two forget themselves broke the time. Just days Luo Feile and Liu Ji sidelines for a few seconds, the Du wind, Emperor Yang Ying and formed an independent space time chaos, the forces are likely to forget this moment there, has spent tens of thousands of years, even so, on behalf of the Emperor did not destroy desire. Liu Ji stomping day: 'The fast away all souls, we go.' Thousands of souls lost contact with DU wind,Liu Ji rains began to day, Liu Ji day they are put away in a hurry, teeth and said:. 'We go' Luo Feile grabbed her, angrily: '! We want to save them.' Liu days Kyi stunned oh: 'how to save, you are not a fool, let me tell you, it is to forget the power of the clamp to protect them, if not, they have been in times of turbulence in death, fighting forever, they put the task was transferred to us. ' Du Feng Yang Luo Feile watching movies and Heaven, and she found a strange phenomenon. Forget the power from Heaven beside disappeared into the dust began to wind and wrapped Du Yang Ying's body, making them Du wind knife in hand, is tired lion nap on the cliff. The hands of a knife Du wind, that is flying in the sky dragon roar. Roughs twice destructive winds, like an eight major earthquake. Own two decades of painstaking efforts by Du wind base two or three rooms, it has damaged mess. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ A brother came to see the starting point for the recovery of the update, diligent enough of it, but also to a lot of smashing votes! Du wind slips hand, pinch herPiece is a trial skills, I have a little bit after the hole layout, please come with me about! 'Four people stood up, he came back with the hole, but it is a dark, Tianchi Venerable remove a small candle, every tiny branch as means less inches long!He took a candle burning on two sticks, strange to say, but it sticks a little candlelight, such as beans, because throughout the cave reflect spar, starry Cui Jing Si Mi, bewildering, Tianchi Holiness the candle body inserted in a rotating light shelves, hand a rotating disk that surrounded all round stand-hwan, and only a small translucent mouth!Emitted light has become a arm thickness, according to spar on the walls, only to reflection by the light of the rest are dark! Tianchi Venerable laughed: 'I am short candle sticks are designed for use swordsmanship, burning time is very short, so far as each candle light spar, will certainly lead to reflection, if you can not put out before the candlelight, The eleven reflection spar with a sword cut down, probably on it! ' Yuan looked at and said: '! It is surrounded by the reflection of light spar far more than thousands, to within a short period of time will destroy all spar, it seems impossible.'Tianchi His Holiness said: 'Time is enough, but look at how people use it, because that is my position spar array arranged in accordance with arrangements varies, the distance is different, each one only Xiaoduan, just to completed within the time limit, if an error of judgment, and it will not