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other exotic animals. No matter how they toss trouble, as long as they could not go out for nine days, nothing good steward of the land I have all the Emperor ignored. Therefore exchange for ten loyal lad. 'Miss I, why this time just to?' Lu said pressure surface lightly satisfied. Although among the utterances like rap, but I actually can land out of which concerns the original demon gathering there to Miss Wu Wei, Yao Zu forces and weak, and only rely on these Yaozu year old insisted, then I land is known to be under both the first emperor gods, not only because he was serious, or because of his magic strength, others did not dare to peep nursery treasure in heaven. I remember when the prehistoric variety of countless treasures, East Timor Jun and Huang Tai is a master, a collection of numerous natural, exhaustively on the nursery into, if not a magic strength of the people to look after, probably would have already been steal clean. And now, after the land pressure Taoist divide our forces, only to find their own hands but it is not much available in person, although Daoxing gold wall wind, but in the end is an outsider, not trust land pressure, for a time, but still no one is available Yaozu dignified, do not worry about how to make land pressure, and now I come to the land, the land pressure is naturally overjoyed. 'Your Majesty, the land I come today to bring ten treasures of His Majesty.' Miss my face was the color of a trace of pride, pointing behind ten boy said: '? Majesty, in the hands of the ten things, how to' Lu pressure this time it will be for me to remove my eyes from the land, the first of the ten golden eyes cents late boy, land pressure nodded, until the boy saw the hands of ten, eyes lit up. I saw a boy of ten hands are holding a sword, though they are among the scabbard, but on the surface layer of dark glorious land pressure caused surprise, since the so-called dark fetish, the more powerful the more it treasures hard to get attention, in front of ten sword as if it is confirmed the Yu Xu, one of the world five parties flag. I saw multicolored flashes on the Xinghuang Qi Guanghua, above faint golden light numerous wreaths clouds above dragging lotus flower pearls, yellow bloomer misty glory will protect in them. That black and white photograph of two eyeball on Xinghuang Qi, but did not penetrate which, according to German Zifu bloomer live soul, land pressure Taoist seeing, sneered: 'Yu Xu door, like a turtle when it becomes a . ' Lingbao Archmage although angry bloomer incompetent, but also know that land pressure Taoist immortal knife cut on even their own right to be cautious, even necessary to mention a late-bloomer, the moment sneered: 'quit, than others stab in the back to be more noble. 'Nonetheless, the tone was too weak a lot. That land pressure Taoist awaiting speak, suddenly emerged in the horizon but far from dozens Jianguang, head of a man, born tall but resolute, a pair of Zhang Mei wind wave, the back of a two-edged sword silver shine void behind also followed dozens of people, but also the appearance vacated Jian Qi, among vaguely, as if you can still see faint Buddha, it is the Western human. Buddhist although on the surface or color of peace, but in private. But also the mutual fear, there has never been a situation Buddhist counterparts. The world's great wonders, to have such a situation, only one taught in Shushan have this situation, Buddhist, regardless, as a like. Xuan DuHuasheng side down, downstairs sounded a burst of rapid nail bomb sound. stood up and said:. 'You lay it fast, I went to go see.'She did not speak Yung Futian Hao, curl line out.Feng Niuer downstairs, her look pretty calm, 'monkey face' coming back with two children standing in the entrance, his face is not great right, Feng Niuer a sidewalk out of him: 'Big sister, Father asked me to bring the surname Fu Hua Ting go. 'Feng Niuer clearly saw blood on coming back a few clothes, her eyes a condensate, said: '? Da Shige, how do you'Coming back and smiled, laughed a little uncomfortable, said: '