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defense, bite on the leg of an Eastern family of children, suddenly black body, and finally into blood and died; graceful and elegant, glittering between raising his hand; Xuenv cold, between waving people into icicles; big skirts eerie sound if the bat, a shallow low internal force generation, everyone was awakened bleeding to death six of its earthquake; days charming, Taoism instability were all working off the male die , find; Hashihime flair, taking hundreds of lives Saoshou between Chonchon pretty horrible, Flying Guillotine take people's head in one hand and a hundred paces away; the lad pure eyes, between the visual, are lost soul. And here, or manipulate lightning storm, Five Elements five elements, allelopathy, or attack or defend, under the command of Enron, just quickly get rid of unfavorable situation, oriental male coldness in the hands of the sword flashing shock nine days , Jiang Jicheng Fearless sword in hand, sprinkle a little bit of coldness from time to time to bring the sound of a scream. Hall, thunder and lightning, the earth was moving, less than a moment, the museum will become numerous stab a hole, placed in the hall of the exhibition goods do not know how much loss. Oriental male anger endless curse. One of the many staff, a superb force method, a time mutual damage at loggerheads. Suddenly a bright mid-air, a merit pearlsPiercing out gold, gold being a young priest overhead hoist a red disc sitting on top of a cloud, fire red light cover your whole body, will cover the whole person, in a hazy among only see top right hand holding a statue of shiny silver pagoda, left hand holding a statue of Yuxi, emerald exceptions, there Kowloon wound between vaguely Purple vacated out. Imposing majesty, as if the gods and then the world. 'Immeasurable revere.' Messenger called Jishou. Among the words implied Avenue mantra, gold rose merit behind the boss, just a Xuenv shine in them, just listen to that Xuenv scream, suddenly fly into the smoke, disappeared without a trace, so that everyone in and aboveboard way. And sometimes human right way Jianguang from surgery, and so escape the light of the travel. Whether it is the right way to see the other human. Rainfall of art, some of whom could supernatural monks, although not as God Dragon rainfall, but if the benefit of a place, or can. The trickster water because water blind, so when walking, the wind and rain also slightly. It just Yaoqi sky. Less than a moment, I saw the flower falls Qingliangshan clouds over. All the monks feel a person walking toward villas come together in the past and looking toward Zhen Fang, Zhen Fang knocked the table, call: 'The longevity turtle prime minister came to greet him in...' Longevity where dare neglect, and quickly greeted get out. After quite a while. I saw a diminutive silver-haired old man, back slightly bent, but it is dressed in a purple robe, waist belt tied with goldfish, holding fluorene board, a prime minister, dressed Huangyou came along with longevity. Bowed and said:. 'Chen GUIYUAN an audience with His Majesty, His Majesty Shengshou boundless.' 'The prime minister does not have to much ceremony. Come, I introduce to you some of his fellow.' Zhen Fang smiling Xi Yi, who will introduce it again. ThatTurtle is a exquisite role see each other on an equal footing with the Zhen Fang, also hand and said:. 'Pindao GUIYUAN I. honor of the Yangtze River underwater prime minister, seen you fellow.' Xi Yi, who was surprised, I did not expect just the flower is actually the old turtle come Nimbus, and the other was for hundreds of years is not out of the Yangtze River underwater prime minister, no wonder when the line of rain, but not the slightest Yaoqi. But did not expect to yes, the famous self-cultivation sector to the good fortune of reality is actually the main Yangtze River underwater. Under the hearts of surprised, Rao is all the monks are old fool, for hundreds of years, I do not know how thick skinned, but this time it could not help but face became pale, have towards the old tortoise salute, but wine, the food is too old tried with silver, silver old color change, try out the poison does not dare entrance. Gu Zhihua way to catch a night for two days, debilitated, robbing dare sleep at ease, just rest in bed meditating. Fortunately, she is authentic internal strength training, do a will be breathing effort, they revive energy, fatigue lost. to midnight, sudden, I hear someone knocking on her head @ room. ' Gu Zhihua shouted: 'Who are you?' The clerk's voice should be said:. 'There are a few friends came to see you,' this wood to large out common sense to know that it is a single woman, even really friends to visit, nor should this late at night, and the clerk should not put him in. Gu Zhihua this to be scoldedBut I thought, 'Could it be that people who come to tease me? Well, since he came to the door. I Shall not see.' He held up the sword to open the door, the look, so she could not help but surprised. Outside the station to see the whole of the three officers, two of which it is a subtraction monk disciples Guards command QD and Geng pure, another longer young, but do not know, only to hear the QD 'Oh,' a cry, call said: 'This really is a girl name thief Valley:' Listen to his tone, as if he dared to determine in advance too late in the ladies room is Gu Zhihua. Gu Zhihua take a closer look to see is these three officers, including the monk does not subtraction, mind to go down, sneer, said: 'it was the Qin Geng two adults, imposing mountain Qiu Meeting Shangmo make do, but also To get here so it is a pity I did not Lingshi Lingshi share of conservation effort, you get insulted by:?. 'Qin Geng duo Qiu Jin Shiyi Hill meeting was taken, beaten in public disgrace, and forcing them derided Master, which is unprecedented in the martial arts from the odd-toed big shame in front of them now being companions that out, really more than two-fold slap them also made them uncomfortable. Geng jumped pure anger, who thundered: '! Thief girl, to the imminent death, dare curse' Gu Zhihua hee hee laughs: 'curse is