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the killing of the treasures of the Gunslinger. Primus proudly looked at his face, seeing Tongtianjiaozhu, gently wrinkled brow, Zhen Fang a sweep, but it was went away. (First - Hair) Taishanglaojun deadpan. Yang Jian looked blandly one disappeared in the air. Quasi mention Taoist stared fiercely Zhen Fang a, disappeared without a trace. DPRK touches escorts Taoist Chen Jishou said: 'Tianzhushan rejoicing, Young can not forget my two West.' Then with a sigh, it disappeared in the air. 'Brother, October 3, they must not forget.' Zhen Fang faint. Primus rare smiles:. '.. Young, you subglottic disciples that it is a good opportunity, Pindao remember October 3 Tianzhushan again I've seen you,' said a burst of laughter, with Yang Jian disappear in front of the immortal. 'Daoxiong this?' Kun Yuan Jun cents a hint of panic on his face the color. When he places his son actually have such opportunities. By saint noticed, but also took the Erlang Yang Jian Chun Kwan Tak sister. And chaos, Zhen Fang and baby girl sitting on top of the Golden Dragon, Fire Dragon Cave slowly away towards the fleet here at eight Yunsheng, fog from the Quartet, TingshengCypress, pines and giant buckling southeast of the town, transit wins mountain. Furong Feng Long Song, ridge towering purple cover. Herbs contain fragrance. Smoke dicey Li disappeared. There Yu Xu. Lu Ling-tai. Shun patrol, Yu prayer, Kim Yu-Jane books. Qingluan fly pavilion. Purple Haze hidden pavilions. To set up famous male universe, the heavens opened wonderland through three clear. Peach Plum trees are placed a few, are comfortable mountain Yaocao color. Long Qian Jiandi, Hu Fu Yaqian. Quiet birds such as complaints language, reindeer neighbor rows. ** J ** crane starting with Yunqi old cypress, Qingluan Danfeng sunny Ming. Fire Dragon really blessed paradise, gold Que Renci Statecraft public. But here the year after the prehistoric world of the living person San Juan, San Juan cover world power, Germany was the whole world, even from a gold cents a mortal promoted severe cerebral palsy see the dawn of Italy, named 'Dawn.' Cerebral palsy patients taking 'Dawn', the pain really totally disappeared in a short time. However, the consortium smug, ready to push it round the occasion of the market, taking the 'dawn' of patients with the mutation appeared, it was somehow been transformed physique, get a star ancient weapons qualifications and internal forces, it was the brain Domain upheaval gained super powers. The most important point is that all get caught ability to become brutal and cunning sexual abnormalities, a variety of bizarre crimes associated with them are endless. This makes the consortium to make a large down mold 'Dawn', of course, the group is listed as the number one doping. Joan - New Dawn Luo Feile re-development, efficacy 10 times bigger than the original, which required years of precious materials such as horns, the Mariana Trench Bangzhu and other components of the moment can not gather rely Du wind the figurative to simulate patchwork. The plan then would have been the end of the extradition of the remaining people strongly questioned, 'Dawn' has been shown to stimulate the human primitive savage nature of the drug component and not enough now, its use in the world's strongest ancient weapons [Independence Day] Du wind's body If it ominous outbreak, its consequences are difficult to estimate. Only to prove themselves in this experiment no problem, the only prodigy Joan - Luo Feile himself. Joan - Luo Feile looked Du wind, suddenly appeared hazy glow on cheeks, I thought: 'You do not know it, in fact, I was the opposite effect of these drugs will appear, and only 1% of the grasp. But I inspire your strength, 99% certainty. ' (The worst result, it was crazy Independence Day kill everyone, including me, to rise to the legend of the Once upon a time flying alone to go.) (Independence Day Du wind, you never know, when I was nine years old , it will be the whole world, and my heart is melting at that needle 'Dawn', as a sacrifice to you.) ------------------