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Chen could not help in the waist, twist circle, and Zhen Fang is also quite loud with Jiaoteng. Division provoke smiles tenderly snow again and again. They also came to a halt for a moment of slapstick, the Secretary of snow lying Zhen Fang arms, suddenly looked up and said: 'Yes, I heard that next Saturday, a group exhibition in the City Museum artifacts to be heard is a favorite in Japan home run. Well, I heard that there are many things that had been in our country, as well as a cash cow is the world's highest, there are about five feet six, almost higher than me. The thing is, when the Ming Dynasty, hibiscus invasion Hua, when people fall into the hands hibiscus. Otherwise, we go to see next Saturday, I'd like to see what that cash cow. these days? ' Zhen Fang nodded and said: 'Well, I go with you to see!.' 'Ah, very kind of you.' Secretary Snow and his face flushed in the face Qinliaoyikou Zhen Fang. The museum crowd save animals, while just a Saturday, but on the other hand, the ancient relics exhibition today really worth seeing. With the economic recovery, improving the quality of people's culture, this exhibition of ancient artifacts are increasingly interested in, and I heard an air ticket three days on sale, there are a lot of people looked Trustee tickets, want to come visit, but for the care of the Zhen FangSecretary Snow's blessing, I am afraid it is difficult to want to come up. 'How, thanks to me! Where else can you get in.' Secretary Snow arms folded, petite Road Zhen Fang's. At this point the Secretary Snow upper white T-shirt, pants wearing jeans, a pair of slender legs makes endless praise. 'The guy who went to show off Fuso prime minister's brother, called Fukuda Healthy While the opposition, but the energy is not small, can be heard around the hibiscus politics, my father had to come.' Secretary Snow sighed. 'Then you will see your father, etc., can let him be careful of.' As the crowd, the two men entered the museum, the museum is large, about twenty-five thousand square meters, secretly ' said:'!. That must be the emperor he was not allowed to say, deliberately teasing you play 'Barry Super said: 'This is a something, the emperor and I sit on the same play, and his wife was given the Queen, she took me everywhere I visited it say she was coming home so years girl ah!. were you point out that it is clear that all concubine and Gonge thing. 'In the food and drink, and to name the Baoshu De said: 'A super, why you think the emperor would Linglong cup hard giving you reason?' Bai Lichao shook his head: 'Maybe I did not accept it and jade jewelry of strike ? 'Baoshu De waved and said:' You are wrong as the emperor of the martial arts expert, he must have seen your abilities while pregnant with nowhere to use, but also to see your faults committed in the school not the external work, he gave this cup! to you, that is to get rid of the ban on the cup you can, ban a break, you will be absorbed Linglong piece, then you can learn martial arts Bu Wei, never forget even more so your internal strength increased to a very pre-It the emperor's efforts, you must bear in mind not forget. 'HundredIlk are innate, not to mention just one hit Zao, almost hit the seriously wounded, did not think blink of an eye, when under attack again, but it is safe. Wu Zhiqi heard laughing, playing in the hands of the iron bar is more powerful, or points or knock or drop or sweep, they play a set, fighting instinct to play the most, three lights flashing around Shenshui Bao Yingying light, vaguely between violet dichroism hazy, slowly enveloped the entire space. National Division King Buddha though also to suppress famous monster, but are based on Dafa force repression, when this situation occurs, the person is not magic, though not high, but it was far from fighting supernatural powers that they can be compared, in the hands of Fangtianhuaji although powerful, is only a pity that they do not use Fangtianhuaji, can only be treated as an ordinary piece of Lingbao to use. Wu Zhiqi mighty, between the hand is broken if not old Li Junming Mount St.Lower bound, into a beautiful fairy scene, Ying Zheng lure bait, Taoist barely keep a pulse. == But Laojun air transport is a great loss. The soil behind the empress has been sanctified, and more impossible for the Wu family Once upon a unified manner. Otherwise, I am afraid that time, the land upon a popular witch family or Yaozu also, more or Buddhist. Pangu a pulse perhaps no trace of. 'Western Buddhist teachers but although two holy door, but when the teacher also said the two have set a side door, but nothing, where I waited on and Pangu authentic.' Primus hastily opened the shelf, but it is never thought of the blind Pangu emphasize authentic, never once thought Zhen Fang Gu Yuan is not of God, in fact, if not Pangu authentic. But there is good fortune Yudie in hand, barely considered a authentic. But Zhen Fang very disgusted that authentic is said, what is positive and what is heretical. When the Gods of the year, will be cut illustrates teach subglottic disciples to teach his disciples collectively referred to as heretical sects, never once thought of Babel is of God Pan Gu Yuan, cut if heretical teaching, that it is impossible to explain to teach authentic. Tongtianjiaozhu brow wrinkled, pending refute the Lord Lao Zi's first Primus did not know how to say the wrong thing, and quickly took the words and said:. 'Heaven balance, the rise and fall of its own conclusion when I Pangu three clear air transport very full, many sects disciples, therefore destroy Heaven level, therefore there are Gods of war, today, Buddhism flourished for thousands of years, three thousand Buddha, the other disciple is far above the dawn of a pulse. When the time decay of. Young Red Cloud. think? 'Primus did not know he just remarks probably already secretly offended Zhen Fang. But his dignified personality, even if their sentence was wrong, it is impossible to serve the other soft. Moreover, in his eyes, Pangu a pulse is authentic, while others are heretical, Buddhism so, good luck cases, too