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respectively, set the case on the royal town of demon tower and Siming Yangtze Aqua Gold Seal, Danbi right hand, but sitting in the snow this Division is a Gongzhuang, graceful, very beautiful. Under Danbi, Zao, Hu nine demon, Zhang Zi Ran, Zhao Han four of subglottic disciples, turtle prime minister, what pure major general'Hunchback said:' The difficulty is in the people behind them, provoking them will bring monstrous disaster for the martial arts. 'Speaking of which, he was urging Hu said:' You brisk walking, west line, in front of 'September cloudy magic' of the two disciples came, and this thing not unreasonable, perhaps to you asking for trouble. 'Cen, Yuan heard two startled and quickly hand over the line, they see hunchback like this, have the courage to dare not follow the vertical.Hunchback still limping slowly toward the path, but a half years, that you hear of a young family with two teenagers usher, hunchback saw immediately convergence his eyes, put on a faction of the state Longzhong unbearable.Less than thirty young man, looks not bad, but only sounded jealous floating gas was overcast, heroes wear, waist hung a sword behind him as servants in general there are two young men, one a handsome ugly, ugly elves show incomparable, exquisite eyes hidden wisdom, Chun moves slow, purely honest and sincere state of old age are seventeen or eighteen.Baoshu De shocked and said: 'This is how cruel deadly trap ah!' The old hunchback said: 'God disposes, suzerain wherewithal, and he took over do nothing stupid.' Baoshu De said: 'I heard you always indicated on the one hand A super-secret protection, on the one hand to find out what adventure he won, but only super A dozen years ago, said in a strange big eating meat, fruit, he said it was in a small ditch and finish of. 'old hunchback said: 'He does not remember the place?' said: 'He was trying to come up before, but he always wanted is not up.' hunchback old said:! 'That is the strange fruit flesh this thing than we have any magic secret simply but found his body instinctively reject strength five elements of earth, which is unique to humans patent, burning vampire blood to fight the way He also can not be used because it is too viscous blood, and finally, he finally found their own unique way of fighting. ' 'He tried to use the body's blood viscosity, they are the same as infuriating excreted diluted combustion in vitro, and then absorb the burning power of the blood, day shift for months, he finally be successful, but also in the world has become a place of ancient weapons, then we call him a ghost people. At this time, the genius of babies have grown up, there is no hope to live up to the vampire family, it became a vampire family for thousands of years the most outstanding talent, and finally one day, it finds this ghost, because it does not allow such a heterogeneous world vampires exist. ' E can not help but worry about the ghost that tough people up, worried authentic: 'Ghosts, you did not kill him.' 'No,' Ghosts in the palm E opened his mouth, 'Ghost Ghosts opponent who is absolutely not in the blood. dip in the poolGhosts hundreds of years, absorbing the essence of most of the blood pool, he had a shot of the potential earth shattering, Xue Wu drift off dozens of years, whether human or vampire, can only look at his pair of red eyes daunting. ' E swallowed, flaunted is human nature, but also the older generation so brag a bit too far. It can guess the outcome, since the King of Ghosts still standing here, hey, most people ominous ghost, Ghosts is simply to use this example to encourage myself to have at least one war and the King of Ghosts qualifications. 'Every escape for a while, he would gather energy and Ghosts fight once, every risk of death still raw, but each time leaving a small wound in the body of the King of Ghosts, on the run after almost the whole of Europe, he finally stopped, Because he could not move to escape. ' 'Ghosts unconsciously, from those tiny wounds flowing away most precious blood, even so his power is still